Adidas now depend on now has been commanding the soccer shoe market

Adidas now depend on now has been commanding the soccer shoe market, while the pair of the latest Adidas AdiPure 11pro more indicates that the dominance of Adidas soccer shoes and equipment race. Time to get back in April - Bastian Schweinsteiger have worn a pair of strange soccer shoes precisely Adidas AdiPure 11pro predecessor.
Adidas AdiPure 11pro single weight is 8.2 ounces or about 232 grams (42.5 yards)
The Adidas AdiPure 11pro upper ultra-soft Taurus soften leather Adidas Predator series, surface called DuraCoating protective coating.
Called the bracket of the 360 ° Support Saddle Saddle Adidas AdiPure 11pro most revolutionary technology, this ultra-thin anatomical saddle skeleton welding in the three bars, wrap instep should be used to maintain the arch stability.
Also compatible with the miCoach Adidas AdiPure 11pro. Technology (miCoach through the GPS positioning and real-time progress of the voice guidance, let run it easy for you to understand their own training area in which you can select for their own training programs, and to gradually increase the speed and endurance and through the application or miCoach.com, record and share the results of your movement.)
Adidas AdiPure 11pro sole use of the AdiZero the Traxion Sprint Frame outsole, the weight of further decline, Adidas, have found the perfect balance between stability and weight. It is worth mentioning is that the soles into something called Plusflex high elastic material allows the forefoot bending rapid rebound, keep the feet straight, to reduce energy loss. Between 3 and 4 between the toes Road Plusflex role is to provide a rapid rebound in the lateral tread to increase pedal grip.
Spike new Traxion2.0 odd nails, such spikes layout help increase the movement to increase the acceleration. Nail middle damping layer with high wear-resistant materials, contact with the ground section.



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