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Open Source "Small" Conference 2011 Aizu

I and an another Japanese LoCo team member Mitsuya Shibata(lp: cosmos-door) attended Open Source "Small" Conference 2011 Aizu, Japan.
Aizu is in Fukushima Pref. Fukushima suffered the damage of the earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear hazard in 2011/03/11. But the open source of Fukushima is very active!

Junya Terazono(寺薗淳也). He is organizer of OSSC Aizu. He was the staff of Hayabusa in JAXA before. And, of course, he is a Ubuntu user!
Junya's presentation is about the use method of Ubuntu on his work in a university.

Aizu sightseeing

I and Mitsuya traveled to Aizu on the previous day.

This small temple called Sazae-Do was built 200 years or more ago.
The inside is a one-way traffic slope of double helix structure. It has structure similar to a univalve shell. It is because a Sazae(さざえ) means a univalve shell.
It is a straight road from an entrance to an exit through a summit. It is a very unusual and interesting design.