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2014-03-09 The OTF Journal Vol 2

Dear all,

The second volume of the International Journal of the OTF has been launched.
Please visit the official homepage of the OTF.

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2013-04-08 Call for Presentations

Text & Context
OTF Workshop 5
Call for Presentations

Cosponsored by
the Centre for International Education & Research of Oita University, and the OTF

Date: Saturday 30th November and
Sunday 1st December 2013
Venue: Matama-machi Concert Hall,
Bungo Takada-shi, Oita, Japan
Registration: Free

The Oita Text Forum (OTF) is pleased to invite you to participate in Text & Context OTF Workshop 5.

The Workshop this year will provide you with an opportunity to attend a performance of renga conducted at a local Shinto shrine. (Renga is a kind of "linked" poetry or verse that is extemporaneously created. Parts of renga resemble haiku and its origins are in pre-literate Japanese oral traditions. The verses of renga are created collaboratively. Several poets come together creating verse stimulated by another's verse.)

Text & Context OTF Workshop 5 focuses on fundamental elements in understanding the relationship between text and context.

‘Text’ is not restricted to the written or spoken mode of communication. ‘Text’ is meant to be any mode of meaning representation such as paintings, sculptures, film, architecture, dance, music, etc.

Specifically, we may explore questions such as:

  • What is the relationship between text and the context of situation?
  • What can we say about (the context of) culture in relation to text generation/creation/composition? And how does the former affect the latter?
  • What is the relationship between the context of situation and material situational setting?
  • How are text structures (or schemata) stored in memory?
  • How does the retrieval of information from memory create a text?
  • What knowledge can be recognised in the psychological process of text generation/creation/composition and what stimulus retrieves it from memory?
  • What neuropsychological processes are involved in text generation/creation/ composition?

The OTF Workshop welcomes scholars from different disciplinary backgrounds and hybrid theories of text generation/creation/composition.

You may present a 30-minute long paper (a 20-minute presentation, followed by a 10-minute discussion) or a 60-minute workshop.

Please send a 300-word abstract (if you wish to present a paper) or a 600-word abstract (if you wish to present a workshop) to keizo-nanri AT oita-u.ac.jp. Workshops must be interactive and involve the audience, and abstracts must clearly outline how the workshop will proceed. The deadline for abstract submission is 31st October 2013.

What is the OTF?

The Oita Text Forum was founded in August 2009 by 5 scholars in Japan and China. The goals of the OTF are to:

  • Provide an open forum where researchers from different disciplinary backgrounds can exchange information and share knowledge of how texts are produced and structured,
  • Elucidate the process of text generation from social or cognitive or socio-cognitive perspectives.

For more details, please contact Keizo Nanri at <keizo-nanri AT oita-u.ac.jp> .


Recommended accommodations will be posted onto our official homepage at http://www.oitatextforum.com/.

2012-11-04 Deadline Extension

Dear all,

The deadline of abstract submission o OTF Workshop 4 has been extended to 15 November.


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