Portraits of Past


The band in its heydey consisted of:

  • Matthew Bajda - drums
  • Jeremy Bringetto - bass guitar
  • Jonah Buffa - guitar
  • Rob Pettersen - vocals
  • Rex Shelverton - guitar


  • Dan Fenton - bass guitar
  • Aaron Schlieve - drums

location and date:

  • berkeley. california 1992 - 1995


  • six song demo(self released)
  • three song demo(self released)
  • Portraits of Past/Bleed / 2songs on split 7"(Ebullition Records)...still available
  • XXX compilation / 1 song on 2x12"(Ebullition Records)...still available
  • s/t 12" LP(Ebullition Records)...still available
  • Stealing the Pocket compilation / 1 song(xxxxxxxxx Records)...out of print

Current Orientation of The Personnel

After the break-up, Bringetto, Buffa & Shelverton continued to play music under various guises, culminating in the Vue, who have recently released an EP & will soon unleash their 3rd full-length.

Bajda has assumed the drummer's role in a couple of bands, currently Funeral Diner, who have been touring the world and releasing lotsa music in the last few years.

Pettersen often appears in public wearing earplugs and swearing under his breath. He is a dedicated consensus builder and Artist of Healing who continues to perservere in the face of a number of failed business ventures.