開発独裁を支持する人々をモデル化した論文をEconomic Logicが少し前に紹介している


In this paper we show that different societal groups may support a rent-seeking dictator serving their interests better than the median voter would in a democratic regime. Importantly, support for a dictator is not granted in exchange of individual benefits (e.g., special treatment by the dictator as clients, party members, or military bodies), nor is it the result of coercion and fear. Wealthy elites are inclined to back an almighty and long lived dictator because of the growth-promoting policies that are likely to be implemented. The distribution of capital in the society and the stakes of dictator in the economy, in the form of capital ownership, directly shape the preferences of individuals over the political system: in societies featuring a high concentration of capital and a dictator endowed with enough capital, part of the capital owners eager to see the economy grow value dictatorship more than democracy. We argue that the persistence of some dictatorships can be rooted in the substantial backing of wealthy capital owners. Finally, we show the support for a dictator to be decreasing with the capital ownership of the median voter.



トラックバック - http://d.hatena.ne.jp/himaginary/20121115/Growth_Friendly_Dictatorships