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sinds 9 januari 2005

08-03-2017 The Birth of Prehistoric Chronology(目次)

[]『The Birth of Prehistoric Chronology: Dating Methods and Dating Systems in Nineteenth-Century Scandinavian Archaeology

Bo Gräslund

(1987年刊行, Cambridge University Press[New Studies in Archaeology], Cambridge, x+132 pp., ISBN:9780521103886 [pbk] → 版元ページ


List of figures and tables vii

Acknowledgements ix

1. Introduction 1

2. The conceptual framework 5

3. The museum background 13

4. C. J. Thomsen and the Three-Age System 17

5. The works of Magnus Bruzelius 31

6. The Stone Age: the division into two and three periods 34

7. The Bronze Age: the division into two periods 40

8. The Iron Age: the division into two and three periods 48

9. The pre-Roman Iron Age 56

10. The Roman Iron Age: the division into two periods 62

11. Coins and Iron Age chronology 66

12. Dating in the Bronze Age with special reference to Scandinavia 70

13. Montelius' own account of his chronological method 86

14. The origin of typology as chronological method 91

15. General aspects 113

Biographical notes 118

References 121

Index 132