2018-06-08 How the city is gearing up to legalise cannabis


  Outside the Provincial Court of British Columbia (BC) in downtown Vancouver, a city regularly hailed as one of the best places to live in the world, there is a farmers market dedicated to marijuana – or “craft cannabis” as traders like to call it.

  Glass jars filled with the drug are lined up on tables beneath a gazebo, which protects hawkers and punters from the incessant rain.

  “We get all different types of people coming here,” says Jesse Slater, who mans one of the stalls. “Every race, creed and colour; different ages too.”

  Cannabis is currently illegal in Canada, but not for long; next July the country will become the first G7 nation to fully legalise the recreational use of weed. Until then the authorities in British Columbia are turning a blind eye to the province’s overt marijuana industry, as they have done for decades.

  “BC has always been the Mecca for marijuana in Canada,” explains Jesse, who sports a bushy beard, thick spectacles and high-vis jacket. “It’s part of the culture here.”

  Jesse worked as a street dealer in the Nineties, but took a job in construction when he realised “swinging a hammer paid the bills more readily.”

  Not for much longer, perhaps. According to the accounting firm, Deloitte, a legal cannabis industry in Canada could be worth a whopping $23 billion (£13.5bn) a year to the economy; investors are already queuing up to get a slice of the pie, leading some commentators to compare legalisation with the Gold Rush.

  Deloitte reckons tourism could play a part in the burgeoning industry, though it clearly already does.

  “Cruise passengers are our biggest customers during the summer,” explains Bailey Chorny, who works at Vancity Bulldog Cafe, where pre-rolled joints retail for $5 (£2.95).

  Vancity Bulldog Cafe – along with the New Amsterdam Cafe opposite – are as close to Dutch-style “coffeeshops” as you’re likely to find outside the Netherlands. Smoking is not technically allowed in either establishment, but punters are permitted to get their cannabis fix via a vape. Both cafes are illegal, but tolerated.

  “Once marijuana has been legalised I think there will be a lot more smoking lounges and dispensaries in Vancouver,” says Bailey, optimistically. “We could be the Amsterdam of Canada; we already are.”

  A few blocks east from Vancity Bulldog Cafe is Farm Dispensary, a cannabis store located between the chalk-and-cheese neighbourhoods of Gastown and Downtown Eastside; the former an upmarket district popular with tourists, the latter one of Canada’s most deprived postcodes.

  Mitchell Flann works at the dispensary and believes there’s huge potential for pot tourism in British Columbia.

  “[Marijuana] is already a massive draw for tourism,” he says. “Pot tourism will only expand further as the government becomes able to openly push it.”

  Critics fear legalisation will lead to an increase in drug-driving (driving under the influence of drugs) – as it did in Colorado, US – while others claim it could encourage teens to take up smoking; the government has vowed to take a hard line on both.

  The fiercest criticism, however, has actually come from advocates of legalisation, who fear regulation will open the door to big corporates and allow them to monopolise what is currently a cottage industry.

  “Each province in Canada is formulating their own plan for rolling out the new legislation; few have announced a concrete system yet,” explains Mitchell.

  “The Ontario government has adopted a centralised, internet-based ordering system that entirely negates any craft dispensaries in favour of an official government-mandated procedure for purchasing weed that forces patrons to operate within their monopoly. That would never fly in BC.”

  There are similar concerns at the farmers market, which was founded as a protest movement. Organisers there fear the government will limit the amount of weed individuals can legally possess to one ounce and strictly enforce such limits, thus penalising growers and heavy users. They’d rather the status quo, whereby police just turn a blind eye; better the devil you know, they reason.

  “It could make it a lot harder for us,” says Dave Hill, a “craft” cannabis grower and stallholder, who claims to smoke 28 joints a day.

  Perhaps, although we won’t know for sure what legalisation looks like until spring, when the provincial government decides how to implement the new federal law. In the meantime, there’s one thing everyone can agree on; the “green rush” is on.


2018-06-01 How to reduce your stomach quickly so that you are no longer a m

How to quickly reduce the stomach problem has plagued many women, don't know better exercise and diet laid hands on him, small make up to you to introduce how thin belly, let you can also have a flat bellbiomarkers for PD-L1y.

Narrow your stomach anytime, anywhere

When you are standing or sitting in a chair, ask yourself to straighten your back. Good manners can avoid the abnormal accumulation of fat. Take a little bit of abdominal pressure and keep it tight.

Drink more water

Drinking more water is a ritual that dieters should do. Water doesn't contain calories and it boosts your metabolism. Metabolism can help fat burn effectively, achieve the effect of thin waist abdomen. According to the doctor's advice: don't drink water because you're thirsty, drink water for water, and drink water at least 300 to 500cc each time to help.

Relax yourself

Nowadays, the pressure of general work is too great, and the problems that are derived can be followed, which can easily cause the chain effect of body and psychology. Want to make everyday life nervous mood to relax, can take a deep breath, or choose like bubble bath, listen to music, participate in art activities, such as conversion mood, anyway, keep optimistic mood, don't let pressure is hoarding, affect the physical and mental health.

Gerald GORN Chair Professor of Marketing Associate Dean (Research and Postgraduate Studies)

Skinny belly exercise yoga

This position can enhance the function of the spleen and expel the turbidity. Lie on your back - inhale and exhale, fold your right leg into your arms and fold your legs to your chest. Lower your upper body while holding your leg. Take a breath, then lift your upper body while holding your breath. Hold your breath as much as possible and exhale as much as possible. Do it over five times or so.

It helps to lean on your hips

Often sedentary, hard to avoid can make belly fat in the waist, if to move hips more at ordinary times, in the sports of hips and at the same time also can let the waist abdomen muscle workout, thus to achieve the effect of thin waist and abdomen.

Regular bowel movements

The best way to eliminate constipation is to get rid of constipation. The best way to get rid of constipation is to exercise. In addition, when there is a meaning, you can't suppress it, you will forget to defecate, and you will become constipated for a long time. So, you might as well get up early in the morning and arrange a regular bowel movement for yourself, so that you can have a flat belly again.

Drink more water

Be sure to take in enough water every day to help your body get rid of excess salt and help your body stop expanding. pay attention to at least 2 liters of water per day.

Reduce your salt intake

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To reduce the daily intake of salt can help alleviate edema and abdominal distention, in fact, 80% of the daily intake of sodium in the body and not from the kitchen salt tank, but from processed foods, a nutritionist from the university of Toronto in the study concluded.

2018-03-28 Teacher training target missed by a fifth

   Image copyright Getty Images

  There has been a failure to attract a fifth of the trainee teachers the government says are needed for secondary schools in England.

  Collaboration with Asia\'s Top Universities - PolyU fosters long-term partnership in academic and research collaboration with top universities in Asia. Most of them are the top 10 chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia.

  Department for Education figures show only 80% of trainees were recruited on to schemes in 2017 and targets were hit in only two of 15 subjects.

  It is the fifth year in a row teacher training targets have been missed.

  However, School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said there were a record number of teachers in schools.

  "We simply cannot go on like this," said the Association of School and College Leaders' head Geoff Barton.

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  "There are severe teacher shortages in many subjects and in many areas of the country, and this is having a real and detrimental impact on the quality of education that we able to provide to our young people.

  "It is imperative that we better incentivise teaching as a career, not least through a cost-of-living pay increase which addresses the significant real-terms decline in teaching salaries and which is fully funded by the government."

  'Attractive career'

  Every year, around 30,000 new teachers need to be recruited in order to ensure schools have enough to staff their classrooms.

  There were 27,895 new entrants to postgraduate Initial Teacher Training courses in the academic year 2017 to 2018, compared with 26,750 in academic year 2016 to 2017.

  Mr Gibb said there were 15,500 more teachers in schools than in 2010.

  "The fact that more than 32,000 new trainee teachers have been recruited in a competitive labour market, with historic low unemployment rates and a growing economy, shows that the profession continues to be an attractive career," he said.

  "These numbers build on last year's figures, with 1,100 more graduates training to teach and the number of them holding a first-class degree now at record levels, meaning we're attracting more of the best and brightest into our classrooms.

  "Of course, we want these figures to continue to increase, which is why we recently announced generous bursaries and other financial incentives to encourage even more talented trainees to key subjects, such as maths and physics."

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  pay cap

  There has been growing pressure for a pay rise among teachers and other public sector workers.

  The government has suggested it is prepared to lift the public sector pay cap on wage rises of 1% a year.

  But there was no confirmation of that in the latest Budget.

2018-03-20 Although the work of moral education in

Studying universities in hong kong a rewarding experience. The city boasts modernity and sophisticated technology, which make it one of the best places for education in the world. Among the 20 degree-awarding higher education institutions and Hong Kong universities, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University has been one of the leading universities in terms of quality learning and teaching and applied research

  The third is "Activity Law" - activities to promote student development. One of the learning characteristics of secondary vocational students is that they have less study pressure and more after-school hours. How to enrich student's after-school life and realize the goal of mutual learning within and outside class HPV vaccine safety Review finds no increased risk for spontaneous miscarriage? Organizing a variety of extra-curricular activities is one of the effective ways to not only allow students to grow up in the activities, but teachers can also find out the shortcomings and progress of students in the activities, so as to enhance the pertinence of teaching. In fact, for secondary vocational education, the activities are incomparable and inclusive. They can cover all majors, disciplines, and various educational and teaching contents as well as methods and methods; activities also have unparalleled superiority because of the vast number of secondary vocational students. Most of them like to use hands rather than brains; activities can also expand the participation of students, improve student enthusiasm, and enhance the effectiveness of education and teachingLF Asia supply chain is an organizational distributor that has the option of alleviating the tasks they are subjected to with easy methods. Therefore, classroom teaching should organize more activities, such as competition activities, so that students can fully participate in and fully train; campus life after school needs to organize more activities, such as professional skills performance, talent display, etc., to stimulate students' sense of accomplishment and pride.

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2018-01-10 Committee of the Japan Council for Science

In response, the report points out that a major cause of the reduction of high-level papers in Japan is the problem of sluggish output of high-quality international co-authored papers. Internationally, the number of international co-authored articles in Britain and Germany is approximately three times that of Japan, and France is approximately two times that of Japan. It can be said thatThe first non-travel related case of Colistin resistant E coli and carbapenem resistant Japan has obviously lagged behind developed countries in Europe and America in the internationalization of scientific research. Since 2005, the output of national universities that account for about 50% of the total number of Japanese papers has been slow to produce and not optimistic. The International Strategy , Technology, and Research stated publicly that "in the past 10 years, Japan's scientific research has rapidly receded and is gradually eroding its status as a scientific elite nation worldwideThe Hong Kong Polytechnic University is known as the best university of hong kong in providing hospitality education programme."

In order to enhance Japan's international competitiveness in scientific research, the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, Sports, Science and Technology has issued relevant documents, and will focus on promoting some key measures from this year, including assistance to high-level international joint research projects, and constructing an Internet dedicated to research on internationalization. Platform to realize the internationalization of education and research environments such as basic research institutions and universities, and to upgrade the internationalization of young researchers from the perspective of talent trainingWhen searching for corporate gifts online, travel accessories can come as splendid items. Few other accessories also exist but, the above mentioned 5 are of supreme necessity for business travellers.