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They hired someone else1

I had to stop by my church this morning to get a sign-up sheet for Friday's event. I chatted with the staying secretary, Sherry, for a bit. They already hired someone - she was a last-minute interview last week and I guess she was so amazing that they hired her immediately - no need for Round Two interviews. Apparently she knew something on the computer that no one else knew? (I wasn't asked if I knew any particular software or anything in my interview...) I guess she'll start this Thursday for training. "Don't worry, Marica, you can do better"... EXCUSE ME? "I can do better"? Please, enlighten me, how the fuck have I been able to "do better" in the last two years? Must I remind you that no one, until this position, even asked me for a FIRST interview? So tell me where and when I will "do better", because I sure as fuck don't know. And then the pastor came into the office. I have no words for him, so I just left after getting my sheet. I don't even want to go to church on Sunday - I don't want to look at him or the other interviewer for a while. Too bad I have to see Jane, the other interviewer, on Friday at the event. I'll just sit with Susan and a new younger woman (about 5 years older than myself), Tiffany online marketing.

Sorry for the f-bombs up above. I'm just so frustrated and I'm taking this rejection quite personally luxury brand.


2. I spent all afternoon and evening ripping up grub-destroyed patches of the front lawn. I could literally pull up sheets of lawn like ripping out a carpet, and with my hands alone.

3. I have several messages from a few people piling up, but by the time I reach them I'm just not in any mood to respond. Please be patient with me. Hopefully tomorrow I will get to replying garage storage

4. My weird stomach ache yesterday is gone. I think it was caused by my father's atrocious cooking on Sunday. See, while my mother and I were gone for the day, he took it on himself to cook some venison for lunch. Sadly, he burned the meat, and a bit too much. The leftover meat looks like hockey pucks. It also didn't help that he hadn't kept the windows open while cooking, so the terrible smell was very strong in the kitchen. It had me wanting to puke, it was that bad. But two days of wide-open windows cleared out the house and I am all better.

5. I'm a bit bothered that the website responsibilities are still volunteer tasks, rather than being assigned to the new secretary. I mean, it's great that I don't need to train someone in Joomla, but perhaps I would be more inclined to make the church website even more phenomenal and up-to-date if there was more incentive/reward for the work. I personally think the website admin tasks should belong in a paid administrator position. Whatever. My opinion apparently means jack shit. So it's still Susan's and my side project, whenever we're not working on the thousand other things we do for our church.

6. Chicken curry, homemade by myself, is one of my comfort foods. And damn, I really needed it today. Luckily I have a ton of leftovers, so I'll have plenty more comfort.

7. I had to miss a Skype call with Megan this evening because I still needed to do more with the lawn. That really bummed me out. I really needed to hear her voice and make me feel okay.



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