Fumihito Ikeda's Laboratory


Debate on Realism v.s. Instrumentalism

In the next class of Socio-constructive Science & Technology I, we debate whether we should stand on Realism or Instrumentalism. The former insists that the object explained by a scientific idea, i.e. photon, is really exist. On the other hand, the later consider it is not important whether the object is really exist or not, it is good a scientific idea explains observed phenomena appropriately. Einstein was one of the most popular scientists who believed in Realism, and Stephen Hawking was a good representative of Instrumentalism. I asked my students to think whether the research that they gapple with everyday is based on Realism or Instrumentalism, and why you think so. Through this debate I hope to introduce such conclusion that Realism have many problem especially in modern science, and to give guidance to them to Socio-constructivism which is the end point where Instrumentalism is inquired.



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