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Joke article"The casting, If We make EVANGELION live action film"  Joke article"The casting, If We make EVANGELION live action film"を含むブックマーク  Joke article"The casting, If We make EVANGELION live action film"のブックマークコメント

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ASUKA starring Emma WATSON


Mari starring Chiaki KURIYAMA


Evangelion 1 starring Kaoru "Predator"MATSUMOTO(2012 Judo gold medalist)

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DREAM 2012 NY eve event summary FAQ (from 10.25 press conference) DREAM 2012 NY eve event summary  FAQ (from 10.25 press conference)を含むブックマーク DREAM 2012 NY eve event summary  FAQ (from 10.25 press conference)のブックマークコメント

Q:What Event title?------"DREAM 18 NYeve special 2012"

Q:Who make this event? ----------Executive Committee

Q:Where?-----------SAITAMA Super Arena(of course!!)

Q:Is this final event of DREAM?-------No,in 2012,they will do aout 10 event(MMA & Kickboxing)

Q:Will SASAHARA continue RE president?--------No,REAL entertainment company is end,SASAHARA become one of the PR man after it

Q:Who is New Owner?.............GSI(Glory Sports international),this chairman is Pierre Andurand

Q:what about DREAM brand who is the new owner?-----Yes,DREAM brand will ask SASAHARA," NY eve is special,but in this year,DREAM number series? " SASAHARA answer"It means DREAM will be This event is <DREAM 18>"

Q: and Kawajiri will clash for the title?--------No release about card...and In 3men interview,TAKAYA vs KAWAJIRI....mmmmm???? I guess,If NY eve is final event,KAWAJIRI vs TAKAYA is done as memorial,But when DREAM continue,KAWAJIRI,and TAKAYA should face invader from other contry, will matchmake Japanese vs other country....

Q: DREAM will make the tournaments outside of Japan?-----No release about it....Generally Speaking,although they have a plan like this ,this announcement will be After this event 2013.


OKAMI Yushin Interview from GONG KAKUTOUGI(Aug 15,2012)  OKAMI Yushin Interview from GONG KAKUTOUGI(Aug 15,2012)を含むブックマーク  OKAMI Yushin Interview from GONG KAKUTOUGI(Aug 15,2012)のブックマークコメント

==last year, You faced Anderson Silva,so maybe you could not enjoy Summer vacation...but,now you enjoy vacation after great victory!

"Yes, I do not have next fight schedule,So I will take a rest....I will be relax,and restart to next game....Even if I rest After lost game,I can not be really relax...So I got a win, after 2 lose. now I am really relax

===OK,I will ask you vs Baddy Robert.this fight was in Denber. it is highland (1600m above sea level)...Could you keep condition?

”the fight in highland,,,,,It was first time for me. So I heard many I came to Denbar 10 days was in Ed Herman gym...I did not feel The thinness of the air at ordinary move,but in hard training,I feel many spparring, I adjusted.”

===You said"The big theme of Next fight is How to enjoy fight"

"But many many worry and pressure comes, in the long time,I could not win,I was sure that I develop,but it is no proof..."

==oh, You can be confident by only victory result...

"I missed <FEELING of WIN> was right,but when I enter Octagon,I remember my misson,how to fight"

===But your opponent is changed 2 times,Is it difficult problem?

"yes,I have to game plan completely...but it is destiny.."

===Your cornerman was AMATA Hiromi(K-1 Japanese fighter) ...why did you choice him?

"After 2 lose,I thought change something...So I learned striking from professional fiert,I renewal basic boxing and kick skill..and He is big size fighter,So He can show me middle weight figher's technic "

==OK, about this game.Robert was very aggressive,He went ahead,and hit you some punchs..Were you surprised?

"No,Because We expect He comes by aggressive striking...But His handspeed was more fast than Our gameplan it was I need the time for getting used to its speed"

===After it,grappling!! YOu took him down!! after it,OKAMI's game

"My theme was <do 100% in my ADVANTAGE>.so grappling,takedown,ground game.... it was good tactics for me..His takedown deffence was god,but many spparing partners taught me this patarn too,So I coud take him down very automatically after,it,I became grinder,,,topkeep "

==Long time, I could not see your ground game...

"I think so,I also feel my groundgame was now rare case.haha"

==your pass guard is judo style.basic,but symple is best....

"Yes my passguar style is bvery typical,This is my,I should have do pounds more,but it was best style for me....This is KEISHUKAI style,root is Judo."

===but 1R was over.... Tim Boosh knocked you out in 2nd R, although 1st round was 100% OKAMI's round!! Did you remember it in vs Robert 2nd R?

"I remember it too,So I was more agrresive in 2nd R,and I got back moount,so I will do nonstop pound as long as Refree continue"

===And you won by TKO!! You climb the cage

"I heard it was banned,.....but,I was too excited......from 2011 Summer(vs Anderson Silva),many many experience...many supporter hope my,i was too excited and Japanese fighter could not win in UFC now,So I have to win I fight in Octagon,as Japanese...Japanese fighter is one olympic!"

==thanks,please tell me your next plan

"I hope ome more fight in 2012,I come to startline again in UFC middleweight...I will challenge top group"

==foe example,Weidman become bigname.

"I expected Weidman's coming!! UFC is nest of strongmen,s..o I want to fight there,and prove my growth"


GONG(ゴング)格闘技 2012年10月号

GONG(ゴング)格闘技 2012年10月号


AOKI shinya's tweet after Eddie Alvarez(2012,4/20) AOKI shinya's tweet after Eddie Alvarez(2012,4/20)を含むブックマーク AOKI shinya's tweet after Eddie Alvarez(2012,4/20)のブックマークコメント

I picked up AOKI Shinya's 3tweet and translated after E,Alvarez!/a_ok_i

Thank you for your support.

Result is lose by KO.I trained 100%,did all things that I course,I am very sorry now,But to be frank with you ,now I am free, I am released from invisible pressure...I will make my mind clear soon.

By this defeat, I face Martial art again,I can see it more straightly. In several years,I was overheat by my pride & honor. But I am released now. After Real AOKI Shinya can go fight,no overrated,no underrated. What is the most important for me? It is making this defeat plus . Thanks.

Some hours after, I will arrive at airport.I want to meet my family,My hope is only it.maybe many fan talk about my defeat,but I did my best,it was very very serious,it is apparent,So It is no problem even if many fan mock me.

original tweet (japanese)





AOKI Shinya twitter from 2012 1/1 to 1/10 (After NY eve fight) AOKI Shinya twitter from 2012 1/1 to 1/10 (After NY eve fight)を含むブックマーク AOKI Shinya twitter from 2012 1/1 to 1/10 (After NY eve fight)のブックマークコメント

AOKI Shinya,He tweeted many opinion and remarks in the twitter,from 1/1,a day after his fight....About his fight,about other fighter's fight,about technic,about life....It is too much article,

I edited and quated them. it is

But It is Japanese language.So I translate more quate,and This translation is so symple and cut

After Fight

Happy New Year!! thank you for your support!!

Clear, my heart and mind is very Clear,,,

Sorry,I could not Tapp opponent out...and My striking performance was 50% of training .I am no surtisfied at all.but I won, it was good.....

"No reaction of audience"?? It is not your business!!

I got big torofee,but My room does not have big space,Please not trofee but a coupon ....

I know that my fansercvice is not enough,My fanservice is only the best in the ring..I can not do other things...

Muai Thai

My clinch and Knee was good? of course!! I have No1 theacher in the world!! He is Namusack!!

My stand fight is"cutting the dimention"....sense of distance,distance!! I think, Wa can not get sense of "distance" without long long learning....mitt training,only it!!

(Q:Youe staraight punch was beautiful too)Yes!!

(Q:All Mutai Thai fighter keeps good distance)It is Muaithai

(Q:SUrprise!!Middile kick was good technic in MMA!!)Yes!!

Talk about other fihters

I will replay NY eve event.... FIght against friend,No problem, for me. it is the job

I hope, cage and elbow rule....Grapller has handicap now...

MVP of NY eve was KAWAJIRI Tatsuya,He want only victory. not performance and not attcact is same as me.keep top,and attack and give little damage,,..tapp out submition start from is not perfect guard position I knew it from 2006....KAWAJIRI's weapon is push to corner and legdive

And passguard. I can do Lay & play in 15minute...victory is justice!

I look at bantam tournament...I respect Bibiano.He is not only grappling.but also wrestling,striking....respect,It is natural to be stronger,And He can do "safty drive" it is good!

Antonio Banueros had a tactics agains IMANARI Masakazu...I can not show you answer,but only one word,,,many popponent's "HOW TO vs IMANARI" was wrong.but Antonio was right tactics...IMANARI does not has many weapons,only 2,3 style..but befoere,it,He now loss KILLE Long carrier?

TAKAYA Hiroyuki vs Lion TAKESHI was same as my aimulation!! TAKAYA makes his 100% style.Lion was too match waiting time?? What was his beat choice??? this decision was very difficult...

my fight was boring?? Top keep and Grinderfight,maybe some audience does not like it,but I can not tough man fight,My style is not so....1,TOPKEEP,2,attack,3:Submission..Fan had better know more information about MMA,it will be more exciting/

Tope game,I attack from above,opponent defence...and "Break" Why?? Underposition fighter wait for break..It is MMA,stand by yourself!! Refree make the game consciously

(About )I never said like this article!!

k-1 TANIGAWA Sadaharu producer came to the hall....Why could he come shame guy?

conditioning & how to be strong

Today is Private lesson.Thanks to get the job,and training give me pleasure.

I was Judo man when i was child, MMA is from 20years old.My athelete carrier is 20years,,,, but,how to conditioning is not clear,I have not gotten best answer yet...

But Most important thing about conditiong,"listen to my body"

The Way to strong, it is no relation to the gift,How can you face Martialart seriously,make condition,make a time to train,make support of family....Anyway,"What can you abandon for MMA?"

SHOOTO event in 1/8

I looked at HORIGUCHI Kyoji at the first time.but He is dangerous!! in & out step was excellent,His punch is so hard,but his step speed was more important and beautiful!!! He could cut UEDA Masakatsu's legdive,and keep standing recovery is great too....To be frank with you,He can become No,1 fighter in his class all over the world.

UEDA was great too,No gass out, he can move forever. incredible stamina...I respect

But when look at all SHOOOTO fighters,there are "MODERN MMA"and "OLD MMA" in the SHOOTO world.....