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[][]Bob Sapp come back to K-1? Bob Sapp come back to K-1?を含むブックマーク Bob Sapp come back to K-1?のブックマークコメント

K-1 producer TANIGAWA Sadaharu said in press conference,"We nagociate to bob Sapp again.We list up him as opponent of Peter Arts in Holland event"

"When Che hong Man is cancelled in Dynamite!USA.he recommend himself spontaneously.He become positive about come back"

But IMO,i doubt it

japanese original article







[][][]AOKI Shinya's next fight is decided (in grappling rule) AOKI Shinya's next fight is decided (in grappling rule)を含むブックマーク AOKI Shinya's next fight is decided (in grappling rule)のブックマークコメント

DEEP promotion announced that AOKI Shinya fight in next new event "DEEP X" /

Opponent is brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter Pedoro Akira.

he is black belt

IMANARI Masakazu also fight in This event


[][]Today,ISHII Kazuyoshi K-1 owner finnally went to jail Today,ISHII Kazuyoshi K-1 owner finnally went to jailを含むブックマーク Today,ISHII Kazuyoshi K-1 owner finnally went to jailのブックマークコメント

YOMIURI Newspaper(The most famous quality paper in japan)site report it

He will live in jail 1year8montha in the longest situation





(2007年6月11日18時59分 読売新聞)

[][]many promotion offer K-1 fighter with big money? many promotion offer K-1 fighter with big money?を含むブックマーク many promotion offer K-1 fighter with big money?のブックマークコメント

Before this incident,"AnonimousX" said 2channnel.

(If you do not know 2channel,read

this is good report.)

This man prove He is insider or good journalist by his expection about Korean fighter's coming to dynamite!

He said

"Many USA promotion find that K-1's fightmoney is not expensive.

they want "Next Mirko".

Some promotion have already offerd K-1 fighters with bigmoney this is 3time or 10 time money as much as K-1 gives "








IMO,I recommend Mighty Mo and Ley Sefo. hahaha.....good grief

personal diary personal diaryを含むブックマーク personal diaryのブックマークコメント

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