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December-12-2017 Israeli victory project & process

1. Israel Hayom (

Knesset, Congress sister lobbies to push new agenda on Middle East conflict

13 November 2017

Sister lobbies formed with the backing of the Israel Victory Project, an initiative of the conservative Middle East Forum think tank • Lawmakers urge U.S. to allow Israel to break from Washington's dictates to ensure it has the upper hand in the conflict.

Alongside U.S. President Donald Trump's ongoing efforts to put together a framework for an Israeli-Palestinian peace deal, the Knesset Lobby for Promoting the Recognition of Israeli Victory and the U.S. Congressional Israel Victory Lobby are set to start working together on what they see as a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which Israel will emerge victorious.

In a meeting scheduled for Wednesday, members of both lobbies are expected to sign an unprecedented joint declaration that will call on the American government to allow the Israeli government to act according to its own judgement in securing an Israeli victory in the conflict, rather than obeying U.S. dictates, as well as making a demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as the national state of the Jewish people.

Yisrael Beytenu MK Oded Forer, who heads the Knesset lobby, and MK Avraham Neguise (Likud), who serves as head of the Knesset Immigrant Absorption Committee, are scheduled to meet in the U.S. with White House officials, Democrats and Republicans in Congress, and heads of leading Jewish organizations to drum up support.

The Knesset lobby was founded last July and includes representatives from all the Zionist political factions. The Congressional lobby is headed by Reps. Ron DeSantis (R-Florida) and Bill Johnson (R-Ohio), and includes dozens of members.

The two lobbies have the support of the Middle East Forum, a conservative think tank headed by Professor Daniel Pipes, who founded the Israel Victory Project at the start of this year.

The IVP operates to change the narrative in Washington and in Jerusalem on solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian issue and institute policies supportive of an Israeli victory in the conflict.

2. Israel Hayom (

Why Palestinian Delusions Persist

by Daniel Pipes

13 November 2017

In 1974, Second Lt. Hiroo Onoda of the Imperial Japanese Army was still fighting for his emperor, hiding in a Philippine jungle. He had rejected many attempts to inform him of Japan's surrender 29 years earlier. During those long years, he senselessly murdered about one Filipino and injured three others per year. Only a concerted effort by his former commander finally convinced Onoda that the emperor had accepted defeat in 1945 and therefore he too must lay down arms.

The Palestinians of the West Bank and Gaza are Onoda writ large. 


3.David Horowitz Freedom Center (

The Israel Victory Project

by Daniel Pipes

19 November 2017

4. Gatestone Institute (

by Douglas Murray

11 December 2017

・President Trump's announcement on the status of Jerusalem last week was both historic and commendable. Historic because it is the first time that an American president has not just acknowledged that the Israeli capital is Jerusalem but decided to act on that acknowledgement. Commendable for breaking a deceitful trend and accepting what will remain the reality on the ground in every imaginable future scenario.

・Those who cannot accept that Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel tend to be exactly the same as those who cannot accept the State of Israel.

・Those who have most forcibly criticised him, on the other hand, have shown something weak, as well as ugly, about themselves: When the facts on the ground were staring them in the face, they chose instead to bow to domestic fantasies of their own creation.


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