2017-11-17 Autumn is not busy” is not to be cold

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, "autumn jelly" has two meanings, the first meaning is "autumn is not busy to add clothes". When the summer heat is not exhausted, don't rush to add clothes. If you wear too much and cover too hard, you will sweat too much. When the cool air is suddenly cold, it is necessary to add clothing appropriately. But appropriately increase clothes to be "slightly cold and not cold" for the appropriate, rather than warm and warm, wrap up tightly.
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The second meaning of "autumn jelly" is "delay in adding clothing time". In the late autumn, when the weather is cooler, you can delay the time to increase your clothing appropriately to the extent that you can afford it. If you are too cold and cold, you will not be able to build up your resistance, but you will get cold.

In addition, "autumn frost" should pay attention to regional difference, south and north should be treated differently. In China, the autumn cold in south China is late, and the temperature difference between night and day is not very large. Even in some areas, it is not too cold after winter. Therefore, it is not necessary to add clothes too soon, so as to prolong the time of "autumn freezing". Northern autumn cold comes earlier, and the temperature difference between day and night is big, especially if the temperature is lower in the morning and evening, should be timely added clothing, in case cold cold.

Some parts of the body can't be cooled and still need to be kept warm

"Autumn jelly" is meant to promote human health, but it does not cover all organs. Some areas, such as neck, abdomen and shoulders, should be kept warm according to temperature changes, especially the feet. In addition, it is easy to be aware of the heat preservation of important parts before heating.
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A cold stomach may cause stomach upset and even pain, especially if you have a history of stomach trouble. The lower abdomen is affected greatly to the female, easy to induce dysmenorrhea and menstruation not adjust, menstruation woman especially should pay attention.

Your feet

The foot is believed to be the second heart. It is the farthest away from the heart in various parts of the body, the longest distance of the blood flow, and the whole body of the meridian, so often say "foot cold, cold whole body". If the body is cold, the body's resistance will fall, and it is possible for the disease to take place and cause disease to occur.


This part of the body is cold, and it is easy to cause a cold with lung symptoms. Going up can cause blood vessels in the neck to contract, which is bad for the brain.


The shoulder joints and surrounding tissues are relatively weak and vulnerable to injuries.

The "autumn freeze" is taboo for six groups of people