Reconstruction of the construction industry the influence of

According to estimation, Wenchuan big earthquake the main quake caused a direct economic loss of about 500000000000 in. Post disaster reconstruction involving civil engineering construction, construction and installation industry, building decoration industry, other construction industry in four areas. Expected earthquake reconstruction of total dimensions will exceed trillion. According to the plan, Sichuan Province post-disaster reconstruction will be divided into rehabilitation and development in two phases, post-disaster reconstruction of different stages of construction effects of different.

Restoration and reconstruction phase in large-scale civil construction mainly, the main benefit of companies include: China Railway, China Railway, China Railway two bureau of Luqiao, operable wallLuqiao, Sichuan construction civil engineering construction enterprise; development stage specific benefit of industry and company is mainly reflected in the professional manufacture and installation of industrial equipment company, such as CNPC to build, in materials international.

The focus of the company with the valuation of the margin of safety. Considering that the focus of the company's growth and improve shareholder returns, we give the 30 times 2008 earnings ratio. We recommend in the subdivided market with a clear growth expectations and high valuations safety margin of the listed companies, which is China Railway Construction Corporation ( 601186) and the China Railway two bureau ( 600528).

Construction of archival material

Construction is generally divided into project planning, land acquisition demolition, survey and design, civil construction, pipeline construction, equipment installation, indoor and outdoor decoration, and acceptance of the completed project. These projects need long-term preservation of archival material.

Training target

The cultivation of engineering mechanics, soil mechanics, surveying, architecture and structure engineering disciplines basic theory and basic knowledge, with preparing to engage in civil engineering project planning, design, research and development, construction and management capacity, in building construction, underground construction, tunnel road, Luqiao, design, research, such as the coal mine construction, education, management, investment, development department in technical or management of advanced engineering and technical personnel.

Professional requirements

Through learning, make students have good political quality and morality, love for the motherland, adhere to the four cardinal principles, with correct world outlook, outlook on life, values, discipline, to develop good social ethics and occupation moral. To master the professional to mathematics, foreign language, computer application technology, engineering surveying, project to identify the images, construction technology, building materials, engineering budget,operable partition engineering supervision and other professional knowledge, familiar with the foundation and foundation, concrete, masonry structural engineering structures such as knowledge; understanding of building regulations, engineering contract, architecture technical knowledge.

Has the strong ability of computer application, construction and management ability. Formation of good psychological quality, physical quality. After graduation to use of the theory of knowledge and skills, engaged in construction, engineering construction, construction safety technology application and supervision, construction quality inspection and evaluation, construction cost, construction materials testing and management, construction project information management and practical work.

Training specification

Students studying systematic theory and professional skills training, with the professional needs of knowledge structure, ability structure and quality structure.



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