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MIURA Hiromitu,...maybe you know as the japanese fighter who did greatfight ib WEC,vs C.Condit. Some rumors said that he retire MMA...

posted at 05:56:03

but This newssource is not clear (next!)

posted at 06:03:29

From this URL, We jump to

posted at 06:04:20

A boxer's blog ,he is MIURA's firiend. He intdoduce MIURA to readers "He is former MMAfighter"(He "was"MMA fighter . news source is only it

posted at 06:04:45

japanese >元総合格闘家の三浦広光(みうらひろみつ)君です。 >すんごい筋肉です。

posted at 06:05:44

Anyway, Yesterday impersonator's palody pro-wrestling event"MANENNOKA!" is on air at CS. there are many MMAfmen's impersonators in this ring

posted at 06:08:26

If you can see in youtube,you maybe enjoy it!

posted at 06:09:17

In Japan,UFC is on air in 2 hours.Now I saw it. Mirko................

posted at 20:23:00

According to Internet magazine"MIRUHON Net",SENGOKU lost about 1.5bilion Yen($15000000).in two years.........

posted at 21:20:10

and,MIRUHON said that ISHII Satoshi -SENGOKU contract is only in japan,ISHII can fight in other country's promotion

posted at 21:40:06

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