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sinds 9 januari 2005

18-05-2005 形態測定学本新刊

[]『Modern Morphometrics in Physical Anthropology

Denice E. Slice (ed.)


近刊予告されていた論文集が出た.ハードカバー・400ページで US$ 129.00.ま,手頃な価格でしょ.目次を見るかぎり,必ずしも landmark-based な方法ばかりではなく,outline-based なフーリエ法やinvariant法も含まれているようだ.



−Modern Morphometrics.

Part 1: Theory and Methods: After Landmarks.

−Semilandmarks in Three Dimensions.

−An Alternative Approach to Space Curve Analysis Using the Example of the Neanderthal Occipital Bun.

−Correcting for the Effect of Orientation in Geometric Morphometric Studies of Side.

−View Images of Human Heads.

−Fourier Descriptors, Procrustes Superimposition, and Data Dimensionality: An Example of Cranial Shape Analysis in Modern Human Populations.

−Problems with Landmark-Based Morphometrics for Fractal Outlines: The Case of Frontal Sinus Ontogeny.

−An Invariant Approach to the Study of Fluctuating Asymmetry: Developmental Instability in a Mouse Model for Down Syndrome.

Part 2: Applications.

−Comparison of Coordinate and Craniometric Data for Biological Distance Studies.

−Assessing Craniofacial Secular Change in American Blacks and Whites using Geometric Morphometry.

−Secular Trends in Craniofacial Asymmetry Studied by Geometric Morphometry and Generalized Procrustes Methods.

−The Morphological Integration of the Hominoid Skull: A Partial Least Squares and PC Analysis with Implications for European Middle Pleistocene Mandibular Variation.

−A Geometric Morphometric Analysis of Late Pleistocene Human Metacarpal 1 Base Shape.

−A Geometric Morphometric Assessment of the Relationship between Scapular Variation and Locomotion in African Apes.

−Functional Shape Variation in the Cercopithecine Masticatory Complex.

−A Geometric Morphometric Assessment of the Hominoid Supraorbital Region: Affinities of the Eurasian Miocene Hominoids Dryopithecus, Graecopithecus, and Sivapithecus.





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