...So why has partisanship become so extreme that it trumps patriotism?

Well, I have a thought inspired by something my CUNY colleague Branko Milanovic wrote recently about civil wars. Branko – who knows something about Yugoslavia! – argues against the view that civil wars are caused by deep divisions between populations who don’t know each other. The causation, he argues, goes the other way: when a civil war begins for whatever reason, that’s when the lines between the groups are drawn, and what may have been minor, fairly benign differences become irreconcilable gulfs.

My suggestion is that something like this happened to America, minus the mass bloodshed (so far, anyway.)


This has troubling implications for both the short and the long run. In the short run, it probably means that no matter how bad the Trump revelations get, most Republicans, both in the base and in Congress, will stick with him – because taking him down would be a victory for liberals, who are worse than anything.

In the long run, it makes you wonder whether and how we can get the country we used to be back. As Branko says, there was a time when Serbs and Croats seemed to get along fairly well, indeed intermarrying at a high rate. But could anyone now put Yugoslavia back together? At this rate, we’ll soon be asking the same question about America







長期では、国を元に戻すことは可能か、可能だとすればどのように元に戻せるか、が問題になる。ブランコが言うように、かつてはセルビア人クロアチア人はかなりうまくやっていたように思われる。実際、お互い同士の結婚の割合も高かった。だが今のユーゴスラビアを元に戻せる人がいるだろうか? この調子では、いずれ米国について同じ質問を口にする時も遠くないかもしれない。

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