2017-05-10 Bloomsbury and Psychoanalysis Workshop in London

Continuing Conversations between Bloomsbury and Psychoanalysis: Drawings and Borrowings

A Workshop, 24th June 2017. 12.30-4.00pm

The topic of the relationship between the Bloomsbury Group and psychoanalysis in Britain - or vice-versa - continues to be of interest to critics and academic writers. An element of the fascination is the examination not just of what use Bloomsbury made of Freud’s work but also how psychoanalysis in turn may have used and associated itself with Bloomsbury individuals and their work, or with the idea of the Bloomsbury Group. Bloomsbury began to be aware of psychoanalysis from 1914 and during the 1920s its interactions with Freud and with psychoanalysts were critical, teasing and ambivalent. British psychoanalysis’s attention to its Bloomsbury connections arguably came decades after Bloomsbury’s first engagement with it and therefore bears comparison to a conversation with gaps and time lapses. We are meeting in this workshop to consider what one side drew from the other; the session follows on from the conference ‘Conversations between Bloomsbury & Psychoanalysis: Mutual Influence or Incomprehension’ held in September 2015 at UCL.


Professor Fuhito Endo, Seikei University Tokyo, ‘Freud’s Leonardo da Vinci and a Memory of his Childhood ’ in Lytton Strachey’s Elizabeth and Essex’

Dr Helen Tyson, Sussex University, ‘Monsters Inside – Marion Milner and Virginia Woolf’

Dr Ben Poore, Queen Mary's London, Masud Khan and Mr. Luis: Race, Identification, Modernism

Deirdre McQuillan, UCL, ‘Later Psychoanalytic Examinations of the Strachey Brothers’

2017-04-07 ジャン=ミシェル・ラバテ教授とのWS









最晩年のフロイトの真の意味での問題作である『モ―セと一神教』をジャン=ミシェル・ラバテ教授と再読します。周知のようにラバテ教授は精神分析文学を架橋する分野において第一人者であり、また教授ご自身もフロイトのこのテクストに格別の関心を抱かれています。その一端を、教授の著作Cambridge Introduction to Psychoanalysis and Literatureの特に第七章に読むこともできます。フロイトの最晩年の思想を複数の視点から再読し、その問題性(アクチュアリティ)を前景化することを目指します。









2016-08-02 Psychic Modernity Conference at Seikei University on the 23rd Au

One-day International Conference:

Psychic Modernity: Critical Approaches to the Psychological

23 August 2016

Seikei University Building#10 (first floor)

This conference is designed to reexamine a variety of interfaces between psychology, biography, and literature, thereby foregrounding ‘psychic modernity’ as the age of psychologisation. Six presentations will be given to bring into relief the ways in which ‘the psychological’ as we know it became hegemonic to the degree of given assumptions in those discourses. As this suggests, this is also an attempt to explore the interdisciplinary possibilities of dialogues between literary and historical approaches.

Opening Address 13:00~13:10

Fuhito Endo (Seikei University)

Chair: Fuhito Endo (Seikei University)

Panel I: Biography and Psychology 13:10~14:40

Tadakazu Suzuki (Tokyo University)

‘An Agnostic's Pursuit of the Soul: Leslie Stephen, Biography, and the Late 19th-Century Psychology’

Dee McQuillan (University College London)

‘On the Extent of James Strachey's Psychic Modernism: Contrary Tendencies in a Complex Man

Arthur Eaton (University College London)

‘Bedding a Muse: A Variety of Criticisms of Psychohistory’

Discussion 14:40~15:10

Break 15:10~15:30

Panel II: Literature and Psychology 15:30~17:00

Kohei Saito (Aoyamagakuin University)

‘Pragmatic Affect with Its Moments of Crack: Henry James' Critique of Psychological Continuity in The Golden Bowl’

Akemi Yaguchi (National Defense Medical College, Japan)

Watching the Individual/Preindividual: the Child-Study Movement in Britain and James Sully, William James, Virginia Woolf

Sonu Shamdasani (University College London)

‘Critical Encounters Between Literature and Psychology: Hesse and Jung’

Discussion 17:00~17:30

Concluding Discussion 17:30~18:00

Discussant: Akihito Suzuki (Keio University)

Seikei University in collaboration with the UCL Centre for the History of Psychological Disciplines, financially supported by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).

2016-07-18 Korea and Japan Virginia Woolf Conference in Seul on the 25th an

Here is the revised and final programme:

Virginia Woolf and her Legacy in the Age of Globalization

The International Conference on Virginia Woolf: The 3rd Korea-Japan Virginia Woolf Conference 2016

Kookmin University, Seoul, Korea 25-26 August, 2016

August 24, Wednesday

6 p.m. Welcoming Dinner

August 25, Thursday

9:30 Registration 10:00-11:30

Affective Modernism and Virginia Woolf

Moderator: Duk-Ae Chung (Ewha Woman’s University)

“Affective Materiality/Modernity: Roger Fry and Virginia Wolf Reexamined” Fuhito Endo (Seikei University)

“Virginia Woolf’s Figure-Language of Loss” Kelly Walsh (Yonsei University)

“Symbolism of Flaubert’s stuffed parrot in Un coeur simple and Woolf’s ‘Cosmogony’ in her Letters”

Lingxiang Ke (University Paul-Valery Montpellier 3)

11: 45-1:00

Young Scholars on Virginia Woolf

Moderator: Joseph Yosup Kim (Kunsan University)

“‘Don't hid among rags’: Clothes and Identity in Between the Acts”

Jiwon Choi (Seoul National University-Grad.) “Rhoda’s bodiless Body in Virginia Woolf’s The Waves”

Haeeun Cho (Sogang University-Grad.) 1:00-2:30 Lunch

2:30--3: 45

Special Lecture by Mark Hussey (Pace University) Moderator: Soonku Lee (Pyeongtaek University)


Cultural Critique in Virginia Woolf

Moderator: Jin Sook Oh (Yonsei University)

“Mapping the Olfactory: Modernist Spatiality and the Representation of Smell

in Virginia Woolf’s Writings” Yuko Ito (Chubu University)

London Scenes and Virginia Woolf's essays” Youngjoo Kim (Sogang University)

“Virginia Woolf and George Orwell: Reflection on the Ignorant Schoolmasters” Joori Lee (Seoul National University)

5:30-6:00 Discussion

August 26, Friday


Rewriting the Self and the Body in Virginia Woolf

Moderator: Jungha Kim (Seoul National University)

“Deviation in Narrative: Objectivity in the First Person Narrative and Subjectivity in

the Third Person Narrative”

Kanako Asaka (Shimane University)

“The Use of Narrative Technique of Free Indirect Discourse in Mrs. Dalloway: “Tunneling Process” and “Narrativization of Characters by Characters”

Soyoung Park (Chung-Ang University)


Virginia Woolf and her Contemporaries

Moderator: Richard Bonfiglio (Sogang University)

Sasha and Lydia: Lydia Lopokova and Russia in Virginia Woolf’s Work”

Heonjoo Sohn (Seoul National University)

“ ‘Oriental Time,’ Eternity and Art in To the Lighthouse: Freedom from Time and a

Sense of Being in Kuki Shuzo and Virginia Woolf” Yukiko Kinoshita (Kobe Women’s University)

1:00-2:30 Lunch


Rethinking the Self and Its Boundaries in Virginia Woolf

Moderator: Sonjeong Cho (Seoul National University)

“A Cacophony of Names in Between the Acts”

Peter Lee (Kookmin University)

“‘She felt herself everywhere’: Reexamining the foreigners in Mrs. Dalloway” Minyoung Park (Seoul National University-Grad)


Transgressing Borders in Virginia Woolf

Moderator: Ai-Lee Cho (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)

“Revolutionary Cosmopolitanism? Three Guineas and The Black Jacobites”

Asako Nakai (Hitotsubashi University)

“Jazzing Woolf: Americanizing Middlebrow Culture and Englishness in Between the


Megumi Kato (Tsuru University).

“The Culture of Work and Idleness: Rethinking Rachel’s Bildung in Virginia Woolf’s The Voyage Out”

Youngjoo Son (Seoul National University). 5:30-6:00 Discussion

6:00-8:00 Dinner

August 27, Saturday

Outing in Seoul Leeum Museum Lunch

Changduk Palace

2016-07-17 MLA 2017 in Philadelphia

Here is our session on the 6th 2017:

Friday, 6 January

357. Under the Shadow of the United States: Cold War Modernism in Taiwan and Japan

3:30–4:45 p.m., 104A, Pennsylvania Convention Center

A special session

Presiding: Greg Barnhisel, Duquesne Univ.

1. "Reintroduction of American Literature and Cultural Reorientation of Japan," Hiromi Ochi, Hitotsubashi Univ.

2. "Postwar Japanese Nationalism in the Shadow of America: Its Cold War Geopolitical Transpacific Contexts," Fuhito Endo, Seikei Univ.

3. "At Home in Exile: Modernist Literature in Transit in Postwar Taiwan," Li-Chun Hsiao, National Taiwan Univ.

Respondent: Greg Barnhisel

For abstracts, write to h.ochi@r.hit-u.ac.jp after 26 Dec.

We will accommodate the following audiovisual request(s) for your session: Projection equipment for a computer

keywords: modernism, Cold War, American literary studies, Taiwan, Japan