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My outdoor sport activities in Ibaraki, Japan. Ibaraki prefecture has a rich field of natural resources with a flat land, moutains, and lakes.

In Ibaraki, I challenged outdoor sports such as hang gliding, cycling, and sailing. Ibaraki prefecture provide several outdoor sports:

1. Skysport: Ashio area. eg. hang gliding and paragliding.

2. Cycling: Ibaraki has a great farming land, giving a beautiful scenary for cyclists.

3. Marine sport: Ibaraki has the second largest lake in Japan, Lake Kasumigaura. You can sail the boat in the Lake.

4. Motor sport: Tsukuba circuit is a racing circuit for motor cycle or formula car (F-4).

The spots of my outdoor sport activities are shown with the routes and videos. This map may be helpful for the sport-loving vistors in Ibaraki, Japan.

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