Our sickly-sweet obsession with comfort will end up killing us

The leaves are turning red, and it is peak cruise ship season on the waterways of Canada. In Quebec City, the main attraction, the thing the disgorged passengers all lined up for, was not the museums or churches but a popcorn shop.

You could smell it for miles away, sickly sweet and buttery. At the counter you ordered your popcorn with a topping: chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla syrup, pecan syrup. Giant tubs of chocolate or syrup covered popcorn is for kids, right? But the average age of the people in the queues was 60-plus.

The elderly children ate their buckets of comfort food wearing comfort clothing – baggy short, bright coloured polos and trainers for men, athleisure leggings for women and those functional vest parkas. There were thousands of Benjamin Buttons walking around town with their giant tubs of popcorn, subverting the usual, old ways of ageing – the scratchy tweed clothes and the palate for sharp things: whiskey, blue cheese, anchovies on toast.

The cruise ships are all about comfort, too. Everything is done for you. You’re fed and watered and when on land, moved around the place in coaches with guides. You by-pass the discomfort of the post-9/11 airports with their nasty queues and TSA full body scans, removing your shoes, and having your moisturiser confiscated.

Last week, marvelling about the queues at the popcorn shop, I thought about another type of sailor, from Taiwan. In the late 1970s, Tehching Hsieh jumped ship in Philadelphia and made his way to New York to make his name as an artist.

In the 1980s Hsieh made a series of performance art pieces that are now being celebrated in this year’s Venice Biennale. Last year I met the now 66 year-old in Taipei to discuss these works. The pieces all took a year to perform and the each of them involved significant discomfort to the artist.

There was the year he lived outside, not entering a building for a year (except for a courthouse when he was arrested), in New York during the coldest winter on record.

There was the year he tied himself to another artist, Linda Montano, by a length of rope, and they had to spend 12 months in close proximity. And the year he spent in a cage marking off the days. And the year he spent every hour clocking onto a time clock, breaking up his sleep and activities into hourly intervals.

In the 30 years after making these works the intentional discomfort he endured seems perverse and shocking. In that time, the rich of the rich west have engineered our lives so that we rarely have to experience even a twinge of discomfort.

Why be bored, why be uncomfortable, why be cold, why wash in a fountain or defecate behind a tree, if you don’t have to?

It’s not just the cruise ships and popcorn. Comfort is the organising principle of modern life. So great is our need for comfort, to be comfortable – that the most popular products are based around things fulfilling this need and have internalised within their very engineering the fulfilment of our need for comfort.

What is Netflix and on-demand TV, chocolate covered popcorn, business class and premium economy, cruise ships, athleisure wear, our social media echo chambers, our online shopping and UberEats – other than things that sate our desire to be comfortable?

The New York Times columnist David Brooks has written about the millennial generation weaned on praise and constant booster shots of self esteem – every participant gets a prize! But our desire for comfort to be physically and psychically comfortable – to live within an inarticulatable but deeply felt and precise bandwidth of ease that includes everything from how a food feels in your mouth, to how socks rub on your feet, to how a phone sits in your hand, to how a drink or a movie or a computer game calms you – can be traced back to baby boomers. The children of those who lived without comfort through rationing, wars and depression came of age in a time of unprecedented prosperity. Their birthright was the quarter-acre block, mass production of household appliances and time saving devices, television, fast food, breakfast cereals and affordable airline travel.

We are taught as consumers that if we are not comfortable; if the temperature is too hot or cold, or if they music is too loud or if the meal is not right – we can complain and things will be adjusted for us.


Amazon opens its largest fashion imaging studio in India

Moneycontrol News 

US-based Amazon on Wednesday launched its largest standalone Fashion Imaging Studio in Gurgaon to support its rapidly growing India fashion retail business.

The facility called 'Blink' will offer solutions for photo shoots, editing as well as catering to sellers and manufacturers who wish to avail its service to better display their products on Amazon India.

The studio measures 44,000 sq. feet with state-of-the-art digital imaging facility. It is first of its kind in India and only third of its kind globally by Amazon. Other fashion studios of the company are in New York and London.

In addition to 16 individual high-tech photography bays, the studio also has a large editorial suite, video editing facilities, and creative spaces.

“At Amazon, we are always thinking about how we will raise the bar, how we will redefine the way the customer discovers, engages with, and shops for fashion online. All our efforts that we have made for this studio in terms of technology, scale and talent are designed to deliver high-quality imagery that inspires and educates our customers,” said Arun Sirdeshmukh, Head of Amazon Fashion India.

Established as a Centre for Creative Excellence, the studio will enable Amazon Fashion to creatively collaborate with Fashion brands and partners to produce lakhs of high-quality images for its fashion merchandise every year.

“With this studio, we will continue to strengthen our relationships across the entire industry — with brands, designers, and creative talent. This is part of our plan to innovate in how fashion is displayed on the site and be the best possible place for fashion brands to present themselves online,” he added.

Since the start of 2017, Amazon Fashion added close to 50 top fashion brands to its offerings including iconic fashion brands that debuted in India like Under Armour, Steve Madden Jewelry, Juicy Couture watches and more.

The company's growing selection includes brands such as Marks & Spencer, New Balance, Forever 21, French Connection, Calvin Klein, watches from Michael Kors, Emporio Armani, and Versus by Versace.

The company is also gearing up for the Diwali sale.

"For this Diwali, we will offer about 150 million products on sale. Anything from smartphone to home appliances to apparels, we now have the largest collection of exclusive products on sale," said Manish Tiwary, VP of category management at Amazon India told Moneycontrol.

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By and by we went to see one of the supremely great ones. He was a mighty celebrity; his fame had penetrated all Christendom; the noble and the renowned journeyed from the remotest lands on the globe to pay him reverence. His stand was in the center of the widest part of the valley; and it took all that space to hold his crowds.
His stand was a pillar sixty feet high, with a broad platform on the top of it. He was now doing what he had been doing every day for twenty years up there -bowing his body ceaselessly and rapidly almost dermesto his feet. It was his way of praying. I timed him with a stop watch, and he made 1,244 revolutions in 24 minutes and 46 seconds. It seemed a pity to have all this power going to waste. It was one of the most useful motions in mechanics, the pedal movement; so I made a note in my memorandum book, purposing some day to apply a system of elastic cords to him and run a sewing machine with it. I afterward carried out that scheme, and got five years' good service out of him; in which time he turned out upward of eighteen thousand first-rate tow-linen shirts, which was ten a day. I worked him Sundays and all; he was going, Sundays, the same as week days, and it was no use to waste the power. These shirts cost me nothing but just the mere trifle for the materials -- I furnished those myself, it would not have been right to make him do that -- and they sold like smoke to pilgrims at a dollar and a half Neo skin lab apiece, which was the price of fifty cows or a blooded race horse in Arthurdom. They were regarded as a perfect protection against sin, and advertised as such by my knightf:id:fengjie30:20120330144459j:image:small


which is a brokerage company

To win and make it in the markets, is not enough having great trading skills or a good strategy and tested systems. Without a trusted partner (which is a brokerage company) it would be hard (if impossible) to make money in financial markets, no matter how skillful you are and what potential you have. Obviously, if the broker is against you and tries to interfere with your trading, you will eventually fail since you have no chance of winning. On the other hand, if the broker helps you, you have all chances to succeed in the long run.

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He will be yours faithful

One could tell that the German officers
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We think that everyone deserves to be protected, regardless if they have years trading or if they are just beginning. We have seen the many advantages that the Company has to offer. Masterforex-V World Academy has chosen the most important ones, even though there are lots of more reasons to trade with this broker. For instance, Possibility of selecting a fixed or floating spread, accounts in various currencies up to your choice, free VPS servers for your expert advisors, reliable, quick, automatic orders execution and many more.

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