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About Japan big disaster...........As a MMA fan About Japan big disaster...........As a MMA fanを含むブックマーク About Japan big disaster...........As a MMA fanのブックマークコメント

Hello,Everybody.As you know,in 11th March 2011.Japan had the Biggest Earthquake and TSUNAMI.

We Thank for your sympathy and help.

Fortunately.I and my family is all safe.Although power failure happened about 12 it is is also no dagmage...

When We check my twitter follower,many MMAfan and fighter, journalist lives in Tokyo area.Tokyo is not serious damaged,So They are OK.

Maybe We are lucky,but As you know,In TSUNAMI Area. I pray They are back from Their tragedy and sadness.

and,now Japan continue "YOSHIN"Aftershock...earthquake after big earthquake) Pay attention to them.


We talked to World people through MMAtopics,So talk as MMA metaphor!!

We face the strongest challenger in the titlematch,this opponent is not only disaster itself,but also "fear"and "despair".

but,I know MMA history and Great fights. It teach us that brave heart can win, strong mind is the best weapon....

this is titlematch.Title is our "dignity".We are sure to defend this title from strong challenger.Even if it become tough match.

in 2001,USA people also defend Dignity from terrorists. like this.

I repeat,As a Japanese,as MMA fan,and as a blogger,

I want to thank all people for help and sympathy.

and In the world, not only us.(Japanese) but also other people do tough fight for example...NZ people,The faced same earthquake...Libya people ant other middle east's democrats, other people who fight something..........we want to help you.


Some days, My blog upload ortwitter tweet will be not many...because We should save electric power (to concentrate important area )

after it, I will talk about UFC,strikeforce too.and Inform you Japan MMA topics.



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