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sinds 9 januari 2005

08-07-2016 『系統体系学の未来:ヴィリ・ヘニックの遺産』確定目次

[]『The Future of Phylogenetic Systematics: The Legacy of Willi Hennig』確定目次

David M. Williams, Michael Schmitt, and Quentin D. Wheeler (eds.)

(2016年6月刊行, Cambridge University Press[The Systematics Association Special Volume Series: 86], Cambridge, xvi+488 pp., US$155.00 / £99.99, ISBN:9781107117648 [hbk] → 版元ページ



List of contributors ix

Foreword. Willi Hennig and systematics: a personal view ― Norman I. Platnick xi

Introduction ― David Williams, Quentin Wheeler and Michael Schmitt 1

1. Mission impossible: the childhood and youth of Willi Hennig ― Willi E. R. Xylander 10

2. Willi Hennig: a shy man behind a scientific revolution ― Michael Schmitt 21

3. Willi Hennig's legacy in the Nordic countries ― Ole Seberg, Torbjørn Ekrem, Jaakko Hyvönen and Per Sundberg 31

4. Hennigian systematics in France, a historical approach with a glimpse of sociology ― Pascal Tassy 70

5. Are we all cladists? ― Andrew V. Z. Brower 88

6. How much of Hennig is in present-day cladistics? ― Michael Schmitt 115

7. The evolution of Willi Hennig's phylogenetic considerations ― Rainer Willmann 128

8. What we all learned from Hennig ― Gareth Nelson 200

9. Semaphoronts: 'the elements of biological systematics' ― Leandro C. S. Assis 213

10. Why should cladograms be dichotomous? ― René Zaragüeta Bagils and Sophie Pécaud 230

11. Hennig's auxiliary principle and reciprocal illumination revisited ― Randy D. Mooi and Anthony C. Gill 258

12. Dispersalism and neodispersalism ― Malte C. Ebach and David M. Williams 286

13. Molecular data in systematics: a promise fulfilled, a future beckoning ― Ward C. Wheeler and Gonzalo Giribet 329

14. Hennig, Løvtrup, evolution and biology ― Robin Bruce 344

15. Willi Hennig as Philosopher ― Olivier Rieppel 356

16. Hennig and hierarchies ― Charissa S. Varma 377

17. Chain, tree, and network: the development of phylogenetic systematics in the context of genealogical visualization and information graphics ― Nobuhiro Minaka 410

18. The relational view of phylogenetic hypotheses and what it tells us on the phylogeny/classification relation problem ― Stéphane Prin 431

19. This struggle for survival: systematic biology and institutional leadership ― Quentin Wheeler 469

Index 479