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[]gaba 56th

  1. brief introduction
    • How much did it cost you?
    • Ambience = hospitality
    • Stand up with that.
    • take over the LehmanBros.
    • exporsure

[]gaba 57th with NG

  1. good impression in meeting
  2. from wide to narrow
    • Asia-listen to his view
    • Japan-gather information/probe
    • focus in on your specific area
  3. discussion-persuading/summarizing/wrap up
    • change the way they think about the something
      • e.g. Japanese venture from the view of engineer networks
  4. they didn't understand why you were asking
    • I'm thinking of planning to work in VC.
    • I'm here in Silicon Valley to make contacts for the future.
    • I think believe Japan will be an even better place for VC opportunities in the near future.
    • I want to educate Japanese VC's as to what American VC's look for in investment opportunities, so I'd like to hear what you have to say.
  5. strong verbs
    • Believe
    • Planning
    • Create
    • Develop
    • Succeed
    • Win
    • Accelerate
    • Engage
  6. discussion advise
    • Always try and imagine what the other person is thinking.
      • They won't want to help you if they can't see a benefit for themselves, so you have to make the benefit clear right at the start
    • "I BELIEVE Japan offers many EXCITING opportunities. But Japan VCs MUST first understand HOW American VCs think. I am here to BUILD contacts and help CREATE future opportunities for American VCs like yourself and Japanese."


[]gaba 53th

  1. conv
    • I woke up today at 8am.
    • How much time do you devete to your project?
    • I have a couple of projects on the go.
      • Multi-task
    • When are you off to the 'States?
  2. Travel research
    • on your last flight / when you last flew.
    • Will it take long?
    • fellows
      • Oh i see...
      • oh-hoh.
      • (OK) thank you.
      • Just a few more questions.
      • Oh i see. Thank you very much.
    • And can I ask which company you work for?
    • Oh I see. Thank you. And what position do you hold at ABC company?
    • May I ask, how often do you fly?
    • Twice a year, OK. I have another question, where is your nearest international airport?
    • Ok, that's it. Thank you very much for your time. You've been very helpful. Have a nice day. Goodbye.
  3. Airport Crossword
    • Jetlag
    • I'm suffering from jetlag.
    • disembark = get off the plane
    • board = get on the plane
    • It's time to get on / board the plane.
    • Flight 406 is boarding now.
    • arrival / departure
    • stopover



[]gaba 52th

  1. homestay conv
    • What's their story? -> background
    • step-child = adopted
    • sogned any content
    • to sure = to challenge them in court of law
  2. The best job
    • What are the merits of being a doctor?
    • fear of blood.
    • A rakes in more than B
    • The job requires high standard financial skills


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