2018-03-16 3/5 〜 3/8

3/5 〜 3/8

So Katie...
What's another situation going to be like?
Well, this time, it's a robot project.

What's going on with Leo?
He's stressed about his homework.
What homework?
It's his science fair project. He says it's a flop.

(flop = a complete failure)

What is his project?
It has something to do with his jan-ken-pon robot. He says his robot is too smart to lose. He's pretty discouraged.

(discourage = to make someone feel less confident, enthusiastic, and positive about something, or less willing to do something)

I'll go talk to him. Or should we ask our Robodog?
Ask him. If anyone can cheer him up, he can.

Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Doe, but I'm listening to the English conversation for robots right now. It'll be over soon though.
No problem, Pookie.
Oh, you remember my name?
Thank you, Pookie.
Call me Robodog.
Oh, Robodog.

What was that?
Well, I guess we'd better finish this program.
Well, I'm stressed about my acting there.


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, March 6

So, what's another situation going to be like today, Jeff?
It's about a jan-ken-pon robot project.

Hey, buddy. How's your jan-ken-pon robot coming along?
Who cares?
That bad, huh?
Yeah! Nobody can beat him.
Really? If I'm not mistaken, Snowy seems to be winning.
Oh, yeah. Wow! Snowy just won!
Now what do I do?
You win some, you lose some.

(You win some, you lose some. = 勝つこともあれば、時に負けることもある)

Snowy, good kitty!
Pookie is winning too! How can he do it?
It's easy as pie, Leo. It's jan-ken-"paw," right? So I show him my paw.

(It's easy as pie. = 朝飯前よ! めちゃめちゃ簡単)

It's very powerful.
Very good!

Ung.. こいつぁすごいな puns.
Puns are flying.  

I have a problem. Not one idea has come to mind to end this show.
Let's just do it the way we always do it.
All right.

That was easy.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, March 7

So Katie, what's another situation going to be like?
Oh, they sing their lines to tune of "Scarborough Fair."

Good luck.

What kind of bird was that, Leo?
It was a sparrow.
Well, it's a good start.
It's not funny! Pookie and Snowy could have hurt that poor little bird. And look -- Pookie knocked over my feeder.
Watch where you're going, Pookie.
I'm no good at this! All I saw today was one little sparrow.
Well, we'll just have to do something about that.

Oh, nice.
Not bad.
Well, all I enjoyed today on the program was one little song by you guys.
Even though we were no good at that.
You were really good.


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, March 8

So, Jeff...
What's another situation going to be like this time?
Well, Mary is very upset about 12 birdfeeders.

Of course.
Who isn't?

Do you really need all those sacks of birdseed?

(sack = a large strong bag for storing and carrying things, a strong paper bag for carrying goods from a store)

Yes, because we're making a dozen birdfeeders.
What? Why a dozen? Why so many?
Well, my science teacher said the more bird species I record, the better.
So the teacher wants us parents to spend a lot of money so that he'll be more than satisfied with the results.

Well, you're going a little too far.
(ちょっと言い過ぎだよね You are not nice to the teacher. Don’t say that.)

You are the ones that are going too far!
(あなたがたこそやり過ぎなんじゃないの You two are doing too much.)

I have some misgivings about feeding so many birds.

(misgivings = a feeling of doubt or worry about a future event)

Don't worry. We have things under control.

Do you?

Well, I hope they enjoyed the show today.
Oh, I think.
They are more than satisfied.
More than satisfied with the show.
That's reassuring.

(reassuring = 安心させる、元気づける、心強く感じさせる making you feel less worried)



2/19 〜 2/22

ラジオ英会話   Monday, February 19, 2018

So, Katie, what's another situation going to be like this time?
Well, a boy is going to a mountain bike show.

Can I borrow your bicycle, Paty? I'm going to a mountain bike show.
I love mountain bikes! Can I tag along on my sister's bike?
Not this time. I'm meeting a friend. We're planning to have lunch after the show.
Oh. I don't want to be the third wheel.

(third wheel = an extra person in a social venue, especial one that interferes or gets in the way)

Ha ha! That's a good one.
Is this a date?
Yeah, sort of.
Well, do you want a piece of advice?
I don't think I need training wheels either.

(training wheels = 補助輪 small wheels attached to each side of the back wheel of a bicycle to prevent it from falling over when a child is learning to ride it)

That's well put.

(well put = うまいこと言ったな!)

I'll be back by two or three.
Take your time.
Okay. Bye!
Cycle safe. And have fun!

By the way, Ken.
Um... Can I have a ride home after the show?
Oh, sure. Yeah.
Drive safe.
Yeah. Thanks, Katie. I'll try.

Katie, do you want to come too?
No, I don't want to be the third wheel.
Maybe you don't want to be in my car (etc.)... because of the driver...


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, February 20, 2018

What's another situation going to be like this time?
Well, this time, it's not a car show. It's a motorcycle show.

This is the motorcycle my grandmother rode -- only it was blue.
That's a '58 YAMARI X.
What I wouldn't give to have a motorcycle like that!
You're really into these old motor bikes.
How did you guess?
I used to fix up old bikes with my father and brother.
You're a handy guy to have around.
I'm glad you think so!

Yeah. That was a good one, a motorcycle show.
And you did as usual a great job there.
We're glad you think so.
Yes. Thank you.
You're welcome.
And Ken, you always do a great job as well.

Wow, thank you. I'm glad you would think so.
We do.
So, when did we join this mutual admiration society?

(admiration = 称賛 a feeling of respect and approval)

Uh, just now!
All right.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, February 21, 2018

He's from ...
Arizona, Phoenix, Arizona.
That's right.

So, Katie.
What's another situation going to be like this time?
Well, Hazel is talking to a Martian.

(Martian = an imaginary creature that lives on the planet Mars)

Have you thought about buying a new space car?
Yeah. The trouble is I'm really attached to that old one.
Wow. How did you managed to drive it across our solar system without breaking down?

Who said I didn't have breakdowns?
So now you tell me. What happened?
My space radiator overheated over Mars.
Mars! I could have fix it for you.
Where were you when I needed you?

I was Martian marching in the Martian Parade.

Yeah, I think he is trying to be humorous.
I think so too.
"Marching" and "Martian."
Well, I could have helped him, or we could have helped him.
Where were you when I needed you?


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, February 22, 2018

That could be the famous last words.
That's right.
My goodness.

So, what's another situation going to be like, Jeff?
Well, this time, the woman needs to study English.

This is for you.
You're too much!
A copy of Rajio Eikaiwa! How did you know I needed to learn English?
I had a hunch you liked the program.
There's something written on the back.
"I want to enjoy every minute of the program with you." Oh, how sweet!
I'm glad you like it.
It's perfect! George, you are the best birthday present I could get.

Oh, Wow.
They're too much!
This is too much self-promotion on our part.

2018-03-02 2/12 〜 2/14

2/12 〜 2/14

So far so good.

So what's another situation going to be like, Katie?
Well, this time Ken, the two robots are waiting for a new battery.

Look at the time. My battery must be ready by now.
Let me get the check.
I'll get it. This is my treat.
I'm sending you my number. Rajiei, send my number to this lady. There. If you have battery trouble again, give me a call.
Ha ha ha ha. All right.
Maybe we can get together and have some nice roboccino again sometime.

(roboccino = robot + cappuccino)

I'd like that very much. It was really nice talking to you.
Keep on smiling.
You too.

Oh! I thought they were going to say, "Keep listening."
What kind of drink was that?
Oh, yes. There you go. Kind of coffee, I think.

Well, we have a little time to talk about something. Would you like to do that?
We'd like that very much.
So since, you know, they've been waiting for the car, and car troubles are here and there. So do you drive?

Yes, I do drive. I've been there too.
Car trouble.
Car troubles, yes.
How about you, Katie?
No, I don't drive but I sometimes have train trouble.
Oh, that's also very serious, isn't it?

Uh, Ken, do you drive?
No, not in Japan. I... I don't.

Yeah. I have a Hawaiian driver's license.
You do.

And not here.
Not a Japanese one.
No, no. I'm too scared driving here.

Oh! Look at the time.
Oh, my goodness.


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, February 13, 2018

So Jeff, what's another situation going to be like?
Well, this time, George is a child.

Where were you, George?
I was helping a friend fix her bicycle. Then one thing led to another.
Who is this friend?
Really, Mom! You're treating me like a child.

You ARE a child, and you happen to be my child. So you should've called me.
Sorry. I lost track of time. I'm thinking about moving out of here.

(lost track of time = didn't pay attention to the time, you were concentrate on something and forget about time)

Yes, that should give me more freedom.
Where would you go?
I'm going to put up a tent in the front yard.
Camping is fun.
So can I?
No way.
Oh, Mom!

Wow! He wants freedom.
That's hard to get, I guess.
That's funny.
In the backyard or front yard.
That sounds like me when I was a kid.
Then what happened to you, then?
Oh, she'd scold me and then one thing would lead to another.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, February 14, 2018

As I predicted?
And as the theme of the week suggested...
Uh-huh. More car trouble.

So, Katie, what's another situation going to be like?
Well, this time, Ken, a woman is calling Naoto's Bike Repair.

Naoto's Bike Repair.
Hi, Naoto. Is this a good time to talk?
Sure. What's up?
I hate to bother you at this time of night. I have a flat. I tried to push the bike home but the wheels are making a squeaking sound.

(flat = blowout, puncture)

That doesn't sound good. You'd better not push it anywhere. Where are you?
I'm over by Hirobiro Park in front of the library.
Stay right there. I'm on my way.

Uh, Ken, we wanted to discuss with you, uh... your birthday party.
Oh, wow.
Uh, is this a good time to talk?
Jeff, I appreciate it but uh... you know, this is not a good time to talk.
Because we have to say good-bye.
Maybe next time, then.

Well, that's about it for today. So until next time...
Keep listening.
Keep practicing.
I like a big birthday cake... (would be wonderful.)
And keep on smiling.


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, February 15, 2018

They're really heating it up.
Getting along famously.

(Getting along famously = 大いに意気投合する)

Thy sure are.

So Jeff.
What's another situation going to be like?
Well, this time, there's a problem with Hazel's space car.

Okay! Start the space car. Hmm... One of the unatanium belts is worn out.

(unatanium = un attain 手に入れる、獲得する titanium チタン plutonium プルトニウム platinum プラチナ  などを合体させた造語)

Oh, no!
I can replace it for you.
I couldn't ask you to do that.
It's just a matter of going to the space car parts store. Hop in. I'll take you there.
I don't know how to repay you for your kindness.
Take me out to lunch.
It's a deal.

How about up at the space station?
How about the moon?
Oh, yeah.

How nice!
Well, Ken, you always do such a great job of ending the show, but we're thinking we could do it for you this time.
Oh, wow! I couldn't ask you to do that.
Oh, well, it would be no problem.
You know what...
I'm a creature of habit.
If I change my habit, that would upset me.
Oh, okay. All right.
I'm already upset.
Oh dear.
Well, then we'll let you do it.
Oh yeah. That's better.


2/5 〜 2/8

ラジオ英会話   Monday, February 5

Friendly meeting.
Sounds like a good start.

So what's another situation going to be like, Katie?
Well, Ken, a Japanese man talks to a foreign resident.

Ano... you dropped your grocery list.
Oh! Thanks!
You're welcome. Do you by chance know where the natto is?

(natto = It's a traditional Japanese health food of fermented soybeans. Natto may be an acquired taste because of its powerful smell, strong flavor, and slimy texture. But it is as an excellent source of vitamins. I personally like to eat it with an egg- yolk, green onion, dried bonito shavings and soy sauce.)

It's with the tofu next to the produce section.

(tofu = It is a food made from condensed soy milk.)
(produce section = 青果コーナー vegetable section)
(meat section = お肉コナー)
(deli section = 惣菜コーナー)
(dairy products section = 乳製品コーナー)

Oh, you really know your way around this place.
Funny you should say that. I just moved here.
Well, welcome to Samagawari. I used to live here years ago. I'm Hisashi.
Nice to meet you, Hisashi. I'm Hope.


There's another good looking couple and ...
Yeah. Another good start.
By the way, do you by chance know when the show ends?
Well, Ken, I think it should have ended...
A minute ago.
A minute ago.
Oh, my goodness. Well...


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, February 6

Quick fix.
Yeah, well...just jump-start, jumper cables.

(quick fix = 応急処置、その場しのぎ a fast and often temporary solution to a problem)
(jump-start = 車のエンジンをジャンプスタートさせる、復活させる to make the engine start by getting power from the battery of another vehicle, using special cables called jump leads or jumper cables)


What's another situation going to be like, Jeff?
Well, this time, two robots are talking.

Elf trouble?

(Sanbot Elf [サンボット エルフ] は中国のQihanTechnology社が開発したヒューマノイドロボット)

My battery is dead again. I should've replaced it.
I've got jumper cables. Pop your head.
It was a stroke of luck you stopped to help me. I'm most grateful.
Think nothing of it. If you'd like, I can show you where to get a new battery.
Are you sure it's no trouble?
No trouble at all. Follow me. We can fly from here.
Oh, just a second. I can't seem to fly either.
Let's walk then. It's fashionable these days.

(warp ワープならカッコ良いなと思ったのですが、音を聞くと最後に k の音が聞こえます)

Oh, my!
Nice! Well, you know, they say that the cleaning robot is out of order and somebody has to clean the studio.

(out of order = 故障して、正常に動作しないで doesn't work)

Oh, my goodness. Well, I'll help.
Me too.
Are you sure it's no trouble?
It's huge.
That's okay.

Well, that's about it for today. I'm going home.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, February 7

So, Katie, what's another situation going to be like?
They are young and drawn to each other.

(be drawn to somebody = to be attracted to a person)

So what do you do when you're not shopping for groceries?

(groceries = food and other goods for the home that you buy regularly)

I spend time worrying about car repairs.
That figures. How do you like Huntsville so far?

(That figures = ways of agreeing with someone; ways of saying that you are not surprised)

So far so good. I'm from Niagara, and the winters are tough there.
I bet!
It was 25 below the day I left. I wasn't sure my car would start!
You drove cross-country?
I did!

My! You are beau... brave!
Well, I got to keep learning Japanese on the radio all the way.
Good for you!
I don't know what the program is about. But it makes you feel like you understand some of the Japanese. Ken, the host is speaking.
I listen to it myself.

You do?
I do.
I do too.
You do?
I do. Do you?
I do too.
Ah, me too.

So how do you like the story so far, you guys?
So far so very good.


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, February 8

So Jeff...
What's another situation going to be like?
Lots of fun. This time, Yoshitsune is talking to a local.
You mean the Yoshitsune?

And where do you call home, Yoshitsune?
Kyoto. I'm staying with my friends here for now. I had some family issues.
Oh my!
I'm fine now. Do you have family here?
No. We're all scattered. I'm windowed.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you. That was a long time ago.
I sympathize completely. I've been there, too.

Where would you go from here, Yoshitsune?

(Where would you go from here? = What are you planning to do in the future?)

Wherever my heart takes me.

(Wherever my heart takes me. = 心のおもむくままに I will follow my feelings.)

Oh, that is so poetic.


Well, what was the answer?
Wherever his heart takes him.
Yeah. Wow. Do you have family here, Katie and Jeff?
No, my family is all back in the U.S.A.
I see.
I do now.
I see. Great.


1/22 〜 1/25

ラジオ英会話   Monday, January 22

Wow! She is so sure of herself.
She sure is.
He is not.

So, Katie.
What's another situation going to be like?
Well, they are not getting along.

Fruit for breakfast?
There's more. I made avocado toast for you.
No butter and jam?
Just taste it.
Ugh... Hmm... It's not bad. I'm still hungry.
Here's some spinach salad.
Raw spinach?
I'd like to stick to healthier food choices for breakfast.
This is going to take some getting used to.
You'll thank me for it later.
Maybe, maybe not.

Wow! That was heated.
Very cold salad, too.
But, you know, that would take some getting used to if you like jam and butter on your toast.
Or warm pancakes.
Is that what you have for breakfast?
I have avocado toast sometimes.
Oh, you do?
You do too.
I really like it.
Wow, that makes two of us or three of us. I like to have avocado toast with "furikake" on top of it.
My goodness.
It's a Hawaiian style, say, everything with "furikake."
I'll have to try that.
Yeah, you should.
Although it might take some getting used to.
I'm sure it might. I hope you enjoy it.

Well, that's about it for today. So until next time...
Keep listening.
Keep practicing.
And keep on devouring avocado ... No. Just keep on smiling.

(devour = 貪り食う、ガツガツ食べる to eat something very fast because you are hungry)


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, January 23

Sounds like they've decided something.
Yeah. Something good?
Good habit.

Well, Jeff.
What is it?
This time, they are centenarians.

(centenarian = someone who is a 100 years old or more)

I feel like I'm stuck in a rut. I don't have time to exercise anymore.

(rut = わだち、決まりきった型、ワンパターン、マンネリ a situation that is boring and difficult to change)

Me, either. I'm too tired after work to work out.
Oh! Here's an idea. Let's make it a habit to exercise before work.
Oh, that'd be a big challenge for me.
You can do it! Meet me at the park at five tomorrow morning.
How about 4:30?
Okay. Wear your walking shoes.
I'll wear my running shoes.
Either or... Just be there.

Say, uh... Let's make it a habit to exercise before recording.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, January 24

That's what you call a 180-degree change.

So, Katie, what's another situation going to be like?
Well, Ken, this time, she has gotten really busy.

Christa! You're early!
Doesn't the party start at eight?
Yes, but I've always known you to show up fashionably late, so to speak.

(fashionably late = late [5 minutes or so] to give the impression that you are a busy, popular person that was held up with other business.)
(so to speak = いわば、言ってみるならば draw attention to the fact that you are describing or referring to)

I've changed my ways, Brad.
Really? How did you do that?
I got a planner. It changed my life.

(planner = a document or computer program that you can use for planning something)

It's true. I can only stay until 8:15. I have three more parties to attend tonight.

Three more parties. I would need a planner too.
Here's a quick question. Do you use a planner?
Yes, I do.
All right. Jeff?
I do too but I've changed my ways. It's now on my smartphone.
Goodness! Yeah. I need to change my ways because I use a pen.
This is the pen I use, you know.


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, January 25

Sounds like a good rule.

So, what's another situation going to be like, Jeff?
This time, it's a cold family.

Could I have everyone's attention?
Just a second. I got a text message from work.

(text message = an electronic communication sent and received by mobile phone / a written message, often containing short forms of words, sent from one mobile phone)
(email = the system for using computers to send messages over the internet)

Jamie, stop playing games on your phone.
We're spending less and less time talking to each other.
Everyone is glued to their phones.
You've got a point. Let's make it a rule to turn off our phones during meals.
Fine with me. Pass the soy sauce, please.
How about listening to Rajiei while eating?

Well, they should make it a rule to listen to it.
They should.