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[] Merry Quine-mas

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.tr("                   a-z   /","b-    za\  n").gs  ub  (/^/  ,"       #"<<32)
;c=0;640.tim     es{|w|c<1&&(l=~/(@)?(.*?)(\d)/m;($>.<<$1?$2:y+$2).flush;l=$';c
=eval$3);c-=     1;a=[128]*z=1200;4.times{|j|t,n=d[j].pop;f=0.3456*2**(t/12.0-j
/2);(n>0?(d[     j]<<[t,n-1];z):800).times{|i|t>-3&&a[i]+=16*Math.sin(f.*w*z+i)

/dev/dsp が利用可能な環境で実行してください。windows 環境なら cygwin でどうぞ *1


  • 1 〜 4 行目: エンコードされた楽譜データ
  • 4 〜 5 行目: 楽譜のデコーダ
  • 5 〜 17 行目: 暗号化・圧縮された歌詞データ (タイミング付き)
  • 17 〜 19 行目: 歌詞データのデコーダ
  • 20 〜 21 行目: 歌詞の再生
  • 21 〜 23 行目: 波形の合成・再生
  • 23 〜 24 行目: quine

*1cygwin だとよく異常終了しますが、何回か挑戦してください。

manverumanveru 2009/12/25 20:00 This quine is encoded with EUC-JP, you can use: http://pastr.it/16504 for 1.9 or run the original code with `ruby -Ke` if you are on 1.8.x.

ku-ma-meku-ma-me 2009/12/25 20:27 Thank you for your comment, manveru.
This blog is indeed encoded with EUC-JP, but the quine does not contain any Japanese character. Didn't you copy and paste not only the program but also body text?
And, you can read some entries of mine in English:

manverumanveru 2009/12/27 02:26 The backslashes you use are shown here as yen (\). It might be a problem with my browser?
Thanks a lot for your effort, this quine is very nice.

ku-ma-meku-ma-me 2009/12/28 03:55 Ah, you might hit a bug of WebKit!



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