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えーと、そんなこんなで Elmalus について調べたら、以下のような投稿を発見。


  • ハイアロール族とペント人は、同じ「馬馴らし」の神話を持つ(ハイアルはヒポグリフの子孫で、セレディ馬はハイアルの裔)
  • ニヴォラの女神ガマラは、ヒッポイの神格に吸収され、第四階層地獄の女神とされてしまった。レラディーヴァはエルマルと婚姻した?
  • ヴィングコットがセアードを征服すると、娘のレダイルダ(Redaylde)はレラディーヴァの大女祭となり、ハイアロール族の“騎手”ベレンと結婚した? 彼はダラ・ハッパ人からは「エルマルス王」(King Elmalus)と呼ばれ、シャーガシュと戦った?


Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 09:30:31 +0000

From: "Jerome Blondel" <bwbfc@hotmail.com>

Subject: Horse people

Peter Metcalfe says the Hyalorings and Pentans have the same horse-breaking

myth and proposes that hyal descend from hippogriffs, and sered descend from

hyal. I missed the enlightening Entekosiad bit that suggests the Pentans

already had horses by the time of emperor Kestinoros. (No time yet to read

that great book thoroughly.) Then the Hyalorings of Saird had no further

contact with Pent until Jenarong.

Apparently, Gamara, the nurturing goddess of Nivorah, was unlucky enough to

be assimilated with Hippoi, for because of this she ended up in the Fourth

Hell among the tortured victims whereas Reladivus is still lording among the

big shots. That's quite unfair, because he did far worse: he married Elmal!!

Now the Dara Happans are often confused with people's sex when it comes to


In the Darkness, Vingkot conquered Saird. I fancy his daughter Redaylde

became the Great Priestess of Reladiva and married one Beren the Rider, a

Hyaloring AKA King Elmalus, who later fought against Shargash.

>The Hyal disappeared because the Hyalorings [of Saird] no longer kept their

>pure horse taboos - herding cattle was one easy way to do this.

Yet Saird is the only place where hyal were still to be found at the Dawn.

Despite this, KoS (The Battle of Alavan Argay) implies that all Pentans were

Pure Horse people before the Gongarilli's emergence. So why did the Pentan

hyal degenerate first?

a) The Praxian storyteller got it wrong (being obviously influenced by her

own Praxian beliefs). Basically at the Dawn all Pentans were cattle-herders

and the Pure Horse tradition reappeared later (maybe they were the tribes

who fled from Argentium Thri'ile and weren't able to take their cattle with

them). Furthermore, the Pentans likely adopted the goat even before the

horse (GRoY p84). So why would they have separated from that useful animal?

b) Hyalor's Pact forced the Pentans to stop herding goats. Yet in Pent, the

hyal didn't last at all because they lacked a proper Earth Queen, something

they seem too need from the Grazers' example. The Hyalorings of Saird could

have had the blessing of Reladiva. (BTW, some horse magic was rediscovered

in Sylila when Hwarin Dalthippa heroquested to recreate the Reladiva cult.)

Any c)?

Anyway, I think the Kargzanti Hyalorings of Saird kept the last of the hyal

breed at the Dawn. After they merged with the Jenarong people, the breed

disappeared. The last people to bear Hyalor's name in Saird were Orlanthi.

>>Some of [the Pentans] could have become the Star Gazers who

>>brought Buserian's frame to Yuthuppa during the Long Night.

>>They were on foot.


>I think Buserian's frame was dragged by horses rather than

>by foot (the text doesn't say who dragged it). I interpret

>the arrival of the Starseers to Yuthuppa as being the same

>event as the Targos tribe moving into the lands around Yuthuppa.

That's very possible but i'm not sure. Wouldn't the Targos tribe ride their

horses, true Kargzanti as they were? Or is it another case of Dara Happan

revisionism that the Star Gazers are stated to worship no god but the stars?

Clearly all Pentans were Starlight Wanderers and got help from the stars

during the Long Night (as they frequently went to the sky world during their

golden age), but IMO those peculiar Star Gazers are those who refused to

make bloody sacrifices to Kargzant and instead relied on no god but the


Why is Kargzant a burning horse? I think he was fed too much horse blood

when he was in hell.