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●In 1951, Psychiatrist John Bowlby will release "attachment theory". >> He discovered by investigation of orphanage environment. It is that the warm exchange itself is a source of growth for a child.

●In 1952, a U.S. psychology meeting will launch a counseling committee. << In 1942, Rogers began to tackle the spread of counseling. The thought which becomes a counselor's hearer and nestles up to the conquest rather than a patient's analysis & medical treatment is like a counseling treatment.

●In 1952, Penfield will announce a cerebral map. >> The link of cerebral part & body operation was explained. << In 1929, German psychiatrist Hans Berger will measure man's brain waves.

Cold war era. By scientific discovery & technical innovation, the social environment involving a city changed suddenly. ..The target of people who work is shifted from a hungry measure to a life of the better future by generally having released free trade economy.


Marketing battle. Service competition. Fashion. food & clothing & shelter..life style became a big market on the city. The mass media used power for improvement in a goods advertisement & mass consumption & corporate image. Moreover, the competition business involving the postwar generation's entering-school & working appeared.

Till the end of a cold war, mass consumption campaign tackled in city & resources development area.

◇In 1953, broadcast of national & private management TV will start in Japan.

●In 1953, Piaget will release a developmental stage theory. >> The child has the power of slipping out of the view of the world till then, putting on regulation & power of reasoning in growth environment.

★On March 1, 1954, Conduct a U.S. H-bomb test in the Bikini Atoll. >> The fishermen of Fukuryu-maru who were in operation in adjacent seas are contaminated. ~Monster Godzilla will be released in November.

●In 1956, mental doctor Victor Frankl will release "night and fog." >> Based on experience of a Nazis concentration camp, he told about the hope which is the fountainhead of a vitality.

◆In 1956, Minamata disease will be confirmed in Japan. >> A relief act will be approved specially in mercury pollution problem. pollution-related illness. >> 2010 by drainage of a chemical factory.

◇In 1958, IC chip will be developed. same year, Chuck Berry will release the Johnnie B goode.

◆In 1960, Huelva Schram "mass Communications" publication >> U.S. propaganda (war guidance) advertisement technology will be diverted to the production of a commercial broadcasting~advertisement.

●In 1962, Levi-Strauss will release a pensee sauvage. >> First of all, it also introduces that it is in information exchange & succession of the knowledge which serves as the origin of media from natural order.

◇In 1963, it will experiment in relay broadcast by a satellite among Japan and the U.S.

By chance, the first news was the John F Kennedy assassination case.

●In 1964, cultural studies will start in British University of Birmingham. >> Popular culture & media & social research starts.

..Traditional digital divide. Wealth-and-poverty gap. A female historical complaint etc. Human rights question. Verification starts about a minority problem etc.


◇In 1964, Caxias Clay will rename to Muhammad Ali.

◇1964, Tokyo Olympic Games.

The advertisement technical capabilities of the mass media are applied to PR strategy which has the origin in the event of an ancient state.

●In 1967, Neisser will release cognitive psychology. >> research of the judgment by which consciousness & experience & feeling is accompanied, and action analysis. This is also the basic knowledge of criminal psychology.

●In 1971, Philip Kotler will release marketing management. >> Seemingly market analysis & strategic management theory is the Bible of business administration.

◆In 1973, Japan will also shift to a floating exchange rate system.

◆In 1973, Federal Communications Commission will forbid domestic broadcasting about subliminal perception advertising. >> It is advertisement which makes an impulse hunted up to an unconscious user.

●In 1970s, A major company advertising agency = Dentsu notify in the company of "a demon's Ten Commandments" in Japan. >> It is PR tactics which use an information flood as a base towards mass consumption. Let it use more. / Make it outdated. / confusion can be made ..etc. the proposal was carried out.

●In 1976, Milton Friedman will win a Nobel prize for Economics in monetarism theory.

★1986, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant disaster. >> The Soviet Union government introduces a reconstruction policy. perestroika.

★In 1989, German residents will disassemble the division wall of east-and-west Berlin.

★In 1991, the Soviet Union organization will collapse. >> The Russian Federation organization starts.

June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square Incident >> In 1992, a leader's Deng-Xiaoping will announce continuation of reform initiatives.

◇Around 1992, A bubble boom of Japan will collapse. << By a strong yen in 1986, the purchase & domestic land buyout of overseas assets was overheated. However, it separated from assumption of the financial-circles & wealthy. The life economy of the middle & low income class paid the debt. It is also a factor that the total middle class society became unnecessary by the end of a cold war.

The following new digital divide. In world after a cold war, the wealthy unrelated to competition maintained the market rule. People of the middle & low income rank participated in the game as a player on which a life design is risked. Free trade economy expanded this to the world in the form which the advertisement of the nations concerned by which policy & extensive simultaneous distribution is carried out supports.

Neoliberalism was the way of thinking which reconciles development of resources development and local economy by initiative of commerce and industry. Fictitious new value was woven by the composite transaction of various resources under this policy. And value swelled.

This idea must have led to development of stable economic growth & international society.


However, profits are actually occupied & inherited among the wealthy. The tribe & ethnic conflict aggravated with the production background of resources. The life culture of the area collapsed. At advanced nations' feet, the fight of the middle & low income rank involving the opportunity & treatment which works intensifies. ..The policy & mass media became silent to a violent distortion.

Moreover, the price jump of fuel or food occurs by the overheated dealings. It also caused poverty and a starvation situation. >> in 2008, grain prices will rise suddenly to a peak price by the speculative money which saw and exceeded the biofuel enterprise. The riot broke out in 20 nations. The starvation population of the world broke through 900 million people.

The social problem which takes hold on a wealth-and-poverty gap also in a city or rural areas became news from 2O end of the century in the world. Those situations and researches were neglected in silence under the principle in the world to which the profits reservation by a free trade gives priority over what on the other hand.

The living environment not only in poverty starvation but a city worsens it. Dependence to alcohol & drug addiction. interpersonal relations. Dependence to quality articles. By a modern mood, people face easily the violence which goes to oneself and others daily.

Soon, empty feeling & dilemma spread to this social policy in advanced nations. In dispute & poverty area, the feeling of despair to the future and hatred spread. And this feeling was used as an indiscriminate terrorism & suicide bomb attack.

★On September 11, 2000, the simultaneous terrorism who made the target the symbol of U.S. economic & military & politics occurs. >> It was expanded to the world.

●In 2001, Wikipedia will appear on the Internet. >> By the free inspection system, the way of information sharing was cultivated one step.

●In 2002, sociologist M Vivio Luke of the Buddha will release" la violence ". >> He patternized the fountainhead of violence to five temporarily. ~Tradition serious consideration. / Leadership serious consideration. / Flattery serious consideration. / Violence dependence. / The resistance to violence verifies the way are contending with each other in one character.

◇In 2006, Eric Schmidt of Google will propose cloud computing. >> Central management of the use service by an information company collects & analyzes personal information.


It is the mechanism of using it for a new service strategy. It is expanded to the world as a public & individual's standard service.

●In 2007, Alice Miller will release "a talented child's drama." >> By operational national education, a man of today holds an origin trouble. Impatience to the self-valuation by the control dependence . circumference to the others. ..She says that she points out a motion of the hearts, such as violence conversion of the speech and conduct by stress.

◇In 2011, the open site Wikileaks of international confidential information fell into the pause from activity disturbance & financial difficulty. >> Telegraphing involving the Hateruma island naval port concept for former Okinawa Consul-General official K Miguel was also clarified. The contrast of the conspicuous strategy public-opinion & Hidden became clear.

March 11, 2011, earthquake & tsunami of East Japan. >> 18,997 persons' sacrifice has become clear. It argues, although the radioactive material from the Fukushima nuclear power plant improves use of a nuclear fuel by scattering.

◇In 2012, stealth marketing will be revealed. >> It is an advertisement act under pretense of the general user's comment in a network.









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