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2012-11-29 「GIRL FRIENDS」英語版オムニバス第1巻発売中!

split in half!

 「GIRL FRIENDS」英語版オムニバス第1巻発売中!

先月「GIRL FRIENDS」英語版オムニバス第1巻が出ました!実は私が翻訳しました〜。(^_^)








Girl Friends: the Complete Collection 1

Girl Friends: the Complete Collection 1

Girl Friends: the Complete Collection 1” on sale!

Last month, “Girl Friends: the Complete Collection 1” was on sale! I translated this series. (^_^)

Unlike the original Japanese manga, which published the 5-volume series one issue at a time, the US version split the series into two omnibus volumes. Not that anyone cares, but I compared the original volumes with the omnibus edition. (^^;

I like Morinaga Milk sensei’s cute art and story. Which is why I enjoyed the drawings and breezed through the translation. (^_^)

But I struggled through the endless amount of sweat marks. I have to type out each mark, so when I finished the translation, my arm muscles were tight and covered with Salonpas relief tapes. And researching all the makeup and fashion terms... as a jock with zero girl power, I was totally clueless. (^^;

Soon after this book hit the shelves, it made top 10 on the New York Times best seller’s list!

Here are a few reviews:

And Morinaga sensei's fashion sense is lauded because she matched the right brands for each character.

Please read the English version! Highly recommended! (>_<)b



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