Burn To Shine


Burn To Shine


FUGAZIのドラマー、Brendan Cantyが監修するアメリカ各地のインディーロックシーンのライヴ映像を扱ったDVDシリーズ。取り壊しが決まっている廃屋を1日借り切ってのライヴ収録というコンセプトで撮影されている。2004年のワシントンDCから2005年のシカゴ、2006年のポートランドと、これまでに3枚リリース。



# Q and Not U - "X-Polynation"

# Medications - "Domestic Animals"

# Garland of Hours - "Words Versus"

# French Toast - "Insane"

# Ted Leo - "Bleeding Powers"

# Weird War - "AK-47"

# The Evens - "Mount Pleasant Isn't"

# Bob Mould - "Hoover Dam" (Sugar song)


# The Lonesome Organist - "Catching Flies With Teeth"

# Pit Er Pat - "The Bog Man"

# Shellac - "Steady As She Goes"

# The Ponys - "Shadow Box"

# Wilco - "Muzzle of Bees"

# Tight Phantomz - "Ninja Talk"

# Freakwater - "Jewel"

# Red Eyed Legends - "Je M'appelle Macho"

# Tortoise - "Salt the Skies"


1. The Thermals - "Welcome to the Planet"

2. Quasi - "Peace and Love"

3. The Planet The - "Look of a Woman"

4. Mirah - "Light the Match"

5. Sleater-Kinney - "Modern Girl"

6. The Ready - "For All You Know"

7. The Lifesavas - "The Warning"

8. The Shins - "Saint Simon"

9. The Decemberists - "The Mariner's Revenge Song"

10. Wet Confetti - "Take My Advice"

11. The Gossip - "Listen Up!"


Minus the Bear, the Long Winters, Benjamin Gibbard, Tiny Vipers, Eddie Vedder, Spook the Horse, Blue Scholars, Harvey Danger, the Can't See, David Bazan, Kinski, Jesse Sykes, Triumph of Lethargy Skinned Alive to Death, the Cave Singers


Dead Child, Ultra Pulverize, Will Oldham, Magik Markers, Lords, Verktum, Commonwealth, Shipping News, Liberation Prophecy, Parlour, Lucky Pineapple


Shannon Wright, the Liverhearts, the Selmanaires, Deerhunter, the Black Lips, Delia Gartrell, the Mighty Hannibal, the Carbonas, the All Night Drug Prowling Wolves, the Coathangers, Snowden, and Mastodon