7/10 〜 7/13

ラジオ英会話   Monday, July 10

So, what's another situation going to be like, Katie?
It's Shirley this time.
After a wipeout, she gets tough.

(wipeout = 失敗、転倒 a crash or fall when you are riding something such as a snowboard or a surfboard, total destruction, or failure)


All right. Let's practice on land first. Paddle like this, one stroke at a time.
How am I doing, Keone?
You got it down, ma'am! Are you ready to catch your first wave?
I think I am.
Here comes a wave! Paddle like mad! Good! Now, pop up to a standing position.
Oh, good.
I got water up my nose.
What a wipeout. Do you want to take a break, ma'am?
No way! I'll give it another shot.
Okay, let's go!

You know, I was off for a while. You know, how am I doing?
Oh, Ken. You got it down.
Thank you.


ラジオ英会話   Tuesday, July 11

They always have plans.
Yes, they do.
It's wonderful.

So Jeff...
What's another situation going to be like this time?
This time, Shirley got some good shots.
Oh, that's good news. Let's hear it.

Did you get any good shots?
They turned out pretty well. Take a look.
Where am I?
That's your foot after you wiped out.
It's so funny! I love it. I stood up several times.
Here you are. You look really resentful.

(resentful = 憤慨している、ひどく嫌がる、怒りっぽい feeling angry and unhappy because you think you have been treated unfairly or without enough respect)

Yeah. This camera takes good fast action shots.
You look really tough.
Well, Keone said I have great determination.
I don't dispute that.
What's the plan for this afternoon?
Hula lessons.
I'll come and watch.

What's the plan for tonight, Katie?
Oh, movie and dinner.
Oh, sounds great.
It'll be fun.
Jeff, what's the plan for tonight?
Hmm... studying and getting some more work done.
How about you, Ken?
Go to bed.


ラジオ英会話   Wednesday, July 12

He really is the world's worst dancer.
Oh, well... I don't know about that.
I admire him.

(admire = to have a feeling of great respect for someone or something)

And he's having fun.
Yeah, right. He's dressed right … for the occasion, I guess.

(occasion = event, opportunity, a special or important time or event)


So, what's another situation going to be like, Katie?
Well, Ken, this time, they go to a Japanese dance class.

Konnichiwa. I'm here for the Japanese dance class.
Great. Are the two of you joining the class?
Oh, no. I'm the worst dancer in the universe. I'd just get in the way.
You wouldn't get in the way. Would he, ladies?
All right... if you twist my arm.

(if you twist my arm = if you really want me to)

Follow my lead. A little step to the left.
Harvey, to the left!
Oops! To … to the left? 
Right? (右だって?)

You know, sometimes I wonder why I am here on earth.

(on earth = 全く、一体全体 used for showing surprise)

You're here for Rajio Eikaiwa.
Oh, yes, that's right. And they are for Rajio Eikawa too, I hope.


ラジオ英会話   Thursday, July 13

So Jeff...
What's anther situation going to be like?
Oh, this time, they volunteer for a Japanese dance show at the NHK Hall.

We've got a volunteer! Could you tell us your name, please?
I'm Harvey Crawshaw from Tucson, Arizona.
Take it away, Harvey-san!
Give this gentleman a big hand!
Harvey, where did you learn those cool moves?
Uh... from riding on a crowded train.
You work in Japan?
No, I'm happily retired. And I took a dance lesson with my wife Shirley.
Shirley, come on up! We've got time for one more song.



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