11/20 〜 11/23

ラジオ英会話   Monday, November 20

Oh, suspense.
The plot thickens.

(The plot thickens. = It is said when a situation suddenly becomes more complicated or mysterious.)

So, Katie, what's another situation going to be like this time?
Well, Ken, today, they talk in rhyme.

Sandra called me today.
What did she want if I may?
She said she gave Glenn the list of many a thing. She needs help with in the morning.

(many a thing = many things / just more poetic. Many things is everyday usage.)

How did he take it? I'm curious to know.
He's acting like a baby feeling very low.

(feeling low = 元気ない、気が沈む feeling sad or depressed)

How so?
Oh, oh. He's not speaking to her not a word. I'm seriously worried that I made everything worse.

Hello? Glenn! Okay, see you then.

Oh, no. It didn't work well. I thought it would be okay.
Oh, there he goes again, acting like a baby.
Oh, Ken, it was perfect.

Well, that's about it for today. So until next time ...
Keep listening.
Keep practicing.
And keep on smiling and you can sometimes act like a baby.
Well, sometimes.


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, November 21

That's a good idea.

So Jeff...
What's another situation going to be like today?
Well, this time, two co-producers are worried about the producer and the author.

(author = the writer of a book, article)

How did it go?
Margaret said the producer is making unreasonable demands.
That's because he gave her the list! She needs to grow up!
She said the list is impossibly long.
How long is it?
Three hundred sentences.
Good grief! And she has to choose one for the last scene with Livien Veigh and Glark Cable?
She said the producer wants to wear the pants in the production.
He's taking it all wrong! It's Margaret's book and she does what she pleases.
I suggested they make a truce.
What did she say about it?
She says, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."

(Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn. = 正直言って、俺の知ったこっちゃない/知らないね、勝手にするがいい)

Hmm... That's not a bad line.
Yes, let's add it.

Sounds like a famous movie.
Very famous.
It sure does. Alien.
You're taking it all wrong, Katie. Gone with the Wind, right?
That's right.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, November 22

They were laughing at the end, but does that mean the story is over?
Hmm... It seems hopeful but they don't know yet.
Hopeful is the word.
(まさしくhopefulだよね/hopeful という言葉がピッタリだよね)


So, what's another situation going to be like, Katie?
Well, they've been invited by Lady Macbeth.

I talked to Lady Macbeth today.
Oh, what now?
She told me that she had an epiphany.
An epiphany?

(epiphany = awakening, a moment when you suddenly realize or understand something important)

She said that when she got married she didn't have a strong sense of self.
Now she knows what exactly she wants and what her husband really needs.

(intriguing = very interesting, especially because of being strange or mysterious)

And she invited us for dinner on Sunday at their castle.
Well, well, well! Let us hope for the best!
And prepare for the worst!

Well, great story, but they wasted like five seconds by laughing.
That's right.
Oh, my goodness! I hope really this story ends well.
Let's hope for the best!
And prepare for the worst.


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, November 23

Very unique way...
… of laughing. They're funny.

So Jeff, what's another situation going to be like?
Well, this time, it is 100 years later.

On this day 110 years ago, I married my lovely wife Sandra. To the love of my life, Sandra!
Hmm... Congratulations!
Happy anniversary!
We came to the realization that our relationship is a mirror.
I was projecting my shortcomings onto her.

(shortcoming = weak point, a fault or failure to meet a certain standard, typically in a person's character)
(shortcoming ⇔ strong point)

And vice versa.

(vice versa = used to say that what you have just said is also true in the opposite order)

You two are amazing!
We couldn't have done it without you!
You're right. A hundred years ago, you helped us save our marriage.
On Rajio Eikaiwa.
Come on, Ken! Join us!
Thank you, everybody.
To a hundred and ten years and still going strong!
Oh, here, here.
What's Rajio Eikaiwa? What is it?

Well, that was really well done.
Thank you.
That was perfect.
Well, Ken, we couldn't have done it without you.
That's right.
Oh, you are just saying that.

(You are just saying that. = ただ言っているだけでしょう? = お世辞でしょう)


11/13 〜 11/16

ラジオ英会話   Monday, November 13

What's another situation going to be like, Katie?
Oh, my goodness. Now Mary and John get quite emotional.

Talk about a toxic relationship!
Glenn really liked your chili!

(chili = a Mexican meal made from meat or beans, tomatoes, onions, and chilies all cooked together)

He was saying that on purpose to make Sandra mad.
Yeah, maybe you are right.
I am?
And Sandra really got after him for breaking the teacup!
What's so funny? That was my favorite teacup from Japan.
You said it was old.
I was trying to smooth thigs over. Can't you see that?
The party was all my idea. Sorry.
You should be. Oh! Takashi made that cup for me for my 20th birthday.
Who's Takashi?
Oh, never mind.
He made that cup for you?
He's a potter, so ...
So let's talk about him.
Oh, the program is almost over.
So what?

Talk about getting emotional.
Right. Well, that's about it for today. So until next time...
Keep listening.
Keep practicing.
And keep on smiling. And don't get too emotional on that stuff.


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, November 14

Hmm… Is that a good idea?
I think so.
Me too.

So, Jeff...
What's another situation going to be like?
Oh, this time, they are in a library.

They used to be so happy together.
Yeah, I remember.
I'm going to give Glenn a call.
You shouldn't pry into people's business!
Glenn could use a friend right now.
You're right.
Maybe you could reach out to Sandra. Their daughter, Caitlyn, is in Leo's class...
Okay. I'll call her and see about setting up a playdate with the kids.

Oh, hi, Sandra.
Hi, Glenn.

Oh, my goodness. Well, Ken, what's happening tomorrow?
Only Ken knows that. You shouldn't pry into his business.
Oh, sorry.
Well, you have a textbook, you know.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, November 15

Well, John did it.
He got the information.
We got one side of it.

So, Katie.
What's another situation going to be like this time?
Well, Ken, Urashima Taro blames Princess Oto.

So what's the story?
Taro blames Princess Oto for a lot of things.
Like what?
The biggest problem is that Oto makes him stay in the Dragon Castle so long.
She also gave him that infamous treasure box, which actually didn't have any treasure in it but smoke.

(infamous = well known for something bad)

That's it?
That's a lot.
He was passing the time under the sea having so much fun.

(pass the time = ひまをつぶす to do something to keep busy while waiting)

I'm just reporting what he said.
Okay. I'm going to hear the Princess' side of the story tomorrow.

I wonder what her side of the story is.
I wonder.
I wonder if she'll pass the buck too.
I wonder. Really.
I wonder.


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, November 16

A list of things.
Oh, my goodness.

So, what's another situation going to be like, Jeff?
Oh, well, Mary has just talked to Minokichi, the husband of Oyuki, the Woman of the Snow.

How did your talk with Minokichi go?
Better than expected.
He said that Oyuki never gets old and that upsets him.
Oh, for crying out loud! Oyuki is so lucky that way. Every woman in the village wants to know the secret. Minokichi should be happy about it.
I suggested that he throw Oyuki a big party to celebrate their 15-year long marriage.

(throw a party = パーティーを開く to have a party)

I wonder how that'll go over.
I know. Oyuki is such a quiet homebody.

(homebody = 家で過ごすことが好きな人、出不精、家庭的な人 A person who likes to stay at home, especially one who is perceived as unadventurous.  A person who enjoys the warmth and simple pleasures of being at home.  A person who likes spending time at home rather than going out with friends or travelling to different places.)

I heard she is going to be in a skin cream infomercial.

(infomercial = 商品に関する情報(information)をたくさん盛り込んだコマーシャル な / テレビショッピングのようなもの a long television advertisement, that contains a lot of information and seems like a normal program.)

That would put our village on the map, wouldn't it?

Oh, that would put our village on the map.
A skin cream commercial.
My goodness.
We'll see.


11/06 〜 11/09

ラジオ英会話   Monday, November 6

Great! Thank you. Oh, not for me.

What's another situation going to be like, Katie?
Well, Ken, John has invited over two brothers, Yoritomo and Yoshitsune.

They sound familiar, the names.

I invited Yoritomo and Yoshitsune over for sukiyaki tonight.

(sukiyaki = Japanese dish of sliced meat, tofu, and vegetables, usually cooked at the table in a mixture of soy sauce, sugar, and mirin and sometimes dipped in raw, beaten egg before being eaten.)

Tonight? Why didn't you tell me sooner?
I forgot.
Ugh! I can't deal with their bickering! I can't deal with their silence either.

(bicker = argue about petty and trivial matters)
(silence = a period of time when no one speaks)

I put up with your friends!

(put up with something/someone = to accept or continue to accept an unpleasant situation or experience, or someone who behaves unpleasantly)

Let's not start a fight.
Okay. Sorry about the short notice.
Never mind. I could invite Shizuka Gozen.
Oh, that would make the matter worse.
Okay. There's enough beef for everyone.
Honey, you're the best!
I don't know about that, but the beef is.

Yeah, very Kamakura-ish over there.
( -ish   〜っぽい)

Well, sometimes I can't deal with their humor but they did okay.
They did.
They shouldn't invite Shizuka because it's going to be very noisy.

「静(しずか)」という名前なのに、noisy (うるさい)のは面白いですね!


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, November 7

Oh, no! They are bickering already.

So, what's another situation going to be like, Jeff?
Oh, well, it's 100 years later.

Hi guys!
Sorry we're late. Sandra broke our 3D cooker and ended up with a bunch of mushy garlic bread.

(mushy = ぐじゃぐじゃに形が崩れて soft and having no firm shape)

I told him weeks ago to get a cyber jack-of-all-trades to fix it. Listening is not Glenn's strong suit.

(jack-of-all-trades = 何でも屋 someone who can do many types of work)
(a cyber jack-of-all-trades = サイバーロボット型何でも屋)

Hello! We're glad you could make it!
Hi, Mary. Here's a garlic bread cube from Stefano's Cubic Deli. Is your reconstituter doing okay? Ours is broken. Glenn ...

(reconstituter = 再生器、壊れたもの、乾燥したものを元に戻す器械 reconstitute = 再構成する、復帰する to constitute again or anew; especially : to restore to a former condition by adding water; to form [an organization or group] again in a different way)

Don't start!
I love Stefano's Cubic Deli. How nice!
Glenn ruined my garlic bread.
Don't start.
Well, come in and make yourselves at home!

I've got a holographic Rajio Eikaiwa gadget here. Do you want to see the show?
Why not?

Happy ending.
Well, that's about it for today. So until next time ...
Keep listening because listening is your strong suit.
Keep practicing because practicing is your strong suit.
And keep on smiling.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, November 8

It's escalating.
I agree.

So, Katie, what's another situation going to be like this time?
La la la ...♬ Well, they sing their lines to the tune of "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow."

Your chili is out of this world!
Thanks, I'm glad you like it.
Sandra, I wish you'd make chili like this. You'll have to get Mary's recipe.
You're always putting me down!
Oh, come on! You're too sensitive! I was just saying that I liked Mary's chili.
You never say you like my cooking!
Who wants coffee and cake?

Very cheerfully done.
That was well done.
It eased the tension a little. (緊張がちょっと和らいだわね)
Oh, yes.
Who wants to do it again?
Now, where's our coffee and cake?
You are always saying "afterwards."
No, I'm not.
You ARE.
I'm always saying "Well, that's all about it today. So untie next time."


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, November 9

They certainly cause a lot of problems.

So, what's another situation going to be like, Jeff?
Well, this time, Sandra acts childish.

How's work, Glenn?
Glenn is always late, which infuriates his boss.

(infuriate = to make someone extremely angry)

That's not my fault!
Now look what you've done! You broke Mary's coffee cup!
I'm sorry.
No big deal. It was an old coffee cup anyway.
Well, we best be going.
So soon?
I wish we could stay, but I've got this splitting headache.
Thanks, guys. Loved the chili.
Nya nya nya nya nya .....


Oh, they both act childish.
Oh, now look what they've done?
Nya nya nya nya nya ....


10/16 〜 10/19

ラジオ英会話   Monday, October 16

She is turning into a British Queen there.
I didn't know that.

So, Katie, what's another situation going to be like?
The worker bee is dreaming.

The solution is quite simple.
It is?
Yes. You need to take more breaks. Stop and smell the roses.
Start work later, wake up and smell the coffee and finish earlier. Go be like your home and relax. That's an order.
Yes, ma’am.
I hereby name you Worker Bee of the Month.
Oh, what a great honor!
Honey, wake up! Wake up, honey.
Oh, darn! It was a dream.

(darn = damn, used when you are annoyed about something)

You've got a call from your company.
Am I fired?
No. They named you Worker of the Month.
Zooo... Zoi... Zeee... But that's good news! Hu-hoo!

That was a good another situation. Let's hear it again.
No. We have to set boundaries and not cross them.
Oh, I see. Well, time to go.


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, October 17

What an ending.
That's a surprise.
That was easy.
That was so easy.

So Jeff...
What's another situation going to be like?
This time, they are wizards and have a landing problem.

Hi, I'm Harry and this is my wife Grinny.
I believe I've met your wife.
Yes, we have. We've brought you a welcome basket.
How nice! Oh, blood oranges are my favorite fruit and frog's tears, my favorite drink. And alligator pepper and wild rose ketchup. Oh, thank you so much!
We were hoping to sort out the landing problem.
Oh, that. I was having a bad day. Sorry about that, Grinny.
That's okay. No hard feelings.
Great. Land anywhere you please! And these are for you.
Oh, what are these?
They are for your magic wands.
Oh, magic wand bags. Hmm... lovely, lovely.
Splendid, well done.

Well, they sorted that out fine.
Well, you know, sometimes it's hard to end on time.
So how are you going to sort out the ending problem?
Just say this. Keep listening.
Keep... practicing.
And keep on smiling.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, October 18

Well, happy ending there.
All they have to do is just talk.
... which is sometimes hard to do.
It is.

So, Katie, what's another situation going to be like?
Oh, Ken, oh, Ken, it's a conversation between Romeo and Juliet.

Oh, Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou so standoffish? Did I do something to offend thee?

O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo? = ロミオ、ロミオ!あなたはどうしてロミオなの?)
(art thou = シェークスピア用語 are you)
(thee = 汝[なんじ])

Now that you mention it, my love, whenever I got up on your balcony, you seemed too busy to talk to me.
I was busy preparing for the trip. You know, I thought the same way about you, Romeo.
Oh, really? I didn't mean to give that impression, Juliet.
Oh, I am so relieved! Can you help me move tomorrow?
I thought you'd never ask. Where art thou going?
To Stratford-upon-Avon. That's where I'm home staying with the Shakespeares.

(Stratford-upon-Avon = known as the birth place of Shakespeare)

How wonderful. May I come, too?
By and by, by and by.

Well, nice Italian accent.
Almost sounded like they were fighting.
Oh! We didn't mean to give that impression.
Well, it's probably just me, you know.

Well until next time.
Keep listening.
Keep practicing.
And keep on smiling.
Arrivederci. (Bye! のイタリア語)


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, October 19

So, she changed jobs.
Yes, she certainly is spreading her wings.

So Jeff...
What's another situation going to be like?
It's kind of fun. An ex-wrestler runs into a retired wrestler.

It's been a long time! Did you retire?
No, I switched carriers.
What are you doing now?
I'm in politics. It was the best decision I ever made.
What do you do?
In plain English, I help people in need live better lives.
Wonderful! Congratulations!
Thanks. I've got to go. You know, I'm glad I'm good at wrestling with people's problems too.
All right. See you around!
See you.

OK, guys, what was the best decision you ever made?
Oh, joining Rajio Eikaiwa.
Wow! I'm speechless.


10/9 〜 10/12

ラジオ英会話   Monday, October 9

She IS as busy as a bee.
Very humorous Queen Bee there.

So, Katie ...
What's another situation going to be like?
The worker bee is allergic to pollen.

(pollen = a powder produced by flowers)


Excuse me, Queen Bee. Could I have a word with you?
I'm in a sticky situation.

(sticky situation = a tough situation to get out of, or a sensitive situation)

Oh, go on.
It's about my physical condition. I'm on the go from morning till night.

(on the go = 絶えず活動して、働きづめで very active or busy)

Oh, you are as busy as a bee.
Yes. To tell the truth, I'm developing an allergy.
Allergy to what... may I ask?
Excuse me?
I'm becoming allergic to pollen.
Oh, that sounds serious. Let's try to work this out.
I appreciate your consideration. Ah-choo!
Oh, bless you.
Thank you.

Uh... Ken?
Can we have a word with you?
Oh, yeah. Sure.
I'm becoming allergic to microphones.
And I'm becoming allergic to scripts.
Oh, my goodness.
Uh, you know what?
You've been so busy. You've been busy as the Beatles. You should take a rest and come back.
Oh, thank you.


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, October 10

Well, she is addressing the problem nicely.

(address = to try to deal with a problem or question, for example by thinking carefully about it, or by doing things to improve a situation

She certainly is.

So, Jeff…
What's another situation going to be like?
Well, this time, it's a conversation between the giants and his wife in "The New Jack and the Beanstalk."

Look what that Jack guy did to my castle.
Yes, his beanstalk broke part of the castle walls.
And the buttress, and the keep. I'm going down there to settle this now.

(buttress = a structure made of brick or stone that sticks out from the wall of a building to support it)
(keep = a large strong tower in the center of a castle 日本の城に例えると天守閣にあたる部分)

I don't want to get off to a bad start with him.
He is trying my patience.
Let's try to be neighborly. Be the bigger person.
How do I do that?
Let's be courteous and understanding.

(courteous = polite, especially in a formal way)

I guess you are right.
Let's wait and listen to Rajiei next week, and see if it helps.

Well, they listen to Rajiei.
I'd like to meet them.
But I don't want to get off to a bad start with them.
I know.
Well, maybe I shouldn't, we shouldn't.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, October 11

So Katie, what's another situation going to be like?
Well, Ken, Taro Urashima and Princess Oto talk about the turtle.

Did something happen between you and Kame-emon?
Not that I know of. I don't think he likes me anymore.
Do you know that for a fact?
No. It's just that the last time I talked to him, he seemed standoffish.

(standoffish = not friendly because they do not want to get involved with other people)

Kame-emon is a really nice guy. He'd give you the shell off his back.
You should talk to him.
Okay. I will. Oh, here he comes. Hello, there, tortoise.
Sir, I told you a thousand times that I'm not a tortoise. I am a turtle.
Oh, sorry, my mistake again.
May I ask why you keep calling me tortoise?
Because that's what they taught us (tortoise).

(turtle = ウミガメ、亀全般 an animal with a shell and four short legs that lives on the land, in the ocean, or in rivers and lakes. The animal that lives on the land is usually called a tortoise)
(tortoise = リクガメ an animal with a thick, hard shell that it can move its head and legs into for protection. It eats plants, moves very slowly, and sleeps during the winter)


Alice in Wonderland or something like that? Well, time to go.
Oh! Do you know that for a fact?
I'm pretty sure.


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, October 12

So, Jeff...
What's another situation going to be like?
Well, they are not pigeons anymore. This time, they are humans.

Is there a downside to retiring?

(downside ⇔ upside)

Some feel they have too much time on their hands. In my case, I feel as free as a bird.
What do you do all day?
I belong to the radio exercise club. Would you like to become a member? It starts at the crack of dawn.

(dawn 夜明け ⇔ dusk 夕暮れ)

I'm not an early bird.

(early bird 早起き ⇔ night owl 宵っぱり)
(The early bird catches the worm. = 早起きは三文の得)

Think about it. It starts at 6:30.
I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.
And if you are interested, you can go on listening to an English learning program at 6:45.
That sounds like a couple of fun programs back-to-back.

(back-to-back = 連続して、立て続けに happening one after another, without interruption)

Yes! Just think about it.

Well, is there a downside to Rajio Eikaiwa?
I can't think of one.
I can think of one.
What is it?
It's only 15 minutes long.
That's true.
Joking aside ....