遠山顕の英会話楽習   Monday, June 18

So how many pieces?
That's pretty big.
That's a pretty big puzzle.

Write it!
★ 私の友人のヒューゴ
Well, here, we would just simply say "my friend, Hugo."
Yeah, it is.

★ 〜しようとして私を家に招いてくれました
誰々 said 何々 and invited me over.
Yes, we can just say, 誰々 invited me over to何々

★ 大きなジグソーパズルを組み立てる
Well, we heard the phrase before in the dialog, "put together," so wo would say, "put together a big jigsaw puzzle.

Yeah, exactly, big.

★ 手ぶらで来てと言われました
I was told でどうでしょう?
Um, you could use that if you are maybe writing a diary or something, "I was told to do something," but it's more natural to say, "He told me to 何々."

He told me to just bring myself.

My friend Hugo invited me over to put together a big jigsaw puzzle. He told me to just bring myself. I'm game.

In Another Situation!
So Carolyn.
Yes, Ken.
What's another situation going to be like?
Well, this time, they are extreme jigsaw puzzle fans.

I picked up a new hobby, Chie.
What's that, Hugo?
Jigsaw puzzles.
Get out of here, Hugo. I love jigsaw puzzles.

(Get out of here. = something you say when something good happens to someone.)
Get out of here. = この場合は「うっそー!本当?まじー!」のような意味

Great! I'm inviting friends over to put together a new puzzle tonight. Feel free to join us.
I'm game. How many pieces does it have?
Twenty thousand.
That's all?
I think that's a nice size for them.
OK. What's the theme?
The Milky Way.
Awesome! What can I bring?
Nothing, just bring yourself.

(easy-peasy = とっても簡単 very easy)

Twenty thousand peasies.

Milky Way.
The Milky Way galaxy.
One of … that's a hard puzzle to do.
I bet it is.
That sounds like impossible buzzle to me.

So Ken, have you picked up a new hobby lately?
Yes, Jeff, I'm starting to add "wooooo!"
I remember that.
Yeah, that's from a former another situation.


遠山顕の英会話楽習   Tuesday, June 19

Wow! What a request?
You have to play me a song sometime.
Oh, she's probably really good.
She must be.

Write it!
★ 古い漫画本
Well, actually the accent goes down, "old comic books."

★ いつかあなたにお見せしないと
Well, in the dialog, we heard the sentence, "You have to play me a song sometime."
So now, we change it a little bit, instead of "you have," it's "I have," "I have to." And instead of "play me a song sometime," we change it "show them to you sometime," because we're talking about comic books, which are plural. So we would say, "I have to show them to you sometime."

I have a few hobbies. My main hobby is collecting old comic books. I have to show them to you sometime.

In Another Situation!
So Jeff.
What's another situation going to be like this time?
Well, we know how much you love us when we sing
I do.
So they sing their line to the tune of "The Wheels on the Bus."

Where are you off to, Sam?
The hobby store. I need to pick up some glue.
I didn't know you had a hobby.
Oh, I have a few. My main hobby is assembling model airplanes. What about you, Pam?
I play the guitar.
You must be good!
I'm okay.
You have to play me a song sometime.
All right.

OK, Ken. That was okay, but you have to sing with us sometime.
Yes, you do.
Can I join you?
Of course.
That's tempting.

遠山顕の英会話楽習   Monday, June 25

So you belong to ....
A cooking club.

(My! = Oh, my goodness! Wow!)

Apply It!
When does the book club meet?
We meet on the second Saturday of each month.
What are you reading now?
Moby-Dick. Have you read it?
No, but it sounds like a whale of a book.
Oh, you'll have a whale of a time.

(have a whale of a time = 楽しい時間を過ごす、素晴らしい時間を過ごす to enjoy yourself very much)

It's not just a fish story.

Write It!
★ 映画クラブ
Yeah. That's right. We would stress the first word, "Movie club."

★ 〜について意見の交換をする
In the dialog, it says that we meet to exchange recipes.
Yeah, right.
So this time, we're not exchanging recipes. We're exchanging opinions. So exchange opinions.

★ 意見の交換をする
Well, if we're going to exchanging opinions, "of" someone. We can use "of" someone.
Oh, it's a person.
Uh-huh, if it's a person.
But in this case, it's a thing. It's a movie. So we would use "about," exchange opinions about a movie, "about 〜."

I belong to a movie club. We get together to exchange opinions about a movie once a month. We'd love to have you!

In Another Situation
So Carolyn.
What's another situation going to be like this time?
Here, Ben mispronounces sashimi.

That looks delicious, Ben!
Thanks, Susie.
It's Japanese makizushi or sushi roll. Want a taste?
Sure. That's so good. What's in it?
Vegetables and sashimi or raw fish.
Sushi is raw fish?
No. Sashimi is row fish. Sushi is the whole thing, which has sashimi in it.
OK. Whatever. Where did you get the recipe?

(Whatever = Anyway)

I belong to a cooking club. We get together to eat and exchange recipes once a month.
That sounds fun. Can I tag along sometime?
We'd love you have you! We meet on the fourth Friday.

Great! Susie loves sushi. Ta-ta ta-ta♪
Nice song and true too.

Well, we usually meet once a week to record.
Sometimes twice a week.
That's true.
Until we meet again.


遠山顕の英語楽習   Tuesday, June 26

Apply It!
How's your son doing?
Fine. He's in Edinburgh.
Nice. Sightseeing?
Well, he's developed an interest in Scottish music.
Wow! I'd love to hear about his adventures when he gets back.
I'll tell him to call you.

Write It!
★ 15歳で
When she was 15 years old.
Yes, you can say it that way, when she was 15 years old. But you can also shorten it a bit, "at 15 years old."
And actually, there's an even shorter version, "at 15."
That's very short.
That's very short, but it works, "at 15."

★ 木版
Well, here, we would say woodblock printing.

★ プロとして
There's a couple of ways of saying it, "professionally,"
... and "as a pro."

★ 技術
Well, there's two ways we can say this. We can either say, "the craft," and we can also say, "the art of something." So here it would be the "art of woodblock printing."

My daughter developed an interest in woodblock printing at 15, and now she's professionally pursuing the craft.
My daughter developed an interest in woodblock printing when she was 15 years old, and now she’s pursuing the art of woodblock printing as a pro.

In Another Situation!
So, Jeff.
What's another situation going to be like?
Well, this time the sheep is determined to pursuer her big dream.

(determine = to decide that you really want to do something)

Hey, get back with the herd!

(herd = a large group of animals of the same type that live and move around together)

I beg your pardon! I'm too tired of being in a herd and I've decided to pursue my dream.
What sort of dream?
I've developed an interest in a ballet career.
That's ridiculous. You are sheep.

(ridiculous = foolish, stupid)

There's nothing I'd rather do. Baaaa baa....
Okay, then. Good luck.
I'll be back.
Oh, please. It's all right.
I'll be a great ballerina.
Ohhhhhhooo, I'm howling with laughter.
And have a villa in Bahamas.
Good for you.
Baaaa ...

(ewe = 雌羊)


遠山顕の英語楽習   Wednesday, June 25

Do you remember anything about your graduation day?
I remember it was huge, three, four hundred students, maybe even five hundred students. And we all had our gowns and our caps, and we threw them in the air when we graduated.
Just like a movie.
How about you, Carolyn?
I went to a very small school, and we didn't have a graduation ceremony.
Oh, I see.
And you, Ken?
I didn’t attend.
I was in Tokyo and my high school was in Mito.
I was studying hard for the entrance exam of the university that I wanted to get in.
So too busy.
Well, you can say that.

Well, until next time, keep listening, keep practicing and keep on smiling and singing but don’t graduate from 英会話楽習 yet.



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