This morning had to have an abrupt situation to go with it.

My parents got into yet another fight, usually because it's my dad that likes to start stupid shit again. This time, it was over having useless possessions in the house that my dad didn't need. My mom threw some of them away, knowing they'll never be used again, and my dad throws a tantrum over it, even though it's -completely useless-. He makes a useless argument saying that he's still going to make use of them, even though the things that were thrown out haven't been used for over a decade.

Eventually, it involved my dad throwing a flower vase across the room, calling out profane names, and when I tried to step in, I ended up getting choked pretty hard from attempting to stop the fight.

I hope he dies of cancer, but knowing he's a heavy smoker, I presume that'll be relatively soon.

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