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2017-07-28 The car, my cdr, my everything -- lisp

[] opam update したら re2 のビルドに失敗した

opam helpしたら、opam update と opam upgradeというのがあるのがわかったのでやってみた。

opam update すると、インストール 28、再ビルド 12更新 61件もあるらしい。

=-=- Updating package repositories =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 🐫

[default] synchronized from https://opam.ocaml.org

Updates available for 4.04.0, apply them with 'opam upgrade':

===== ∗ 2812 ↗ 61 =====

opam upgrade すると、いろいろと更新できたが、

=-=- lwt.3.1.0 installed successfully -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 🐫

=> Lwt 4.0.0 will make some breaking changes to packaging in late 2017. See


=-=- tuareg.2.0.10 installed successfully -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 🐫

=> If you have not yet done so, please add in ~/.emacs.d/init.el or

in ~/.emacs to following line:

(load "/Users/fu7mu4/.opam/4.04.0/share/emacs/site-lisp/tuareg-site-file")

You should consider installing "merlin" (completion, displaying types,...)

or "caml-mode" (displaying types).

=-=- re2.v0.9.0 troobleshooting -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 🐫

=> This package relies on external (system) dependencies that may be missing.

`opam depext re2.v0.9.0' may help you find the correct installation for your


The former state can be restored with:

opam switch import "~/.opam/4.04.0/backup/state-20170627154855.export"

となってre2 v0.9.0のインストールに失敗した。うーん?これが原因らしい。macOS なのに、so というのはなにかおかしい。dylibでは?

[ERROR] The compilation of re2 failed at "jbuilder build -p re2 -j 4".

#=== ERROR while installing re2.v0.9.0 ========================================#

# opam-version 1.2.2

# os darwin

# command jbuilder build -p re2 -j 4

# path /Users/fu7mu4/.opam/4.04.0/build/re2.v0.9.0

# compiler 4.04.0

# exit-code 1

# env-file /Users/fu7mu4/.opam/4.04.0/build/re2.v0.9.0/re2-28258-91ed58.env

# stdout-file /Users/fu7mu4/.opam/4.04.0/build/re2.v0.9.0/re2-28258-91ed58.out

# stderr-file /Users/fu7mu4/.opam/4.04.0/build/re2.v0.9.0/re2-28258-91ed58.err

### stderr ###

# [...]

# cp libre2/obj/libre2.a libre2_c_stubs.a

# cp libre2/obj/so/libre2.so dllre2_c_stubs.so

# /opt/local/bin/gmake -s -C libre2 clean

# ')

# Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64:

# "operator<<(std::__1::basic_ostream<char, std::__1::char_traits<char> >&, re2::StringPiece const&)", referenced from:

# -exported_symbol[s_list] command line option

# ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64

# collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

# gmake: *** [Makefile:181: obj/so/libre2.so] エラー 1


opam depext re2.v0.9.0

# Detecting depexts using flags: x86_64 osx macports

# No extra OS packages requirements found.




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