Mobile Travel App


When you search 'travel Russia' in the app store you will see over one hundred results, rather than filling up your phone get started with these 10 useful apps.Hong Kong Company

1) Kayak

Claiming to be the '#1 Mobile Travel App', Kayak features flight and car hire search, hotel search and booking and flight tracking. The best part of this app is the My Trips feature which allows you to store all your travel information in one place.

2) Google maps / Yandex maps / Apple maps

Gone are the days of trying to read a local map and then fold it back the way it was. These mobile mapping apps each have pros and cons but are definitely easier to use than a traditional map. Google maps is very accurate,Companies Offshore it builds routes and gives directions for driving, walking and using public transportation.

Yandex Maps does the same but also give a traffic level rated from 1 to 10. If the traffic level is high public transport may be better option to get somewhere quickly. Another useful feature for travellers is the search button and menu of nearby bars, restaurants, fast food outlets, gas stations and other points of interest. The app gives you basic information about the location plus directions on how to get there.

Apple Maps is great if you are looking for walking directions, or using public transportation directions, or turn-by-turn driving navigation. This is the best app for walking directions.

3) Flight Update / Aeroflot Tin manufactory tell you in daily life the effect of tin

Flight Update is an app which tracks your flight status, lets your store your itinerary and allows you to send your itinerary by email. Other key features allow you to check for delays or cancellations and find alternate flights. This app has access to over 1400 airlines and coverage of more than 400 airports. Free alternatives such as Aeroflot are useful but may not be as accurate.

4) Yandex.Taxi, Get.Taxi and Wheely

Yandex Taxi and Get Taxi both allow you to order a taxi based on your current location or address. The taxi can come immediately or be ordered for a later time. The app also lets you select the most suitable price, smoking or non-smoking car and child seat making your taxi trip more enjoyable.

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