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どうやら、最初の個人用のホームページ管理スクリプトがPerlで書かれ、後にそれをCで書きなおしたものを"Personal Home Page Tools" 1.0として公開、というのが真相のようだ。


PHP: PHP/FI Version 2.0 Documentation

PHP began life as a simple little cgi wrapper written in Perl. (snip) It was never intended to go beyond my own private use.

Announce: Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools)

Announcing the Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools) version 1.0.

These tools are a set of small tight cgi binaries written in C.





Wikipediaによれば、最初のバージョンはPersonal Home Page ToolsというPerlスクリプトで、次にCで書きなおしたものがPHP/FIである。

PHP - Wikipedia

Danish/Greenlandic/Canadian programmer Rasmus Lerdorf initially created a set of Perl scripts he called "Personal Home Page Tools" to maintain his personal homepage.


He rewrote these scripts as C programming language (snip) called this implementation 'Personal Home Page/Forms Interpreter' or PHP/FI.


PHP: History of PHP - Manual

PHP as it's known today is actually the successor to a product named PHP/FI. Created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf, the very first incarnation of PHP was a simple set of Common Gateway Interface (CGI) binaries written in the C programming language.

(snip) he named the suite of scripts "Personal Home Page Tools," (snip)

In September of that year, Rasmus expanded upon PHP and - for a short time - actually dropped the PHP name. Now referring to the tools as FI (snip)

つまり最初のPersonal Home Page ToolsはCで書かれており、そののち機能が追加されてPHP/FIとなったとある。