■■■ 警句 ■■■
■■■ お世話になっているCampaign (2011/12/04) ■■■
★2007-10-21〜2009-06-20: PPP FR Trilogy Campain (DM:つかださん)
      [1)Cormyr:The Tearing of the Weave, 2)Shadowdale:The Scouring of the Land, 3)Anauroch:The Empire of Shade]
      Manfred=Löhr マンフレート・レーア (ECL-15: Male Cleric of Selune-7/Thaumaturgist-5/Divine Disciple-3)
      Luise ルイーゼ (ECL-14: Female Ghaele Eladrin-14, Planar Cohort)
★2010-06-05〜2011-12-03:PPP Eberron Campaign "Ashen Crown" (DM:死せる詩人さん)
       [1)The Mark of Prophecy, 2)The Seeker of the Ashen Crown, 3)Heart of the Forbidden Forge]
       女子大生 エル・シエル L-Ciel [Female Eladrin Hybrid Artificer/Shaman(Stalker Spirit)-6] with ハカセ
●2008-12-06〜2014-02-15: PPP 4th Campaign "Epoch" 
      (DM:持ち回り, H1=ほえほえさん,H2=さるしんごさん,H3=つかださん,P1=つかださん,P2=羽生響さん,P3=羽生響さん,E1=からくり,E2=さるしんごさん,E3=ほえほえさん)
      [H1:Keep on the Shadowfell(1st-3rd)][H2:Thunderspire Labyrinth(4th-6th)][H3:Pyramid of Shadow(7th-10th)]
      [P1:King of the Trollhaunt Warrens(11th-13th)][P2:Demon Queen's Enclave(14th-17th)][P3:Assault on Nightwyrm Fortress(17th-20th)]
      [E1:Death's Reach(21st-23rd)][E2:Kingdom of the Ghouls(24th-26th)][E3:Prince of Undeath(27th-30th)]
       Ulrika (Female Eladrin, Wizard(Arcanist)/Master of Flame/Radiant One-30)

◆Brompton[リプミラ轟天Ghaele号] 走行距離: 2010/04/25 〜    < 7517.3km + 40kmくらい? > (2015/08/07)

2012/02/10 (Fri)

[] 本日の戦果

 ■夢の真昼 3 吉村明美 小学館