October 12(Mon), 2009

Open PDF Files on Google Docs with Greasemonkey

With this Greasemonkey script, you can open any links of PDF files on Google Docs, instead of the notorious Adobe reader.

PDF/PPT/TIF viewer with Google docs for Greasemonkey


You don't have to wait file loading anymore. It is true that Adobe improved the reader again and again and it became much faster than even a year ago, but it can't be denied that at the moment of opening a file our browser freezes for a few seconds.

With Google Docs, however, you can switch to another tab and continue to surf the web during the file you opened in a background tab being loaded. It's the biggest advantage of web-based applications. Adobe will never able to offer such a function in the future.

Plus, you can use mouse gestures also. You can close the tab or switch to another tab with a gesture, which are not enabled on Adobe reader in tab. For those who use the FireGestures addon etc. will enjoy the script further.

Here is the script author's website: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/Koonies/20091011/pdf_with_Google_docs

October 10(Sat), 2009

Search Google With Sidebar

Here is a light-weight Greasemonkey script which enables you to make Google search more simple and enjoyable.

Install: Google Search - Sidebar for Greasemonkey


You may think the area of search results became narrower than original, but actually it is NOT if your monitor is wide enough. So it will just make Google better in exchange for nothing.

After installing, search "baseball" on Google as a trial:

baseball - Google Search

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October 09(Fri), 2009

Gmail Labels on the Right

Because each label has a different length, first letters of messages will never be justified.

So this style will put aside the labels on the right side for your quick scanning.



Here is the stylish css.

Gmail - Labels on the Right | userstyles.org

October 08(Thu), 2009

Remove Redirection from Google Search Results

You might get a faster access to websites with this Greasemonkey script.

Google Search - Remove Redirection for Greasemonkey


When you click one of links of Google search results, it apparently seems that you access the website directly. However that is not the case. In fact, you firstly access to a Google page and then it redirects you to the original website.

Of course Google is always fast, so I guess you might rarely feel irritated. But even so, sometimes you get kept waiting when you click a link and sometimes that is caused by Google's redirection, while the original website is not heavy at all.

So if you don't want such a redirection and want a slightly faster access, this script will help you.

Google Search - Remove Redirection for Greasemonkey

This script will remove "onmousedown" attributions. It supports AutoPagerize.

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October 07(Wed), 2009

Get Slim RTM Sidebar

You can get a narrower Remember the Milk sidebar using Stylish.

There are two styles. If you use RTM on the sidebar of your Firefox, they will help you widening your contents view.


Make letters smaller.


Get it here: RTM - Sidebar Mini | userstyles.org


Arrange the order of contents.


Get it here: RTM - Sidebar More Spacious | userstyles.org

You may need to refresh page after installation for the first time.

#1 and #2 Combined


They are also applied to the iGoogle gadget


How to use RTM on the sidebar

Drag and Drop this link to your Bookmarks toolbar:

Remember The Milk Homepage Module

Then right click > properties > check a box.

How to put the sidebar on the right of your Firefox (without addons)

Install this:

Firefox - Sidebar on the Right | userstyles.org

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