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IZUMI Hiroshi. Judo Bronze medalist who debut in 9.23SENGOKU learn knee from MISAKI Kazuo

posted at 03:01:51

Do you know kamipro twitter? kamipro is major MMA % pro-wrestling magazine in japan This is official twitter

posted at 03:38:22

DEEP announce Women MMA match,MIKU vs WINDY Tomomi.MIKU is one of the best women fighter,WINDY is dangerous kickboxer and pancrase fighter

posted at 19:21:59

other fight, SAKURAI Ryuta KANEHARA Hiromitsu also take part in this event(DEEP 44) SAKURAI vs USAfighter HOSEA Ware?(unknown spellig)

posted at 19:25:51

MIKU vs WINDY...This matchmake is from MIKU's weightclass UP.She wants to fight Woman MMA legend FUJII Megumi?

posted at 19:27:19

This DEEP news source is from This is interesting blog,So,He is DEEP insider blogger,this news is...(next!)

posted at 19:29:24

This news is official announce,But He offten write unoficial hot news,DEEP's boss SAEKi ilikes flying announce,So this blogger... (next!)

posted at 19:31:10

this blogger ask Saeki,and write hot un official news,SAEKI has torrelant parsonality.He allow him to do it not only DEEP,but also DREAM

posted at 19:32:42

Anyway, Many MMA japanese MAGAZINE is on sale in 10.23. summary and notice are open. I read it...maybe DREAM' do cage match at DREAM 12.i

posted at 19:35:47

for Example,GONGU KAKUTOUGI summary (japanese) ☆金網への挑戦。 UFC-J以来12年ぶりに金網の中へ!? 桜庭和志 「金網用の新技、ありますよ。初めての人には100%かかります!」

posted at 19:38:24

GONG kAKUTOUGI 2nd ☆金網への挑戦。 10.25 金網DREAMで人生の“大一番”へ! 菊野克紀×倉本成春 MMAの武人、伝説の空手家に触れる。 「先生から“殺し”を伝授された。次の試合に活かしたい!」

posted at 19:39:20

translation SAKURABA KAZUSHI enter the cage like 12 years ago(it means UFC -Japan)... "New technic for cage? Yes, Nobody can avoid this "

posted at 19:42:23

KUKUNO Katsunor i "The biggest fight for life ,this is Cage-DREAM" "Legend Karateman taught me "THE KILLING".I 'll show you it next fight"

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posted at 19:44:52