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[][][]Mirko Cro-cop interview Mirko Cro-cop interviewを含むブックマーク Mirko Cro-cop interviewのブックマークコメント

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OK,I know what I should do.

I will translate Mirko interview etc. choice new information

"i feel pressure vary much,Octagon is my first field.defference between cage and ring.Pressure is more than my first PRIDE rule fight(vs Herring),same as my mixedmatch debut(vs FUJITA).and my morry was right. i spent 4minutes to KO Eddy...........this reason is nothing but rule and field defference"

==Eddy run away in Octagon. Octagon is wide.Do you expect it

"I never expected it.Iwas surprised at my self.

Eddy's tactics is simple and easy."USE wide Octagon,run away to left and left " .but I could not break this plan.this is shock for me"

====Why this Eddy tactics was useful?

"I want to 1R KO.I am PRIDEunlimited GP champion.If He stand in 2nd Round.This is Eddy's victory.So I wanted speedy KO,it made "tag".and Eddy ran away,but He try right cross hand.this is good tactics.It is his gameplan,perfect,Many fan said that it was onesidegame.but i can not be satisfied with this fight"

===defference of rule....for example,UFC forbid ground knee.

"Please check video again.i will do knee at aprawl,unconsciously...I repeated this move training for 6years. UFC fighter does not guard his head at sprawl.if I hit this knee Eddy.He will be KOed.I think PRIDE rule is more real than UFC.No guard in this position...nonsense"

===And in PRIDE,maybe Eddy has yellowcard.It is negative fight.

I think So,Please say to UFC refree haha.but I thought 1R KO only.So I did not notice at that time.very tired.

=====And you cancel press conference...because ofthis prressure

"No,No,I did not know this press conference.just it.i will say clearly.I did not voicot this conference but no information about this conference.

If this event was PRIDE,I will watch main event etc at dressing room.

But in this night,I am not interested in the matcha mainevent and after my fight.It is not valuable for me to chech it.So my team go home at once.

(Gryphon said.this comment sounds more arrogant than pressconference cnacel!! haha)

====Does anyone asked him to come to pressroom

No,of course.When i asked "may i return to holtel.OK?" UFC staff said"from this gate" and ascote us.

==== In next UFC,You come to pressroom?

"Case by case. I know press is important.but my business is to show audience best perfoemance.If press conference give me no influence,I will do it,but if it give me bad influence,I do training.

Finally,it give UFC more melit,i have to show you all KOmatch.only this result prove that Danna White choice is right"

==by the way,your entrance music is "Theme of PRIDE".It is surprise.Why??

"because............I want to keep mental condition same as PRIDE.I have to show 100% power.This is tool of shift up in Octagon.Although UFC no announce,I am PRIDE-unlimited champ.I return from toughest tournament in the world.So,I have to use this music.I thank SAKAKIBARA and KATO.they allow it and edit short version." notice something by Octagon experience?

"yes,This is all come from defference between cage and Ring.I will buy octagon and bulit in in my gym.I ttrain in cage day by day.

maybe you think I can become UFC champion easily.It is far from real.I know it by first match.Octagon has octagon rule. I should make octagon my hometown.when opponent push me to cage? what is this impact an damage? If opponent keep cage corner,how can i escape? i have to know such datas by my body. Iam lightweight fighter in UFC heavy category.tim Sylvia etc will push me to cage.UFC does not have "STOP Do no t move" .So mey enemy are two.opponent and octagon.So I will make myself Mirko"octagon version"Cro-cop."

==your next fight is April UFC England.

"It is exciting,in Eouropea.many Croanitian can come to hall.and I show my fight,next is....July,titlematch!!"

=====this opponent is Randy Couture or Tim silvia?

"Anyone OK,Tim is bigger than me.Randy know rule of octagon game completely.but I can not stop,I want to challenge final target is Fedor,It never change yet,So I can not stop"


this is from English ======japanase======English again,attention

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