11/5 - 11/7

遠山謙のラジオ英会話楽習   Monday, November 5

U R the ★
Ken doesn't feel so well.
What's wrong?
He says his throat hurts.
Uh-huh. I hope he will be okay.
Hmm... Me too.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
He's doing all right.

Say It!
Jeff, are you ready five times in one breath.
I think I can handle this one.
I knew you were going to say that. Let's hear it.

How was school?

How was that?
That was cool.

Write It!
★ サムの学校では
Well, Ken, in English, we'd use the word "at" here. So for this, we would say "at Sam's school."
That's it.
Yes. That's it.

★ サム自身も…ではありません
Right, the first part would mean "Sam himself.”
Now Sam is short for Samantha, it's maybe a female name, then it would "Sam herself." But in this case, Sam is a boy so "Sam himself."

★ 「も」…ではありません
Not 〜(何々) either.
Oh, that phrase.
Right. "Either, " we use that word. And in this case, it would be Sam himself does not or doesn't 〜(何々), either.

★ 調子があまり良くありません
Well, there are two ways we can say this. The first way, we heard in the dialogue. It's very conversational and colloquial, and it's "not feel so good." And then the second way is probably considered more standard way and it is "not feel so well."

A lot of kids have colds at Sam's school. Sam himself doesn't feel so good, either. His throat hurts.
A lot of kids have colds at Sam's school. Sam himself doesn't feel so well, either. His throat hurts.

In Another Situation!
So, Carolyn ...
What's another situation going to be like?
Well now, Sam has been to Coldtown on a school excursion.
What a place to go to.

How was Coldtown?
It was cold. A lot of folks have colds there.

(folks = people in general, used as a friendly form of address to a group of people, You can say folks if you want to speak in a friendly way to people you do not know)

The tour guide handed out a box of tissues to each of us.
Yup. Abby Anderson was coughing and sneezing violently. She had to go to the ER.

(ER = abbreviation for emergency room)

Oh, poor Abby.
Ugh. You know, I don't feel so well.
What's wrong, honey?
I have nausea.

(nausea = the feeling that you are going to vomit)

It might be the flu.
Oh, no.
Hmm... that town was a strong influence on you.
That's not nice.
Oh, cold reaction.

Well, that's not... not such a nice thing to say.
Well, I think we'd better end this program now because my throat is starting to hurt.
Well, that's about it for today, so until next time.
Keep listening…
Keep practicing…
And keep on smiling better.


遠山謙のラジオ英会話楽習   Tuesday, November 6

Hmm... Someone who never gets sick seems like he might be getting sick.

U R the ★
Where's Ken?
He is in bed resting.
Is he sick?
He has a sore throat.
Uh-oh. You know what that means.
Oh, I hope it's nothing.
I do, I do.

Say It!
Carolyn, are you ready five times in one breath?
I think I can do this because as you both know I never make mistakes.
We know. We do.

I never get sick.

Wow. You...
She never makes mistakes.

You never make mistakes either.

Write It!
★ すると
Well, there's two ways.
The first one is "then, 〜(何々).”
Kind of dramatic. And if you want to be even more dramatic, you'd say "Now, 〜(何々).”

★ くしゃみをし始めます
Yeah, the pattern would be "starts doing.” So we'd say "starts sneezing." We can also use the word "begin" and say "begins sneezing." Both are fine.

★ ベッツィーは彼が風邪を引き始めていないことを願います
Well, just like in a dialogue, we are going to use the present progressive tense. And we're going to say, "Betty hopes he is not catching a cold."

★ doesn't だとどうなりますか?
Well, you could say, "Betty hopes he doesn't catch a cold," but the meaning is slightly different. When we say, "Betsy hopes he doesn't catch a cold," we're saying he hasn't caught anything yet, but he might in the future.

Yeah, so but when we say "Betsy hopes he's not catching a cold," there is a small chance that he's already caught a cold, but she's hoping otherwise.

Sam is in bed resting. Then Jack starts sneezing. Betsy hopes he's not catching a cold.
Sam is in bed resting. Now Jack begins sneezing. Betsy hopes he's not catching a cold.

In Another Situation!
So Jeff...
What's another situation going to be like this time?
Oh, this time, it's many, many years later.

Hmm... Something smells good! What's for supper?
One second chicken curry and a salad from a pot.
Great! Where's Sam?
He's in bed resting. He said he didn't sleep well last night. He had to work with his robot secretary to prep for the big presentation.
Well, that's too bad. I hope it went well.
He said it was a success.
Great! Achoo! I think it's the flu.
Bless you! Do you need the flu shot?
Yes. I feel a hundred percent.
Oh, good. Let's eat.
And here's "Nihongo Kaiwa" juice for you and me.

Ambitious! Old people there.
I wish it was that easy.

Well, everybody, we have to finish the program.
I hear Ken's voice, but...
Yeah, I don't see him anywhere. Where is he?
I'm in bed resting.


遠山謙のラジオ英会話楽習   Wednesday, November 7

★ Question 1
What is the Sunday Shore Chamber of Commerce hosting this weekends?

Jeff, did you catch the answer for this?
I sure did.
Let's hear it.
Their annual Classic Car Show.

Where is it held?
It's actually at the Convention Center.
Sounds like a big place.
Uh-huh. It is.
I wonder how many cars there will be on display.
Well, it'll have to be a big place because there are over 300 antique cars and trucks on display.
Oh, my goodness.
Maye my favorite, a 1956 Chevrolet, maybe.

(Chevrolet [シェヴィべレァ] シボレー・ベルエア)

Oh, is this part of your interest, Jeff, I mean classic cars?
Yeah, I like them. I mean I don't have enough money to buy one.
But I like to watch them, yeah, look at them.

How about you, Carolyn?
I know absolutely nothing about cars.
Well, welcome to the club.

(Welcome to the club. = 私もあなたと同じ状況です!/仲間ですね!)

We could start a car club.
Oh, sure. Or non-car club or something.

★ Question 2
Who can get in free?

Carolyn, did you catch the answer for this one?
Yes, I did.
All right. Let's hear it.

It's "children under 16 with a paid adult."

I wonder if you caught a ticket price.
Yes, tickets are 15 dollars for adults.
That's not so bad.
No, very reasonable.
Oh, yeah. And what can kids do? I mean would they be just looking at those cars or ...?

Well, I mean they will look at the cars, but they can climb inside, an antique fire engine, which is pretty cool. And they can also sit behind the wheel of that fire engine. So pretending the driving it, I guess.

I want to do that, not just kids.
That’d be ….

Why do people want to sit behind the wheel of a fire engine? I have no idea.

I don't know ... I don't know. Maybe they let them ring the bell or hit the siren or something.
They're pretending the driving, right? It's fun.
Yeah, that's right.
Oh, okay..

★ Question 3
What do all proceeds go towards?

Jeff, what's the answer for this?
Restoration of the old West Park Drive-in Theater.

Have you been to a drive-in theater?
I think I have been to one.
They are great.
Like here in Japan?

No, I was in ... I think I was in Los Ageless.
Oh, wow! Are they still even around? Do they still have there?
They still have one. I drove by one this last summer.
Oh, wow! Okay.
Oh, you did.
I didn't go in but I thought “Wow! There is still one here.”

So when does this show take place?
Well, it’s this Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 8 pm.
I see. And where is this place located?
Well, according to the announcement, it's located at 16 Airport Road, and free parking is available. So they don't have to pay extra.
Sounds very reasonable.

Well, well, well...
Wow! I remember spending all night in a drive-in theater.
Really? What were you doing there?
Yeah. Why all night?
We saw all five of the first Planet of the Apes movies one right after the other.

(Planet of the Apes = 猿の惑星)
(one right after the other = 次々と)

Like what time did you finish the movie?
About 4 o'clock in the morning, 5 o'clock in the morning.
And we took banana cream pie and you know just the whole nine yards.
Wow. Sounds great.

(the whole nine yards = 全部、すべてひっくるめて)

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