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I leave.

Goodbye Hatena. I think Hatena is a most interesting blog system in this country, but it was not my taste. Fed up with weird method to write a post, not familiar with its diary system. Completely cannot understand which it reject to paste embed code. So I’ll move to another, normal system.


[][]Family Guy vs Christianity


All the best religious jokes from Family Guy in one place!

Family Guy vs Christianity - YouTube

American Beautyのパロディには大笑いw しっかしFamily Guyって過激だな。アメリカには顔を真っ赤にして怒り出す人がいっぱいいるんじゃないの? と思ったけど、comment欄を見ると、全然平気みたいwwwww

[][]Secret Science Anti Gravity Revealed Homemade


Levitation with only a CELLULLAR PHONE and battery.You can make this at home !!!!!Its working like hutchison effect.......REALLY COOL!!!!!!!

Secret Science Anti Gravity Revealed Homemade - YouTube via Secret Science Anti Gravity Revealed Homemade - metacafe via StumbleUpon



Re: Secret Science Anti Gravity Revealed Homemade - YouTube

おぉーい! wwwwww

[][]Steve Jobsに学ぶプレゼンの仕方w


Us, as "mere mortals" find this video "un-be-lie-va-ble". This is "HUGE". "Wouldn't it be great" if everyone could see this video. "Pretty cool huh?"

Steve Jobs really like repeating himself...... - digg

[]Stewart v. Bolton

During his intellectual showdown with John Bolton Tuesday, Jon Stewart argued that Abraham Lincoln was a successful President because he brought his rivals into the cabinet to ensure all points of view were heard. His point was that the Bush administration is comprised entirely of yes men that share the same worldview which leads to stubborn and unpragmatic policies. Bolton quickly shot this down, telling Jon his historical account of Lincoln was flat wrong. In order to verify the point, Jon called up Doris Kearns Goodwin, author of the book Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln.

Stewart v. Bolton: Post Game Analysis - Crooks and Liars

"Bush Administration only serve for the people who vote him..." wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

[]Karate humiliates pimp in front of ho... not his ho' no' mo'


Better think twice before you pick a fight with some dude. Especially if he is a karate cop instructor out to stop you hitting yo' ho'. Or schlap yo' ho' at ho'

Karate humiliates pimp in front of ho... not his ho’ no’ mo’ - digg

えー....wwまるで誰かさんと誰かさんと誰かさんみたいですねwwww Trackback送ろうかwwwww止めとくかwwwwww

[][]VCs resign from a board when they want to sell.

In explaining the Sequoia high-priest's resignation from Google's board, Valleywag thought it credible that Moritz's increasingly administrative role at the venture capital partnership would make demands, all be it tiresome demands, on his time. You had some other suggestions. One VC advised a look at Google stock sales. "VCs resign from a board when they want to sell." Valleywag commenter interdigitation says Moritz is a visionary who's moving on to the next big thing. Sycophant! But of all the speculative backstories, we like this one, from an anonymous tipster, the best:

BACKSTORY: The Mike Moritz guessing game - Valleywag

[]Nixon Official Says Bush Administration Worse than Nixon's


John Dean, Nixon's counsel, in an interview with

Nixon Official Says Bush Administration Worse than Nixon’s - Videosift



[][]How NOT to Drift in a Car


How NOT to Drift in a Car - Videosift




This is the first few minutes of the documentary feature "Look, Up in the Sky," which explores the phenomenon of Superman.

Look, Up In The Sky! - The Amazing Story of Superman! - Videosift

John Williamsが作曲したテーマを聞いていると、単純に気分が高揚しますなぁ。で、それを台無しにするようなものをお次にw


Here’s another strange clip from Bollywood: Govinda as Superman, singing and dancing the day away with Spider Woman!

Dancing Indian Superman and Spider-Woman. - Neatorama

最後にLouie Andersonの「o superman」を持って来たかったんだけど、見つからなかったわ(ノ´д`)〜

[]Owner Of A Lonely Heart


Alex DePue's lightning fast fiddle is a hit at Open Mic Night at Lestats in San Diego.

Alex Depue Dazzles Open Mic Night - Damn Cool Pics


Yes - Owner of a lonely heart - YouTube

[][]Surreal nature scenes made from scans of human body parts


Music video for the track "herr bar" from UK-musician Clark (Warp Records). The film solely consists of photos of human body parts, which are arranged to form landscapes, animals, plants,...

Surreal nature scenes made from scans of human body parts - Videosift



Brief report on Blackwater's history and activities (some profanity). Blackwater operatives have been deployed in New Orleans and of course Iraq.

Blackwater - America’s private army - Videosift


Blackwater USA is a a private military company (PMC), and security firm founded in 1996 by Erik Prince and based in North Carolina. The company describes itself as a "military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations company".

Blackwater USA - Wikipedia

[][] Silvio Berlusconi


Silvio Berlusconi - YouTube via Yahoo!みんなのトピックス


[]Five-Star Prison in Austria.

Beautiful glass and stainless steel office building? Nope - that’s a five-star prison in Styria, Austria!

Five-Star Prison in Austria. - Neatorama


[][]Streaker on Fred's weather map


The greatest weather segment ever, ever. I mean, come on..... he's on a giant floating map.........with a streaker :D

Streaker on Fred’s weather map - videosift via Neatorama

Who Own the US National Debt?

This pie chart makes it easy to see that, contrary to popular belief, the US is not indebted to foreign countries as much as to ourselves. That’s still a lot of debt! The Skeptical Optimist has the statistics, and an enlargable pie chart.

Who Own the US National Debt? - Neatorama


[][]How to Insult Someone in Japanese


Clip from BBC series Adam and Joe Go Tokyo, in which Adam and Joe look at the top 5 Japanese insults

How to Insult Someone in Japanese - Videosift

BBCも暇だなw しかし「団子鼻の熊娘」なんて誰が言うんだwwwwww

If you want to know more, call the Ex-prostitute !! She is the very best to insult someone with so many nasty words. All bloggers in Japan know her name, of course it is.... Oops! Is it a racism too !? wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww


Clip from BBC3 show Adam and Joe go Tokyo where Adam and Joe meet bizarre hyperactive fish-obsessed marine biologist sakana-kun (魚-君?) and enter into an exciting battle for a hat in the shape of a shark. Yes, really.

Adam and Joe go Tokyo: Sakanakun - YouTube

「bizarre hyperactive fish-obsessed marine biologist」のさかなくんは英国人相手でもいつもとまったく変わらないのであったwww

[]Suicide Bomber Music Video


Viral Video for PokerShow that has come under attack by Muslim groups as being insensitive. Turns out the Muslim media watchgroup was a fake--set up by the agency to get more traffic to the poker site. Brilliant.

Suicide Bomber Music Video - VideoSift


[][]Frank Pichel's Tear-Away Suit (For More Effective Streaking)


Inventor Frank Pichel demonstrates the tear-away suit he developed to enable stealthy streaking, the last scene of the clip shows an extremely successful demonstration of the suit's capabilities. This clip does contain pixellated genitalia.

Frank Pichel’s Tear-Away Suit (For More Effective Streaking) - Videosift


[][]TDS Professional Important News: Viacom vs Google


"...whether it's illegal to watch me discussing the legality of you watching me on the Daily Show if you're watching me on Youtube."

TDS Professional Important News: Viacom vs Google - Videosift

"Maybe I'm on YouTube right now.... You watch me on YouTube? Check out buffering. 87 percent...95 percent..." "Lonelyjew14" "I couldn't tell the difference."


Demetri Martin (born May 25, 1973) is an Emmy Award-nominated American comedian, actor, musician, and writer, best known for his work as a stand-up comedian and as a contributor on The Daily Show.

Demetri Martin - Wikipedia

[ 追記 ]


While the clip is amusing, the key point is that it seems clear that Stewart recognizes how Viacom's decision is doing more harm than good: "But to me, the situation is that there's a ton to gain for both companies. Viacom, they put their content on YouTube, it gets exposure, people know about their programming... it's a win for everybody in this situation." This, of course, echoes Stewart's own statements from a few years ago about how great it was that people were downloading and watching the show (pre-YouTube). Too bad Stewart's bosses don't listen to him on these things.

The Daily Show On Parent Company Viacom’s Lawsuit Against YouTube... On YouTube - Techdirt

案の定、YouTubeからは削除されてしまったので、Comedy Central公式から転載。

...ダメみたいねwwwww なんで素直にembed用のcodeを効かせられるようにしないのか、文系のオイラにはさっぱり...。ここで直接見て!

[][]I'm LINUX


Hello, I’m a Mac... and I’m a PC............. and I’m LINUX - VideoSift



Top ten things ten years of professional software development has taught me

I was reading this top ten list yesterday, and I thought I can problably come up with my own list of things no-one told me before I started developing software for money. This is my list.

  • Object orientation is much harder than you think
  • The difficult part of software development is communication
  • Learn to say no
  • If everything is equally important, then nothing is important
  • Don't over-think a problem
  • Dive really deep into something, but don't get hung up
  • Learn about the other parts of the software development machine
  • Your colleagues are your best teachers
  • It all comes down to working software
  • Some people are assholes

Top ten things ten years of professional software development has taught me via reddit

いいこと言ってるよね。別にプログラマだけに限らない。今度は誰が訳してエントリにするんかねw でも、たまには、これを書いた人みたいに自分で考えたらどうかねwwww

World Trade Center ad, 1984

1984 - via reddit


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z

I like Family Guy. I also like celebrities. Combine those two things with something I’m not especially fond of, the alphabet, and you’ve got the recipe for this post. Here are 26 great celebrity (real and fictional) parodies from Family Guy.

Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z - via

なんか、まとめサイトが注目を集めることが分かった途端、狂ったように続けている人がいたが、役に立つなら問題なし! 海外でもFamily Guyに登場する有名人をAlphabet順にまとめた人がいたので、ちょいとご紹介w

B is for Bin Laden, Osama


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z -

Bin Ladenって案外、気さくな奴だったんだwwwwww

D is for Darth Vader


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z -

Death Star建造の裏には、彼のこんな苦悩があったとはwww 「Star Wars」が実は「Taxi Driver」のSF版であったことが分かる逸品(ウソ)

I is for Indiana Jones


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z -


J is for Jackson, Michael


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z -


P is for Popeye


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z -


T is for Thundercats


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z -


U is for Uma Thurman


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z -


V is for Van Gogh


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z -


X is for X-Men (Iceman)


Family Guy Celebrity Cameos from A to Z -


Super Mario Drum!


This is my SUPER drum version of the Super Mario Bros Theme. Check out this and other drum videos at

Vadrum Meets Super Mario Bros (Drum Video) – YouTube via popurl and digg





伝説のロケンロール - 北沢かえるの働けば自由になる日記

都民を相手にした選挙でなぜ英語?? しかし言っていることは別として、その英語は典型的なアレで、同胞にはとても聞きやすいwwwのだが、

“Worst english ever”

無所属 内田裕也 – YouTube


“He says he can speak French 'very well' because he'd been living there for 6 months. I'm sorry but I didn't get what he said when he was speaking French (and I'm French).”

無所属 内田裕也 – YouTube



Do Female Soldiers Get Any Privacy?

The women usually curtain off a single-sex section in the back with sheets and ponchos. But this kind of self-segregation carries the risk of alienating women from their platoon, depriving them of Army chatter, or making them seem as though they need special treatment. In particular, females in leadership positions can't afford to live apart from the male soldiers they command. For them this means changing clothes inside sleeping bags―a practice many male soldiers also adopt.

Do Female Soldiers Get Any Privacy? – slate

YouTube sued by Viacom sued by EFF and…..?


Hilarious. We mentioned last week that Viacom could face legal action over its decision to delete YouTube clips that weren’t infringing. That’s exactly what has transpired today, with Civic Action and Brave New Films suing Viacom in a San Francisco court.

The case revolves a clip called “Stop the Falsiness”. It’s a parody of “The Colbert Report” that was posted to YouTube - parody is considered fair use, and by removing the clip, Viacom is being accused of misrepresentation under the DMCA. In short, it’s an abuse of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to order the removal of clips that aren’t infringing. No surprises about who filed the lawsuit: the EFF.

YouTubers Sue Viacom Over Stephen Colbert Clip – Mashable!

Viacom's DMCA takedown notices continue to generate controversy. The media giant fired off more than 100,000 notices to YouTube earlier this year, but it appears to have caught numerous legitimate videos in the crossfire. One of those clips, called "Stop the Falsiness," satirizes comedian Stephen Colbert, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has filed a federal lawsuit against Viacom, asking the judge to declare the video non-infringing.

DMCA takedown backlash: EFF sues Viacom over Colbert parody clip – ars technical


the 32nd annual National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest

Thirteen-year-old Katharine Tuck’s sneakers are equal opportunity offenders. They smell as bad as they look. Now, the Utah seventh grader is $2,500 richer because of it: On Tuesday, she out-ranked six other children to win the 32nd annual National Odor-Eaters Rotten Sneaker Contest, stinking up the joint with a pair of well-worn 1 1/2-year-old Nikes so noxious they had the judges wincing.

Kid Wins Big Money with Smelly Shoes. – Neatorama


Sen. Boxer lays smack down

Al Gore関連で、また楽しげな一幕があった模様wwwwwww


During AL Gore's testimony on Capital Hill, Barbara Boxer had to explain to Senator Inhofe that he is no longer the Chairman - a consequence of losing the election. Inhofe (Global Warming denier) shot off his silly question, but didn't want to hear any answer from Al Gore.

”Elections have consequences” - Sen. Boxer lays smack down – VideoShift

Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson



Hey guys. I'm fluent in Japanese, so I decided to share some of my skills with you. It's pretty intense.

Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson – YouTube



If you don't know what I'm saying - LEARN JAPANESE!!! (or check out the original video haha)

Re: Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson – YouTube

こういう人たち大好きですよwwwwww で、まだまだ続くらしいんですわw

Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson -PART 2-

Pretty Intense Japanese Lesson -PART 3-

つーか、ここにPretty Intense Seriesがいっぱい……。 Floridaに住んでるくせに「ゆうつべ」なんて言葉を知っているところを見るとネットの上でも相当日本語に慣れ親しんでいると思われる。




Funniest Price Is Right Moment Ever. Absolutely priceless. - digg



[][]How Far Can the World's Biggest Rubber Band Be Shot?


A typical rubber band is 3.8cm in diameter and can be shot 5m46cm. Therefore, a rubber band 10m in diameter should be able to fly 1437 meters, or almost a mile. Right? Japanese scientists study the issue. American TV could learn a thing or two from Japanese television!

How Far Can the World’s Biggest Rubber Band Be Shot? - digg


"no. the japanese don't know physics."

"How the hell do you figure that? Assuming the undefined equation here is linear seems like a complete shot in the dark to me, and it doesn't seem to make much sense logically. If I make a paper airplane out of an 8.5x11" sheet of paper and it flies 15 feet, that means that I can take a massive sheet of paper, fold that into an airplane, and it'll easily break the world record... right?"

"Japanese dont know physics? - I'm worried.... I ride in their cars often..."

"big, heavy rubber band is going to have a large inertia, which is a physical property that explains how much an object resists a change in motion. that, and it was heavy and was not resilient enough to give it enough force to make it fly very far."

"You can't just scale up things and expect their performance to increase in proportion.Ants can carry more than 10 times their weight, elephants can't.Not every physical property is in proportion with size.Some things are in proportion with size squared or with size cube"

How Far Can the World’s Biggest Rubber Band Be Shot? - digg

[]Clown Co. - seven dwarves - History repeats itself

The rumors of a joint venture to counter the perceived Google-YouTube threat, dubbed “Clown Co.” by Google executives, are now confirmed,

Confirmed: TV Networks Launch New Company To Counter Perceived Google/YouTube Threat - TechCrunch

GooTubeに対抗する「多国籍軍」の編成が確認された模様。まぁ容易に予想された事態であるので特に驚くユーザーも少なかろう。Googleの連中は「Clown Co.」という徒名で呼んでいたそうであり、彼らも焦っている様子はない。Valleywagは早速彼らを「七人の小人」に例えたw

Were this a movie, one could call it Google against the seven dwarves.

Google Against the Seven Dwarves - Valleywag


In 1999, freaked out by the instant popularity of music download services such as Napster, the music industry decided to build its own. EMI, BMG, and, later, Sony Music -- three of the top five record labels -- teamed up with Real Networks to offer legal downloads, an alternative to the mainly pirated tracks swapped by Napster users. What happened? Musicnet, which offered only 100 downloads for the $10 per month it charged, won a place in PC World's list of the worst tech products of all time. It was sold off in 2005.

History repeats itself - Valleywag

迂闊に持ち出すと何故かバカにされるような雰囲気が漂っているのが嫌なんだけど、これってNicholas Negroponteが大昔のベストセラー「Being Digital」の中で、必ずしもTV番組が電波で配信される必要はない、と言っていた事にほんのちょっと近づいただけ。「多国籍軍」は電波を捨てたわけではないので、おまけみたいなもの。既に放映したコンテンツを改めてDVDで売るのと大して違わない。日本ではもうすぐアナログ電波を「捨てる」ことになっているけど(大笑い)、ネットとは関係ない動きだ。

  • Will users/viewers be able to upload their own videos as well (lots of this on MySpace Video already, could be incorporated)?

Confirmed: TV Networks Launch New Company To Counter Perceived Google/YouTube Threat - TechCrunch


[]Critic for Joost

p2pの始祖Bram CohenによるJoostへの批判をValleywagも支持しているようだ。

Joost looks like a humble distributor, merely relaying the channels of content owners. And that is its genius. Joost looks just like a harmless cable operator to the big media companies, such as Viacom, which are suing more adventurous web video projects.

The programming makers know exactly how this works: they pay per user for advertising supported channels which they're trying to get off the ground; and charge the distributor for must-have offerings such as ESPN.

The brilliance of Joost – Valleywag

Bram Cohen自身による言及は以下。

“Joost is kind of a quirky thing, it’s fundamentally based on the channels concept, which, like I’ve said, is kind of an old media way of doing things…Pieces of content can be organized any which way, and a channel is just one of many ways of organizing those.”

Bram Disses Joost – NewTeeVee

[]MySpace Predator

MySpace is full of predators – SushiLand


The Liberation of Baghdad

Birk has made a number of paintings, including The Liberation of Baghdad, seen here. The paintings are more satirical and ironic, and many are based on paintings of the glories of war in Napoleon’s time and from Russian socialist images of battlefield glories.

The Liberation of Baghdad, says Birk, is about “what we were told would happen ― happy, joyfully liberated Iraqis welcoming American troops as we free them from the shackles of oppression.”

The Liberation of Baghdad – LA Weekly via Boing Boing


Stephen EagleMan !?

After challenging viewers to make him a Jedi hero, Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert described "an actual dream" of his. It featured a squadron of Nancy Pelosi clones, Soledad O'Brien in a gold bikini, and Karl Rove's sail barge.

Battle for Truth: The Birth of Stephen EagleMan – Machinima by Silver & Goldie via New World Notes via Boing Boing


ねぇ、ぜんがめさん。なんでStephen ColbertがNancy Pelosiと戦ってるの? 船に乗っているのはRupert Murdochかと思いきや、Karl RoveとかいうBush政権のDeputy Chief of Staffらしいし、ビキニ姿のおばさんはBill O'Reillyとケンカしてた女かと思ったら、 Soledad O’BrienとかいうCNNキャスターらしいけど、この二人がColbert側というのもよく分からないんスよ。

「When Martin Luther King had a dream, it was of a world living in brotherhood and racial harmony. Steven Colbert also has a dream, but it’s vaguely kinky and somewhat less reputable.」と書いてあるところを見ると、反Colbertなの? それとも「I think you called it a bizarre parody of a parody, or something like that; and that’s precisely what it was intended (obviously) to be.」とあるとおり、それとは逆なの?

Ponyo on a Cliff

The new movie, called Gake no ue no Ponyo (Ponyo on a Cliff), was written by Miyazaki himself and is the story of a little boy called Sosuke and a goldfish princess named Ponyo who wants to become human. The sketch above is of Ponyo, with Sosuke's hand holding her bowl. Apparently the character Sosuke will be based on childhood photographs of Miyazaki's son, Goro

First Image from New Miyazaki Anime Film – Table Of Malcontents

[][]Tetris on a Credit Card Reader


What I love about this video is what goes unsaid in it. All we see is a guy playing Tetris on a credit card reader, which is both a taunt ("I play games with your secure access technology!") and a warning ("If I can play Tetris on here, imagine how easy it would be for me to steal your cash.") After a few months of this vid floating around online, British TV show Watchdog caught on and did a long and controversial segment about how easy it is for technically-knowledgeable thieves to steal your PIN number from a distance while you're paying for something or withdrawing cash. Murdoch and Drimer are in the vid showing how simple it is to steal 50 quid from one of the show's producers while he's paying for a sandwich at lunch.

The Quiet Beauty of Tetris on a Credit Card Reader – Table Of Malcontents


A man from China is to finally have a huge tumour removed today after discovering it 17 years ago. Huang Liqian, 58, first discovered a bizarre growth on the back of his neck in 1990, but chose to ignore it. However, as the years rolled on, it continued to increase in size at a rapid pace, with the growth ballooning to 15kg.

Horror of neck tumour man – via Neatorama

[]Does Today Suck?

In his new blog, BoBo C. Tiberius examines the day in history and rates whether it’s good or bad based on its "historical performance"!

Does Today Suck (Historically)? – Neatorama




An online game operator has demanded that banned players donate blood to be allowed back into the game. Moliyo, which runs a 3D massively multiplayer online game in China, made the demand after banning 120,000 players who attempted to hack the game.

More than 100 players had already signed up to exchange half a litre (1 pint) of blood for game accounts. The company has also offered free accounts to ordinary players who give blood.

According to the announcement, the players must attend a public blood donation drive in the city of Nanjing tomorrow afternoon. Locked accounts will be reopened within 3 days.

Online Gamers can now pay with their blood - Weird Asia News

中国ではAIDS治療用の血液が不足しているため、あるゲーム会社が協力に乗り出すこととし、不正行為によるアカウント停止者に対して、復活の条件として献血を要求したらしいw ネトゲさんとこも未フォロー?


[][]'No News Is Good News'



なんじゃこれwwww 素晴らしいwwww

[]Ladies Falling All Over


Item: Ladies Falling All Over - heggle

[][]Peter Griffin watches "The Ring"


family guy making fun of the ring

Family guy (the ring) - YouTube via VideoShift



嵐のような反応を読んで - My Life Between Silicon Valley and Japan

先日褒めたばかりなのに、早速これだもんなぁ。「大きな地殻変動が社会に起こる」とか「大変化」とかっていうフレーズがハッタリにしか聞こえないのは、どのような要因によって具体的に何が起きるのか、についてはいつも全く書かないからだ。誰かが「○○だ!」って言ったら、すかさず「その理由は?」と聞くのがフツーの「批評精神」だと思うんだが、ちょいと大袈裟なセリフだけで訳も分からず勝手に盛り上がっちゃう人もいるんだろうな。趣旨から言って、このエントリで細かいことを書く必要はないけど、いつもGoogleのサーバーが増えたみたいな話ばかりではちっとも信用できない。どうせその「大変化」が起きてから、「これこれ、このことだったのよ」って言い出すんじゃないの? 「センスのいい人達は皆」なんてのも、分からない人はお馬鹿さんなのよ、という脅迫にしか思えないし。



Thanks to Carl Fisch for this eye opening presentation...Here's the link to his blog: and here are his sources:

Did you know? - YouTube via Marketing Pilgrm via CrunchNotes



「mixi読み逃げ」ってダメなの? - IT Media News via 切込隊長BLOG(ブログ)

んだそうだ。これは、「この間ウチの家に入って来た奴は挨拶もせず、ポケットに手を突っ込みながらぐるっと部屋を見回しただけで立ち去って行きやがったよ!」みたいな感覚なのであろうか。対するblogの方は、別に金とってないけどお店みたいなもので、一見の客が並べられてあるものを一通り眺めた後、気に入るものがなかったのかそのまま店を出て行っても店主は別に気にしない、みたいなものなのか? とにかくmixiというのは、リアルに近いコミュニケーションを強要する場であるらしい。

[ 追記 ]


「mixi読み逃げ」の真相は120%自作自演だよ - Student magazine

ぎゃはははは!! なんだよ、嘘だったんかいな。元の質問と回答が削除されているところを見ると確実なんだろう。それにしても岡田有花って、プロの癖に取材するときにウラ取らないのかね。

Prokofiev Piano Sonata No.7 3rd mov.


Glenn Gould plays Prokofiev Piano Sonata No.7 3rd mov. - YouTube

Glenn Gouldによるプロコフィエフのピアノ・ソナタ7番の第三楽章。なんちゅうカッコイイ曲なんだ。Glenn Gouldはカナダのピアニストで稀代の天才変人。いつも愛用の低い椅子を持ち歩き、それでしか演奏しない。おまけに興が乗ってくると演奏中にも鼻歌を歌いだすので、録音にもしっかりと残ってしまうwwww CD買えば分かるけど、しっかり「グールド自身の歌い声も一部ございます。」と注記されている。そんなん、この人だけだろww

レコーディングに残っている演奏はこれよりももっとテンポが速い。が、Marta Argerichがそれよりも早く弾いていた!


Argerich plays Prokofiev Piano Sonata No.7 3rd mov. - YouTube

なーんか、テクニックに任せて弾き流しちゃってるようにしかトーシローのオレには聞こえないんだが、どうなのこの演奏? 教えて詳しい人!

[]God Takes Over !

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Value Of Prostitution


[(δU/δL) / (δU/δC) | Sp=0] ≤ w - [(δU/δr) / (δU/δC) | S = 0]

U is your satisfaction. It's what you, as a prostitute, care about - the satisfaction you gain from selling your services. Economists like to call it "utility", which is why they like to use the letter "U".

L is the amount of leisure you have.

C is the amount of goods and services you, as a consumer, consume.

S is the amount of prostitution you, as a prostitute, sell to your customers.

W is the going price for prostitutes.

R is a measure of your reputation.

Out of the equation - Guardian Unlimited via Table of Malcontents

数式よく分かんね。「|」ってどういう意味だっけ? でも、要するに以下のようなことらしい。

That's the poetic, simple way of putting it. But prostitution is by tradition considered vulgar, so the team also gives a vulgar, all-words description: "An individual will start to sell prostitution if the price for selling the first amount of prostitution, minus the costs of a worsened reputation for doing so, exceeds the shadow price of leisure evaluated at zero prostitution sold."

Out of the equation - Guardian Unlimited via Table of Malcontents

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