都立英語マラソン ’18 第45回 読解









 大輝(Daiki)さんは、もうすぐ帰国するALTのジュリー(Julie)先生と「とやま名誉友好大使(Toyama Honorary Friendly Envoy)」について話をしています。

Daiki:Hello, Julie. I've heard you'll leave Japan next month.(主語と動


Julie:Hi, Daiki. Thank you for everything. I had a very good time

   here.(主語はどれか。動詞とその時制は?)I'll leave here soon, but

   I'll work for Toyama in my country because I was appointed to be

   a Toyama Honorary Friendly Envoy last week.(butは何と何とをつなぐ


   because以下の節の主語と動詞とその時制と態は?)I'm excitied about


Daiki:What is that?(thatは何を指すのか?)Could you tell me about it?


Julie:The Toyama Honorary Frienfly Envoy Program started in 1989.(動詞

   はどれか?) Only foreign people who have lived in Toyama for one

   or more years can be an Envoy.(主節の動詞は?)As Envoys, we tell

   people a lot of nice things about Toyama. We also help

   international exchanges between Toyama and foreign countries.(動詞


Daiki:Oh, that's great.

Julie:I'm happy to be an Envoy because I think Toyama is wonderful.(主


   It has a lot of beautiful places like high mountains, rivers and

   the sea.(itは何を指すか?)And I love people in Toyama. They are

   so kind.(theyは何を指すか?)They always helped me and I learned    a lot from them.(andは何と何をつなぐか?learned の前に省略されてい   るものは?)I've wanted to do something for Toyama, so this is a

   good chance for me.

Daiki:Do you know how many Envoys there are in the world?

Julie:Well, I hear there are about 1300 Envoys all over the world.

   (thereの前に省略されているものは?)Last week sixteen ALTs and I

   were appointed to be new Envoys.(主語は?動詞は?態は?時制は?)

Daiki:So many! Do you have to do anything before you leave Japan?

Julie:No, I don't, but I'm going to study more about Toyama to become

   a good Envoy.(to不定詞はどう訳すか?)Before I leave, I'd like to

   go to some places in Toyama I haven't visited yet(2番目のIの前には


Daiki:There are a lot of interesting places to see, but do you know a

   new museum called Koshinokuni-Bungakukan?(to不定詞はどう訳すか?

   called以下の働きは?)It has many old books written by authors

   associated with Toyama.(itは何を指すか?written以下の働きは?

   assoiated以下の働きは?)You can learn a lot about important

   people and things of Toyama there.(andは何と何とを結ぶのか?)

   I hope that you will visit it if you are interested in hometown


Julie:Thank you. I haven't been to the museum yet.(時制は何か?)I 

   think it's a nice place to visit.(to不定詞の働きは何か?)

Daiki:You're welcome. I'm not an Envoy, but I'm happy to help you(to以下


Julie:I think you are a young Envoy when you tell foreign people good

   things about Toyama.

 (2013 冨山 改)





ア. Daiki didn't know about the Toyama Honorary Friendly Envoy Program


イ. Becomimg a Toyama Honorary Friendly Envoy makes Julie excited.

ウ. We have more than two thousand Envoys all over the world now.

エ. Julie and Daiki are going to visit a museum which has a lot of old

  pictures in Toyama.

オ. Daiki will be a Toyama Honorary Friendly Envoy to help

  international exchanges.

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