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2011-09-26 D. H. ロレンスの『欧州史における動き』のエピローグは現代日本人へ このエントリーを含むブックマーク

D. H. ロレンスの『欧州史における動き』のエピローグは現代日本人への奇蹟的な指針


以下、Google BooksからD. H. ロレンス学校テキスト用の欧州歴史の一部を読むことができる。実に洞察力に満ちた、今日日本人への未来創造のための指針をもたらすと考えられるエピローグの一部(260〜263ページ)を読むことができる。


 A man invested with power has a profound responsibility. Force is irresponsible, unless controlled by the higher power. (p. 263)


Now we begin to understand the old motto, nobless oblige. Noblesse means, having the gift of power, the natural or sacred power. (p. 265)


 The hereditary aristocratic class has fallen into disuse. And democracy means the electing of tools to serve the fears and the material desires of the masses. Noblesse n'oblige plus! ・・・ But a spark of nobility redeems everything. (p. 266)


This is our job, then , our uncommonsense: to recognise the spark of noblesse inside us, and let it make us. To recognise the spark of noblesse in one another, and add our sparks together, to a flame. And to recognise the men who have stars, not mere sparks of nobility in their souls, and to choose these for leaders. (p. 266)


D.H.ロレンスヨーロッパ史のうねり D.H. ロレンス、D.H. Lawrence、 増口 充 (単行本 - 2000/3)

新品 : ¥ 5,040

Movements in European History - Google Books

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Movements in European History was written by D. H. Lawrence during 1918 and 1919 in response to Oxford University Press's invitation to prepare a textbook for schools. It is a vivid sketch of European history from ancient Rome to the early ...