Home security margahayuland

Currently, many companies offering security systems, ranging from surveillance cameras, namely CCTV, Door Access using fingers or facial recognition technology, automatic doors with electric stinger and many more. The price offered is also varied, from the cheapest to the most expensive. So what if our finances can not afford to buy these tools? Security camera systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland terbaik

Once we know tools such as CCTV cameras. CCTV only record the incident in the storage media must be removed periodically and given the capacity of the storage media is limited. In addition we are also difficult to see directly what happens in our homes, after new home we can see that the recording occurred on that day.

Judging from the trends and developments fore, that the security system that is being developed at this time will be integrated with the Internet. Indirectly, any where we can monitor the state of our homes by using the Internet. Camera models available today are based on IP (Internet protocol) and WiFi (wireless).

The principle is very simple, we put the camera in the location we wanted, after the surveillance cameras automatically read by the router connected to the Internet. To see the results we can just open the website of the recording camera device with the given login. At that time we can also directly look at the state house or the location that we put the camera. The camera used was not using WiFi and cable but it is very easy to move the location. This model is being developed by the world's leading IT companies. Some telecommunication companies in Indonesia have set up these services, call Telkom Speedy Home Monitoring that provide additional services for the safety of our homes. For IT manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic, Sony and many more who developed a tape recorder with this technology.

So if we compare with CCTV, then a service like Speedy Home Monitoring can be accessed from anywhere because the service is placed in the Internet network. Speedy Home Monitoring service, customers only need to provide speedy access and IP Camera. Users are also not bothered with the affairs of the provision of data storage, provision servers, and install any application or software. In contrast to CCTV, besides providing a camera, users should also prepare media storage, server and install certain applications. Another advantage Speedy Home Monitoring is done recording and stored in a centralized data center operator that it is safe from theft and damage. Security camera systems Kata Mutiara Margahayuland terbaik

Now the options available to you, using the facilities of the operator where you will be charged a service charge per month based on the package you want to work on their own or with the cost of expensive equipment investment in the beginning. Good luck.

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