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中野のI-AUDプログラムで Urban and Architectural History という授業をやっている。

昨年(2013年)4月、明治大学理工学部建築学教室では、大学院(理工学研究科建築学専攻)の新しいプログラムとして、中野キャンパスで通称I-AUDInternational Program in Architecture and Urban Design)を開校した。アーバン・デザインあるいは広義のアーバニズムに軸足を置きつつ、広く建築的思考+試行を展開している同プログラムの授業群のひとつとして、ぼくは Urban and Architectural History(都市建築史)という授業を担当している。シラバスの講義概要部分を以下に紹介する。

Course Summary & Learning Objectives

 This is an intensive course implemented through lectures, museum visits and field works.

Learning Objectives:

Acquire comprehensive knowledge concerning the morphology and history of Japanese cities and urban architecture mainly focusing on Edo-Tokyo, which serves as a basis for urban design and architectural design in the urban context.

Specific Objectives:

(1) Acquire knowledge about the evolution of typology of city forms in Japanese history including ancient capital, diverse categories of medieval urban space, joka-machi(Japanese castle town) in Edo period and modern city.

(2) Understand the characteristics of urban tissue of downtown Edo consisting of commoner's machiya-type of town houses and its background such as development pattern and land/building ownerships.

(3) Acquire knowledge concerning the relationships between land use pattern and geography, urban policy and social strata.

(4) Acquire knowledge about modern transformation of Edo into Tokyo which can be traced in former downtown, amusement districts, water edges and residential areas for samurais.




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