October 12(Mon), 2009

Open PDF Files on Google Docs with Greasemonkey

With this Greasemonkey script, you can open any links of PDF files on Google Docs, instead of the notorious Adobe reader.

PDF/PPT/TIF viewer with Google docs for Greasemonkey


You don't have to wait file loading anymore. It is true that Adobe improved the reader again and again and it became much faster than even a year ago, but it can't be denied that at the moment of opening a file our browser freezes for a few seconds.

With Google Docs, however, you can switch to another tab and continue to surf the web during the file you opened in a background tab being loaded. It's the biggest advantage of web-based applications. Adobe will never able to offer such a function in the future.

Plus, you can use mouse gestures also. You can close the tab or switch to another tab with a gesture, which are not enabled on Adobe reader in tab. For those who use the FireGestures addon etc. will enjoy the script further.

Here is the script author's website: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/Koonies/20091011/pdf_with_Google_docs



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