Memories of Melon Pan


S(mile)ING!, English version (singable)

After a good nine months of these lyrics being complete but for two lines, I finally had a bolt of inspiration for them today. There are some places that I feel could be improved, but I feel good about the lyrics as a whole. I'll save why I did what I did for a later post though, and just pop up the lyrics up so you all don't have to scroll through a bunch of paragraphs to get to them.

So for everyone who's dying to sing this song in English, here's from me to all two of you. I had to change the beat in some places (especially the chorus), so keep that in mind when you sing.

In my dreams I've always seen the stage
Always in my eyes but still ever distant
All my friends, they've risen up to face the crowd
Shining so bright, bathing in light, like diamonds

But it's my turn to dive!
In the spotlight with my voice!
Giving all of me to shine on, and tell the world of my dreams

So now, cast those tears aside, leaving the past behind!

Go! I'll reach for new heights today!
'Cause I'll swear to my shooting stars
I'll race through the skies with them and

Fly! There's no place for last regrets!
Always smiling, singing, dancing
(with) All my love!

Slow but sure, I step into the light,
Unknown to the crowd but still getting closer.

Deep within my heart I know I'll give to them
Body and soul, in part and in whole, for everyone.

With a flash and a pose!
Can you see me and my choice?
Can you tell all the things I cry and tear over show what I love?

That's now, like a rainbow sky, what I present to you

Shoot! No camera will let me go!
'Cause I'm gonna give to my lucky stars
The wink of a heroine, so

Move! I won't stop for anything
For more dreaming, hoping, for my future!

Dreams won't stay as dreams forever 'cause
step by step, I'll make them real... so now,

Bye! There's no need for tears again.
So I'll be wishing on tomorrow's dreams
With a kiss for my sweat and blood, 'cause

Hey! There's nothing too good to do
For more dreaming, hoping, for my future!

Rise! There's no time for second thoughts!
I've already slept off all my sorrows and
I've sworn to myself I'd stand here

Live! I won't let these feelings end!
With me smiling, singing, dancing
(with) All my...!

Love in melody and harmony forever!

You might notice there's a "(with)" in the chorus at times. It's not in the original lyrics, but you can fit it in easily and it keeps your grammar intact.

Use it, don't use it, it's up to you. I personally would use it.



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