Islands in the byte stream


Travis CI meets Swift!

There's an absolutely great news for Swift developers: The Travis CI Blog: Status update on the Xcode 6 and iOS 8 rollout

Meaning that now Swift libraries can be tested on Travis. Here is a Swift library with working .travis.yml:

There are points you'd like to know:

  • Make the test target shared and commit it to the repo
  • Use the latest xctool, instead of xcodebuild
  • Specify -sdk iphonesimulator

That's it. CI should work just like as: https://travis-ci.org/gfx/Swift-JsonSerializer

Enjoy Swift!

P.S. there is a Japanese version on Qiita: http://qiita.com/gfx/items/e5bc4ab22d63b09f6ee8

トラックバック - http://d.hatena.ne.jp/gfx/20141002/1412257596