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[][][][]DSE president mock UFC.....Tim Silvia run away from Fedor? 02:32 DSE president mock UFC.....Tim Silvia run away from Fedor?を含むブックマーク DSE president mock UFC.....Tim Silvia run away from Fedor?のブックマークコメント

According to GONG Kakutougivol.174,

SAKAKIBARA describe PRIDE-UFC relation in interview.

Inteviewer asked

Q:What is tha relation between UFC and PRIDE? We hear Dana White get agry with PRIDE

"maybe He get angry with us because He can not control us,haha

i can send W.Silva to UFC,as PRIDE's hitman....,3matchs contract is no problemAnytime OK.Liddel? Tito? Ken Shamrock?,All ok.

We can send Mirko Cro-cop to Nov UFC,It is my pleasure If Our opponent level are like this,no problem at all."

"mybe UFC,Thier popularity is growing up,but Silva come,Chuck is beated beated, KOed!! This is nothing but promotion for PRIDE event.So I hope this fight"

Q:you insisted UFC escape from PRIDE?

"Yes,They do not want to awknowledge They are underdog,I says Silva go to Octagon.

And tim Silvia,Andoei........Anyone Ok,If UFC has a opponent,Mirko Cro-cop come to Octagon too.

To say the truth,I hope UFC send PRIDE USA(10.21) Tim Silvia as opponent of E.Fedor.

but Tim run away,hahaha!!!

but it is reasonable,if These two men fight 100 times,Fedor get 100 win,haha"

Q;but some fan guess,like this.

UFC send Chuck Liddel to PRIDE 2003 GP,but PRIDE did not help UFC,nobody come to UFC.Toda's Silva trouble is same case too......

"No,no in 2003,UFC has no popularity,and no money,They ask us to give Chuck fighting field,So We allow it,that all,and We recommend many fighters,They reject them"

Q:It means UFC is afraid of PRIDE??

"yes,I can bet PRIDE brand and honor.

maybe UFC says "We are No.1 MMA promotion!"But it is only popularity,it is not Quality nor Fighter's skill.

In Octobor,USA fans watch PRIDE USA.And Fans notice that the money for UFC PPV is nothing but waste.Prodction,fighters........and Ring is better than Octagon for Audience.So they Feel UFC is low level Entertainment!! "

hamberberhamberber 2007/11/22 21:16 Is whether the entrance tune used with PRIDE when player E.Fedor fights with player Coleman of the mark is a tune very said understood?

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