2018-06-27 important factors in modern interior design

In recent years, with the improvement of the living standard of residents, people pay more and more attention to their own quality of life. Many people improve their quality of life through interior decoration. And decorative materials serves as the material basis for the implementation effect of modern interior decoration design, because of their skin texture, texture, color and so on different aspects of the art characteristics, its corresponding visual expression and touch also have obvious difference, eventually lead to different adornment material also very different effects on the person's psychology. Based on the overview of decoration materials in color, texture, texture and the combination of the person's psychology influence, as well as furniture designer's important tasks is to guide all sorts of adornment material consisting of language show the unique aesthetic features and positive emotions, so as to create a more personalized bedroom space environment, and puts forward the effective method to construct the humanized interior space environment and decorative materials customized trend to explore.

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Key words: decorative materials; Connotation; Visual expression; Touch; The psychological effects of people

With the acceleration of urbanization and the development of construction industry in China, interior design decorative materials are increasingly valued in China. Designers in the interior design, interior space, not only should scientifically planning must also fully understand all kinds of decorative materials on the indoor space environment, users of psychological effects, to ensure that create the interior space environment can better meet the emotional needs of the interior space users.

1. Connotation of decorative materials

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As the material basis for realizing the effect of modern interior design, decorative materials generally refer to the materials with certain aesthetic artistic characteristics and "beauty" elements applied to buildings. Adornment material has adornment, antiseptic moistureproof commonly, soundproof, purify, extend the useful life of a building to wait for a lot of functions. Adornment material also has a variety of material at the same time, this article is through a combination of xiamen jiamei example room soft outfit project engineering examples, the scientific selection and application of corresponding materials of decoration materials, the interior space environment of modern interior design to be able to better satisfy the aesthetic needs of buildings.

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