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September-23-2018 Dr. Daniel J. Pipes once again

I was a Japanese translator for Dr. Daniel J. Pipes for the full six years until last March this year( I finally ended the translation work due to a personal reason upon some disagreements with him. However, I think that this article below should be paid much more attention. (Lily)

・Much of my family was murdered by the Nazis. My parents are Holocaust survivors. I was born four years after the end of World War II. Growing up, the fact that the world's most horrific crime was perpetrated against my own family cast an indelible shadow.

・Realizing early on that disaster looms when politics go wrong, from a young age I seriously studied political philosophy. I concluded that mainstream American conservatism offers the surest path to liberty, prosperity, and safety.

・In my college years (1967-71), I studied with Harvey Mansfield and Robert Nozick. I read National Review and Friedrich Hayek's Constitution of Liberty, and I fought the New Left totalitarians.

・My career is devoted to political sobriety and moderation. I write about it and donate to it financially. I served in five U.S. presidential administrations and founded the Middle East Forum toward this end. I continue to learn and teach on this topic.

・The European elite whom I call the 6Ps (police, politicians, press, priests, professors and prosecutors) shamelessly distorts facts to turn those protecting their heritage into criminals. I know, for now I too am a casualty.


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